How to Unlock iPhone 6S outside the U.S.

Unlock iPhone 6S SIM restrictions Unlocking an iPhone means removing the restrictions that prevent its use with different networks. It can be challenging to find a reliable non-online based way to unlock iPhone 6S outside the U.S.

Many of us get iPhones from mobile service providers because they come at an affordable cost. It means having an iPhone with a SIM lock. It prevents you from using the iPhone with SIM cards from other carriers. The carrier can unlock your iPhone after finishing your contract with them. However, it is a different case when you bought the iPhone online store and discovered the network lock issue just when it gets to you.

You can unlock such an iPhone after finding out its SIM lock status, and the iPhone’s eligibility for a carrier unlock.

How to Unlock iPhone 6S Outside the U.S.

Unlock iPhone 6S to use different carrier's SIM cardsIt does not matter where you want to unlock your iPhone from; you will come across four iPhone unlocking methods. You have the choice of trying out either of these methods, but you should know that only one of them can reliably and permanently unlock your iPhone.

Unlock iPhone 6S Using Unlocking Software

If you remember back when people started unlocking iPhones, software unlock was the leading way to remove iPhone SIM locks. Apple figured out that the software exploited an iOS loophole and they fixed the problem. It meant that after the release of iPhone 4 iPhone users had to look for other methods to unlock their iPhones.

iPhone users who were able to jailbreak their phones soon realized that it came with several issues. Some suffered from iOS update problems which sometimes made the jailbreak reset itself. In most cases, it meant having to settle with never upgrading your iOS.

Therefore, sites offering software unlock for iPhone 6S are just out to get your money.

Using Hardware to Unlock iPhone 6s

Unlock iPhone 6S methods that don't work Hardware unlocks took over after Apple fixed the loophole that allowed unlocking software to lift SIM locks. It involved buying a special SIM card that you would put into your iPhone’s SIM tray along with the SIM from a different carrier that you wanted to use.

The challenge with this method was that it does not work as a permanent way to unlock your iPhone. Some iPhone users who used these cards had them get stuck in the SIM tray or even damage it. Also, it came with signal issues and the harsh realization that you had voided your Apple warranty through the process.

Carrier Unlock iPhone 6S

Now, if you have an iPhone still under contract, you might consider having your carrier unlock it for you. It works as the surest way to free your iPhone from a SIM lock, but it means that you must meet some conditions.

Most carriers will only perform iPhone unlocks for free after you complete your contract with them.  It is essential to know your iPhone’s eligibility for a carrier unlock to figure out if its the best option in your case. However, you can get them to remove an iPhone SIM lock before the contract ends, but you have to pay early contract exit fees.

Unlock iPhone 6S Using the IMEI Method

permanently Unlock iPhone 6S You must know that every mobile device has a particular set of numbers that identifies it globally. It is the same with iPhones, and yours comes with 15 digits that function as its International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). The IMEI  uniquely affects several iPhone functions, and it is how carrier’s implement a SIM lock on your phone.

The Apple GSX server works as a database containing details about every single iPhone ever produced. It includes information such as the iPhone’s SIM lock status. In fact, the database categorizes IMEI details in locked and unlocked device lists. When a carrier has your iPhone network locked, the Apple GSX server logs this information.

It means that unlocking your iPhone involves switching its IMEI log on the Apple GSX server from the “locked list” to the “unlocked list.”Carriers can request Apple to make this change, after completing your contract payments or paying for an early termination. However, third-party IMEI unlock providers can also access the Apple GSX server and help you get your iPhone unlocked.

Why use Third-Party Unlock Services?

IMEI Unlock iPhone 6SMobile providers benefit from you as long as you keep using their services. The SIM lock keeps you chained to their network, and that is why they are usually reluctant to free you from it. In such a case, you can benefit from the services of a third-party IMEI unlock service.

Most iPhone users think that it is illegal to unlock an iPhone still under contract. The iPhone is yours, and you have the right to get it unlocked to use it as you please. However, you must continue making contract payments even after unlocking the iPhone.

The IMEI unlock permanently removes the SIM lock from your iPh0ne. Reputable third-party IMEI unlockers can access Apple’s GSX servers to do this, but it does take some effort on their part. Hence the reason why they charge for these services. If you calculate how much you stand to save from getting out of your current network service, it pays off to have a third-party for these services.

Choosing the right provider counts, and you should research about any unlocking service you want to use. Check review sites such as Sitejabber to see what other iPhone users have to say about each provider’s services. Most importantly, make sure that the provider uses the Apple GSX server to unlock your iPhone.

Head over to iPhoneUnlock.Zone to figure out how you can unlock iPhone 6S.

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    Hello! Would be able to unlocked iphone 6s locked to T-Mobile USA? Would he able to check if ahead if my unlcoked cose is available?

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello Ana,

      We do not offer Unlocking services, however, I suggest the following service, which will perform a full iPhone IMEI Check to your iPhone in order to figure out if your iPhone can be unlocked or not. If your iPhone is CLEAN, out of contract and does not have outstanding financial balance, they will try to unlock it by contacting your lock network (The SIM-Lock deactivation procedure through your carrier is included to their service). You can check this service from the following link: iPhone Unlock Checker

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