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Unlock iPhone 6s – Full Communication with iPhone Experts

Peter: Hey all, I have a questions about my iPhone 6s.

tete: Hey Peter, welcome to UltraSnow Chat

Avery: sure, what is it?

Joe: Hi! I can help

Peter: It was normally working after I bought it from a guy on the street, but after a few days, it gave me a no service signal.

Peter: Any idea what’s that??

tete: So you cant make any phone calls with your iphone?

Joe: Was you using another SIM card?

Peter: I cannot make any phonecalls / I was using the SIM-Card that the iPhone had inside.

tete: Ahh sounds like an iPhone lock

Avery: Have you tried another SIM card?

Avery: maybe you got a locked iPhone

Peter: No, I haven’t Should I?

Jenny entered for the first time

Peter: I mean, I am afraid that the other SIM-card might also get a problem like this one.

tete: yeah Avery, you know how to fix those locked iPhones

Joe: Yes, so you can tell if it is locked or not

Avery: yes, if you have available SIM card, so you can check right away if it is really locked

Jasmine joined the chat

Joe: It is very simple

tete: Peter, if you can get a SIM Card from another carrier and test your iPhone 6 with it, you could find out if its locked or unlocked

Peter: This SIM-Card is a Sprint USA one. I have a spare T-Mobile USA I can use!

tete: Great

tete: Well not so great

tete: What to do if the T-Mobile USA SIM Card has an issue?

Joe: If it is a SIM lock, I will be easy to get it unlocked. All you need to do first is to have an IMEI check

tete: Its a bit unreliable i guess

tete: It would be nice if there is a service that lets you check if your Iphone is actually locked or unlocked

Peter: OK, I just got the T-Mobile USA SIM-Card inside, and it says an error about the SIM-Card.

tete: And if its locked, it would tell you how to unlock that iPhone

tete: Ahh i knew it. My brain still works best

Jenny: Hey Peter, I think you should get an IMEI check for your iPhone 6

Peter: So, this is useless now right?

Joe: Have you tried that SIM card into another unlocked iPhone?

tete: Yeahh throw that iPhone into the trash

tete: Or give it to me

Peter: $300 … just wasted …

tete: So i can unlock it haha

Joe: If that SIM card works with another iPHone, it may be a hardware problem

Avery: No, do not give up yet haha

tete: Avery, what was the service you always use?

Avery: There’s

Avery: they can reveal unlock status of your iPhone

Jenny: Unlockspector is a great website

Avery: and recommend unlocking solutions based on their IMEI check

Peter: For real?? I thought I could not use it anymore!

Avery: are you familiar with IMEI?

tete: yeah thats the one

Peter: Well, I know what an IMEI number is (I can also find it!), but I have no idea what the IMEI check does..

Joe: I found a lost iPhone and I got it unlock with them. I just needed to ask for a check

tete: Peter, be careful, there are many scam websites that just want you money and dont even provide reliable results

Joe: I liked the price

tete: Let me check if thats the one

Avery: IMEI check is a service to discover hidden but common iPhone issues


Peter: Do you have a link guys/girls to share and check them?

tete: No they are safe..

tete: MANY MANY good reviews, check it out yourself


Joe: This works. I saw the recommendations and it worked for me. If not, I wouldn’t tell anybody

Avery: try this one.

tete: This could have been you: ““Check ‘Unlock’ Status” 6/26/17 Needed a quick check to verify my iPhone was unlocked. The service was inexpensive and quick. The data supplied was more than adequate for my needs.”

Avery: their website is easy-to-understand

Peter: Yeap, over 4,5/5 stars

tete: Joe, you only recommend the best, thats true

Peter: So, what exactly those guys will do to my iPhone??

Jenny: that’s great

Jenny: great feedback

Joe: theys just check it

Joe: and send a complete report to your email

Joe: then they analyse that info

tete: Like what?

Avery: they just need your iPhone’s IMEI number then check the IMEI status and recommend reliable unlocking solutions to you

Joe: and offer the best option to unlock it

Peter: oo ok, no need to send the iPhone over them … nice …

Avery: yes, no need

Jenny: I wonder from where they get all this information?


Joe: directly from Apple server

Joe: it’s reliable

tete: no way how they have access to Apple servers?

Peter: The reports, are they easy to understand cause I am not a tech guy …

Jenny: then it must be very accurate

Joe: They have a big plattform from whicj they connect to Apple server

Avery: yes, the reports are easy to understand, and even provide you more than what you need

tete: Is there a sample of this IMEI check?

Joe: Yes. And explain everything with detail

Joe: You just need to copy and paste the IMEI number here


Ok, so hold one, cause I am writing everything down 😛 (I am old school!).
1) I will go to their site and they will send me a full IMEI check report.
2) Then, they will fix whatever problem my iPHone has?

Joe: and request your IMEI check

tete: I remember when i had my iPhone locked

tete: But it was iCloud locked

tete: Is that a different thing?

tete: basically iPhone iCloud Lock haha

Joe: Well. It depends on the problem

tete: Peter, you are a smart man. I hope all your (iPhone) problems get fixed as easy as this

Avery: yes it’s different, iCloud locked means the previous owner’s Apple ID is still linked to the iPhone

Joe: The thing is that they offer guaranteed solutions

Peter: There are other locks too? Damn, iPhone needs to be checked very good (I should have done it before!)

tete: yeah their website actually states that you should always CHECK the IMEI BEFORE buying an iPhone. I guess in your case its too late.

Joe: They can check EVERYTHING

tete: But there is still hope for you to get your iphone unlocked

Joe: It is very good

Avery: you’ll never know if you get a blacklisted iPhone, too

Joe: it worked for me

tete: good point Avery, blacklisted iPhones sucks

Avery: but UnlockSpector can also check that

Peter: Well, I will get the report from them, and then will get back to you with the results. Hopefully, they will have some good news for my iPhone 6s!

Joe: The best thing about them is that they may unlock the iPhone LEGALLY

Joe: Isn’t that awesome?

tete: No Joe, you are awesome!

Peter: Ok good. I do not want any trouble with the previous owners or with the police!

Joe: Thanks

Avery: here’s a summary of what they will be checking thru IMEI:

SIM Lock Status Check – Check in real-time if your iPhone is currently locked or unlocked.
Global Blacklist & Stolen Check – Check if your iPhone is blacklisted, reported as lost or stolen.
Apple Replacement Check – Check if your iPhone was refurbished and has a replaced IMEI.
Initial Lock Network Check – Find out which Network / Carrier is locking your iPhone.
iCloud Activation Lock Check – Check if your iPhone is locked through iCloud’s “Find my iPhone”.
Warranty Status Check – Check if your iPhone is eligible for AppleCare support.

Avery: that’s a lot right?

Joe: Very complete

Joe: You got it all there

tete: wow

Peter: Yeap! And, after they find all the problems of my iPhone 6s, what then?

tete: I think i should have them check my iPhone too

tete: How long does it take?

Avery: they will give you reliable recommendations for unlocking solutions based on their IMEI check

Joe: The iphone specialist will contact you to offer the best solution according to what he analysed

tete: Who knows, maybe there is some hidden issue with my iPhone that i am not even aware

Joe: That is why you need a complete IMEI check

Joe: They will reveal all issues

Joe: and it is verified with Apple servers

Peter: Well, there are always very good prices for used iPhones, but I didn’t know that there are so many issues “hidden”!

Joe: Give it a try

Jenny: great information about this site guys

Jenny: seems really good

Joe: You can solve any issue and for the price it is great

Peter: Anyhow, I just ordered an IMEI check!! They already informed me that my order is being processed.

Joe: They are very affordable

Jenny: I am gonna check my iPhone too :p

Avery: wow, that was fast!

tete: Keep us updated Peter

Avery: let us know if you have any issues again.

Joe: Perfect. You just need to wait till you get the report

Joe: and follow instructions;)

tete: the reviews claim the check comes super fast

Peter: OK, I just got the report!!! (That was fast!!). It seems that my iPhone is locked on SPrint USA and the owner has blacklisted it (As STOLEN).

tete: ohh noo

tete: But at least you have clarity now

Jenny: Unbelievable man

Jenny: super fast

Avery: Oh. That’s what we’re talking about. At least now you know.

Peter: They informed me also that there is a solution and now I will talk with them to give me more details!

Peter: Thanx all for that. I will keep you posted

Jenny: that’s wonderful

tete: Great peter, have a good one!

Peter: bye!

Avery: Great! Glad you tried it.

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