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Many visitors report that they bought a seemingly SIM Free iPhone 7 but unfortunately, the iPhone got Network Locked to the very first SIM Card’s Carrier that they used, immediately or after a few days! So, how can someone Unlock iPhone 7 with Flex Policy?

In this article, I will explain what is Flex Activation Policy, how to check an iPhone before you buy it for Flex Policy and of course, how to Unlock iPhone 7 with Flex Policy or any iPhone model with Flex Policy!

What is the Flex Activation Policy?

Wireless Networks always try to make our lives harder with the SIM Lock Policy, extremely expensive roaming fees, overpaid contracts and if you want to unlock your iPhone with their SIM Lock Deactivation Services, good luck with that. Flex Activation Policy is another shady feature Carriers though off in order to Network Lock an iPhone!

When an iPhone is under Flex Policy, it will get locked to the Mobile Network of the first SIM Card you will use! Sometimes the iPhone Lockdown will happen immediately or other times it might take 2 or 3 days. But the iPhone will become SIM Locked eventually!

This is a testify from Bernhard Walzl on Apple Community:

I bought an iPhone at Walmart in Miami. I asked for an unlocked iPhone to use it with a foreign Mobile Network and they sold me such an iPhone. After arriving overseas, I put a local SIM card but the iPhone showed me the ”SIM Card is not valid” message. After some research, I realized that the iPhone is not activated yet but comes with a “US Reseller Flex Policy”. I mean, the iPhone needs to see an American SIM card first, then it blocks itself to this Carrier. I could then go to this provider and get it unlocked for international use. Apple Inc. (US)

So, this fellow thought that the iPhone he bought from Walmart was SIM Unlocked but instead he bought an iPhone that it can’t be used unless you insert a US SIM card. On top of that, the iPhone was locked to the US Carrier of that SIM card and then he needed to unlock that Flex Policy iPhone!

How to check an iPhone for Flex Policy

It makes no difference if you want to buy an iPhone from an online market, a local store or through personal transaction! You can’t leave the iPhone unchecked and simply believe the iPhone seller!

Flex Policy is one thing, but there are so many hidden iPhone issues that can make an iPhone useless, spoil any attempt of iPhone SIM Unlocking or even render an iPhone not eligible for Carrier Unlocking!

The only way to be 100% sure that the iPhone you are going to buy is the real deal or that the iPhone Unlocking will be successful, is to check it with an iPhone IMEI Check Service! This service has legal access to Apple’s GSX Database and Wireless Networks’ servers and it will uncover everything about an iPhone in a few hours or a couple of days!

  • Example of the IMEI Check Report of an iPhone with Flex Policy
    Part of the IMEI Check report from an iPhone 4s with UK Reseller Flex Policy

    SIM Lock Status

  • Blacklist Status
  • Flex Activation Policy Status
  • iCloud Activation Lock Status
  • Which Wireless Network simlocked or blacklisted the iPhone
  • Contract Status
  • Financial Balance Status
  • Apple Warranty or AppleCare+ Status
  • Insurance Claims Status
  • Replaced IMEI number Status
  • Replaced Serial number Status
  • iPhone Specs (model, color, storage, serial, etc.)
  • iPhone True Market Value

In order to use an iPhone IMEI Check Service, you will only need the iPhone’s IMEI Number (click here and learn all the ways to find it out)


Can I unlock iPhone 7 with Flex Policy?

The answer is YES. In fact, you can SIM Unlock any iPhone with Flex Activation Policy with the Official IMEI Unlock Service!

This service has also authorized access to Carriers’ servers and Apple GSX Databases, it will find your locked iPhone inside them and it will change the Network Locked Status to Unlocked, permanently! From now on, you can use any GSM Network’s SIM Card you want worldwide! (unless your iPhone is Blacklisted)

In order to use the Official IMEI Unlock Service (aka Factory Official Unlock Service), you will need:

  1. The iPhone IMEI number
  2. The iPhone model
  3. Which Wireless Network locked the iPhone
  4. The iPhone Blacklist Status

Since I already show you the importance of iPhone IMEI Check Service, you have all the required info plus you know that your iPhone is eligible for SIM Unlocking!

In Unlock.Ultrasnow.EU we constantly check & test the most popular IMEI Unlock Providers in order to get you the 10 best iPhone Unlocking companies in the best possible price!

Go now to our iPhone Unlock Comparison Page, choose the best IMEI Unlock Provider and carrier unlock your iPhone 7 with Flex Policy or any other iPhone model or use one of the top 3 Factory Unlock Providers for Flex Policy iPhone 7 Unlocking!


My personal favorite is iPhoneUnlock.Zone but the final choice is in your hands!

Leave a comment below if you still have questions about iPhones with Flex Policy or need our help! Take care iPhone Unlockers!

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