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[Updated on October 10th, 2016]

iPhone 6s plus is one of the later Apple’s model. Now that less than a month remains for the official release of iPhone 7 and iOS 10, finding an iPhone 6s Plus at online stores will start to become common. Those of you, who want to take advantage of this, need to know how to check an iPhone and most of all: How to unlock iPhone 6s Plus or any other iPhone that is locked.

Questions we get about iPhone 6s Plus

Every day we receive hundreds of emails with questions like these:

  • Should I buy a used iPhone 6s Plus?
  • How can I know the lock and blacklist status of an iPhone 6s Plus?
  • Can an iPhone 6s Plus be unlocked with iOS 10?
  • Can I Unlock iPhone 6s Plus?

You get the idea! To tell you the truth this is the first time that we receive so many questions about iPhone 6s Plus but it was not unexpected. Every time Apple releases a new iPhone model, owners of older models tend to sell them at online stores like eBay, Amazon Craigslist or other, in order to get the latest iPhone model. And this is the case right now.

Let’s see what we need to do before buying an iPhone 6s Plus and what we need to know in order to unlock iPhone 6s Plus.

In fact use these pieces of advice for any iPhone model. 

Always check an iPhone (6s Plus) BEFORE you buy it

When you want to go for a used iPhone you must always check it before you buy it.

The best way to do it is an iPhone IMEI Check Service and this is what you will get:

  • Network -Lock Status
  • iCloud lock Status
  • Blacklist Status
  • The  specific Carrier that lock an iPhone
  • If ”Find My iPhone” feature is enabled
  • Financial Status
  • Contract Status
  • Apple’s Warranty Status
  • iPhone’s technical info

All of these are extremely important because without them you might end up with an iPhone that is

  • Sim locked
  • Blacklisted
  • iCloud locked
  • Any combination of the above or even all of them

We have searched for the best iPhone IMEI Check Service provider and our find is UnlockSpector

Keep in mind that you will also need this info in order to Unlock iPhone 6s Plus without getting ripped off or scammed!

The ”unlock iPhone 6s Plus” part

If you didn’t check your iPhone like I suggested, now you have bought a locked one and you want to find out how to Unlock iPhone 6s Plus (or any other). You could also save a lot of money if you have bought a locked iPhone on purpose (they are cheap) and knew exactly how it will cost you to unlock it.

So what happens now? Which is the best way to unlock iPhone 6s Plus?

Ways to Unlock iPhone 6s Plus

A couple of years ago, I would tell you there were three different methods to unlock an iPhone:

#1. Software Method (it can’t unlock iPhone 6s Plus):

It stopped working since June 2014 (release of iOS 7.1.2). It can only be used for iOS 6.1.6 and previous versions

#2. Hardware Method (it can’t unlock iPhone 6s Plus):

As far as I know, the latest iPhone model that it worked is iPhone 4s. Even if it did I wouldn’t Unlock iPhone 6s Plus with this method because it is already infamous for damages.

#3. Official IMEI Unlock Method (the only which can unlock iPhone 6s Plus)

It worked from the start and it is the only method that still works! In fact, it is you only chance to Unlock iPhone 6s Plus simply because:Unlock iPhone 6s Plus-Official IMEI Unlock Method

  • It is approved by all Carriers and Apple
  • It is 100% legal, safe and successful
  • It works with any iPhone model
  • It works with any iOS version
  • It works with any Baseband
  • It doesn’t need jailbreaking
  • It doesn’t hurt any previous jailbreak

The power of this method is the ability to access Apple’s and Carrier’s GSX databases and change the lock status of an iPhone from Locked to Unlocked. After this, your iPhone is like brand new and ready to used in any place in the world!

What do I need to unlock iPhone 6s Plus?

The Official IMEI Unlock method requires the following knowledge:

  1. iPhone Model (iPhone 6s Plus in your case)
  2. iPhone’s IMEI number (Dial *#06# with your iPhone’s ”Phone App”)
  3. The Mobile Network that blocks your iPhone
  4. The Blacklist Status of your iPhone (LOST/STOLEN/Under contract/Unpaid Contract  bills/Involved in fraud activities)

This is why I told you that an IMEI check service is so important

Which is the best provider to unlock iPhone 6s Plus?

After extended research and tests, the team of Unlock.Ultrasnow.EU suggests:


Their 97% satisfied customer reviews made our choice even easier!

Summary of how to unlock iPhone 6s Plus

Now it’s really easy to unlock your iPhone! You just need to:

#1. Check any iPhone with an IMEI Check service BEFORE you unlock it

#2. Unlock your iPhone with an Official IMEI Unlock Service

Did you find this post useful? Do you have any other questions about unlocking? Did you manage to unlock your iPhone?

Go ahead and leave a comment below.

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  1. nts says:

    hi! i just bought an iphone 6 and I’m about to travel in Europe in Fall to several countries. I want to be able to change the SIM card when travelling, so I can use my phone without paying the roaming fees. Do I need to unlock the phone in order to do that?And will it be unlocked for each i go?

    1. Makis Kimas says:

      Hi nts!
      You will need an IMEI Check service first in order to know the Network, iCloud and Blacklist Status of your iPhone and to get all the available info in order to get the right IMEI Unlocking Service to your problem.
      I am sure that you will be able to use your iPhone with any SIM card & anywhere in the world.
      Let me know how it went!

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