How to Unlock iPhone 6 Straight Talk Network

how to unlock iPhone 6 Straight Talk NetworkImagine purchasing a new iPhone 6, and upon review of its enhanced iCloud lock, SIM lock, and blacklist features, you realize that you do not possess any know-how of unlocking it! This article will inform you on how to unlock iPhone 6 straight talk network.

While buying a new iPhone 6 from Apple may be costly, you may end up becoming a victim of buying a ‘dead’ second-hand phone if you use online marketplaces. If the original owner knowingly or unknowingly does not unlock the phone, then the device will be of no use to you.

When you want to set it up, it will always ask for the right SIM card to activate. It means that the iPhone has a network lock and you can only use a specific service provider’s SIM card in it. An added problem is when you buy an iPhone that turns out to have a blacklist lock. Equipped with details about your iPhone’s full lock status, you can figure out how to unlock iPhone 6 straight talk network.

Does your iPhone Have a Blacklist Status?

Due to theft or loss of mobile phones, a cellular network may blacklist your iPhone 6. The blacklist locks your phone from that particular carrier and other cell services too within the same country/region. For this reason, you cannot use the device within the state even if you use any of those tools that claim to unlock iPhone SIM locks.

unlock iPhone 6 Straight Talk Network blacklistSome countries share blacklist services such that if a mobile network blacklists your phone in the USA, it also get blacklisted in Puerto, Canada, and Mexico. If you unblacklist your device in your resident country, it allows you to use the iPhone even in the other countries that share blacklist. The recommended legal way to unblacklist your iPhone 6 is through contacting the factory iPhone manufacturer.

Common Reasons for Blacklisting

iPhones can become blacklisted for several reasons, and it can happen at any time. It means that you may use the iPhone for a few weeks or even months, and then all of a sudden, it starts displaying an iPhone “SIM not supported” message.

  1. If you have pending contract bills that you need to complete. The phone becomes graylisted, and even if you unlock it using an iPhone blacklist unlock service, it cannot use other SIM cards other than the mobile network to which money is owed.
  2. When an iPhone’s IMEI number changes, the previous one ends up blacklisted.
  3. Any iPhone linked to fraudulent acts may be blacklisted too.
  4. An iPhone owner can make an insurance claim to replace their lost/stolen iPhone. It means that their old iPhone’s IMEI number will go on the blacklist.
  5. When the original owner of the iPhone makes a stolen/lost iPhone report to their mobile network provider.

Only way about it is to solve the underlying reason that caused your iPhone to end up blacklisted. Other sites that claim to have blacklist unlocking tools often just take you for a ride.  Also, worth noting is that a blacklisted iPhone cannot work even across borders because network providers usually share their blacklist database.

How to Unlock iPhone 6 Straight Talk Network

unlock iPhone 6 Straight Talk Network SIM LockThe best way to get rid of a blacklist status is to ensure that the reason behind the blacklisting no longer applies. This may be impossible especially for a stolen phone, but it can be successful if the cause was unpaid contract bills. Unbar/Unblacklist iPhone Services will not work.

Your only way about it is contacting the previous iPhone owner who can then mediate in the situation. They can ask the network provider to remove the iPhone’s IMEI blacklist.

Unlock iPhone 6 Straight Talk Network SIM Lock

 SIM lock, also known as a subsidy lock or network lock; is a standard feature with all GSM phones like the iPhone. Cell phone manufacturers like Apple reinforce SIM lock into the GSM.  Network carriers use it to prevent their customers from using the iPhone in a foreign country or with other mobile networks.

SIM locks are usually temporary locks. Once you complete your contract payments, the service provider can unlock your iPhone for free.

What is the Reason Behind SIM Locks?

unlock iPhone 6 Straight Talk Network carrierSIM locking bars you from using a different or a new SIM Card with your iPhone. It is exceedingly important for the prepaid contract offers from the mobile networks. A carrier may provide you with a phone at a discount, and you have to sign a deal with them.

Taking up such a contract binds you to use only their mobile network from a specified period mostly one to two years. The SIM lock is a sure way of ensuring that the customer does not:

  1. Use the iPhone in a foreign country
  2. Stop paying the monthly fees
  3. Sell the iPhone
  4. Break the contract
  5. Find an alternative cheaper plan or use other mobile networks.

How to Remove an iPhone’s SIM Lock

The most appropriate way to remove a SIM Lock is to request the carrier, and the chances of success depend on the nature of the signed contract. In most instances, a lot of back and forth for the process to go through.

unlock iPhone 6 Straight Talk NetworkThe other way is by use of third-party SIM lock removal services because unlocking an iPhone is legal. It is vital that you only work with trusted companies. There are many scam companies which promise to offer quality services, but at the end, they disappoint.

Some charge higher rates than the standard unlock fees you would pay your carrier to unlock your iPhone. You can judge a company’s services by going through the reviews from the previous customers. It gives you a rough idea of making your final decision.

Before buying a second-hand iPhone 6, you should go for a reliable iPhone blacklist check. It will cost you more if you buy a blacklisted iPhone that you cannot unlock, which is a significant loss.

So, we can agree that the most efficient way to unlock iPhone 6 straight talk network is through contacting the carrier to unlock your iPhone. However, trusted iPhone blacklist check services could help you with some steps such as contacting the previous iPhone owner.

Also, note that you may buy a new iPhone locked or unlocked. Just because the seller slaps an “unlocked” tag on their ad does not guarantee that you

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  1. Pau says:

    Network::Straight Talk USA
    Iphone 6. Brand new in sealed package. Never activated through Straight Talk, but when purchased, imei and sim card numbers are associated with one another.
    Can it be unlocked through your services?

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello Pau,

      For Straight Talk, the unlocking policy is a bit weird.

      You need to activate this device with Straight Talk USA for a certain period of time, and then try to unlock it.

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