A Tutorial on How to Unlock iPhone 7 without Passcode

Apple released iPhone 8 just recently, and it gets rid of the Touch ID replacing it with the Face ID unlock system.  Before iPhone users start having issues with the iPhone 8’s Face ID unlock system, most still have the problem of trying to figure out ways to unlock iPhone 7 without passcode details.

The usual reason is that you can’t remember your iPhone passcode. However, you can recover your lost iPhone passcode and access your iPhone once again.

Most of the information outlined is from the “How to Recover Deleted iPhone Data” Ebook.

Common iPhone Passcode Issues

unlock iPhone 7 without passcodeYour iPhone can lock you out from accessing several functions and features, or even from accessing them entirely. Often, it happens because you just forgot your iPhone passcode. Attempts to bypass your iPhone passcode can fail, and you might end up losing some of your iPhone data.

Can you relate to these situations:

  • You can’t remember your iPhone passcode, how can you unlock it?
  • When setting up to unlock iPhone 7 without passcode details, most iPhone users enable the Touch ID. Suddenly, your fingerprint will not unlock your iPhone for some strange reason, and you forgot your pin number. How can you open the iPhone, and is there a way to do it without losing all your information?

What Happens When you Enter the Wrong iPhone Passcode

unlock iPhone 7 without passcodeRegardless of the situation, most iPhone users will try to unlock their iPhone by trying out different passcode guesses. In some cases, after two to four attempts, most people will remember their passcodes. Unfortunately, after six wrong attempts, your iPhone locks you out of it for a period.

When you try different number combinations to unlock your iPhone and fail six times in a row, you will have to wait for one minute before you can try again. The message you will see on your iPhone screen is the “iPhone is disabled,” try again in 1 minute.” After the initial one-minute wait, other incorrect passcode guesses will lock your out of your iPhone for longer.  With seven to nine failed entries, you will have to wait for 60 minutes before trying again. If you wait it out and try again, you might get a ridiculous wait time, even something like 20 million minutes.

After the tenth wrong passcode guess, your iPhone disables itself permanently making it more challenging to unlock your iPhone.

How to Unlock iPhone 7 Without Passcode

Losing your iPhone passcode is not the end of the world, and you can enable your iPhone and continue using it once again. The first important thing to understand is that you might have to lose your iPhone data to activate a disabled iPhone. It should not matter if you have up to date iCloud or iTunes backups, but either way, you never want to lose the content that you have on your iPhone.

Method #1 Erase your iPhone and Set it Up as a New device 

The bottomline is that you have to erase and reset your iPhone to unlock iPhone 7 without passcode details. Deleting your iPhone’s content and setting it up as a new device will ultimately remove the passcode for your iPhone.

iTunes Erase

If you have a laptop with iTunes synced with your iPhone, you can use it to erase and set up your iPhone afresh. You might have to try out different computers to be able to access your iPhone and sync it. Worth noting is that syncing might only be possible if your iPhone isn’t disabled permanently.

unlock iPhone 7 without passcodeIt means that before entering ten wrong passcode guesses, you should make a backup of your iPhone. After the sync, go to settings>summary and choose to Restore iPhone. 

After the reset process, you can restore your iPhone’s content using the created iTunes backup.

iCloud Erase

With an iCloud account linked to your iPhone, you erase and restore your iPhone through the iCloud site. Log into the website using your Apple credentials, and then click the “Find My iPhone” tab. From it, you can access your iPhone from the All devices option.

Choose your iPhone and then select the Erase option. Remeber that this will wipe out all the contents of your iPhone. After that, you can restore your iPhone with an iCloud backup to recover your data.

Method #3 Recovery Mode Option

Some iPhone users might not have synced their iPhones with iTunes yet because unlike with the earlier iPhones, most people now set up their iPhones over WiFi. Also, several iPhone users end up disabling “Find My iPhone” with the fear of having the iCloud Activation Lock prevent them from accessing their iPhones. In this case, the only option is to enable an iPhone using recovery mode.

https://unlock.ultrasnow.eu/unlock-disabled-iphone-iphone-enable/The process still involves erasing your iPhone and setting it up as a new device. What you will need to do is connect your iPhone to a computer with iTunes, and then force restart it while connected to iTunes.

On the iPhone 7, simultaneously hold down the Wake/Sleep and Volume down buttons. Continue pressing the buttons down even after the Apple logo pops up on the screen. Release the buttons when the recovery mode option appears.

Choose to restore, and you should know that the process relies on iTunes downloading the iOS to reset your iPhone. If it takes any longer than 15 minutes, your iPhone might exit recovery mode. It means that you have to start the process all over again.

In case you connect your iPhone to iTunes and it says that the iPhone has a link with another computer, choose the Erase and Sync option.

Don’t Get Locked Out of your iPhone Again

https://unlock.ultrasnow.eu/unlock-disabled-iphone-iphone-enable/After you unlock iPhone 7 without passcode details successfully, you want to make sure that you never have to suffer through the same thing again. You may get tempted to deactivate the passcode entirely, but it acts as a security measure in case you lose your iPhone. Start by changing your iPhone passcode and then backing up your iPhone with iTunes or on iCloud.

Use a password manager to keep track of your iPhone passcode, and change it frequently as a security measure.

I recommend the How to Recover Deleted iPhone Data Ebook for a detailed guide recovering your iPhone data after losing your passcode and resetting your iPhone.

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