Unlock iPhone 5s 100% Guaranteed or your money back

iPhone 5s is the third most popular Apple’s iPhone model and many of you are searching ways to Unlock iPhone 5s!

Everything you need to know about how to Unlock iPhone 5s is right here in this article!

If you recently bought a refurbished iPhone 5s, I will show you all the lock problems it might have and how to Unlock iPhone 5s in no time!

How to permanently Unlock iPhone 5s

You were searching on Google to find out an ”Unlock iPhone 5s” solution and here it is: The Official IMEI Unlock Method

Official IMEI Unlock Method is also called Factory Official Unlock and it is the only way to Unlock iPhone 5s or any iPhone model (I will explain this in details lately).

This method is recognized by Apple and all Carriers around the world and has authorized access to their databases!

To use Official IMEI Unlock Method to Unlock iPhone 5s you will need:

  1. The iPhone model

  2. The IMEI Number of your iPhone (dial *#06# with the phone app or check all the ways to find an iPhone’s IMEI number)
  3. The Blacklist Status of your iPhone (if the iPhone is blacklisted, it can still be unlocked but you need a Premium IMEI Unlock Service, check below for more details)
  4. The Carrier which is locking your iPhone

If you are not sure about ALL the info above, an iPhone IMEI Check Service will not only provide you this info but also uncover ALL hidden issues that might ruin the iPhone Unlock process!

As long as your iPhone is not iCloud Locked (I will show you how to deal with this later on), Official IMEI Unlock Method will find your iPhone inside servers of Apple and Mobile Networks, and switch the iPhone’s Locked Status to Unlocked!

  • From now on your iPhone will be permanently unlocked to all GSM Mobile Networks worldwide
  • iTunes and iOS Updates will work as always
  • No dangerous software installation, no iDevice modifying, no jailbreaking.
  • If your iPhone 5s is already jailbroken, the Jailbreak status will remain intact
  • The iPhone unlock is processed by Apple and completed with you syncing your iPhone to iTunes with your account
  • No iOS, iPhone, Carrier, Country, Baseband restrictions
  • An IMEI Check before you unlock your iPhone also ensures that your iPhone 5s will be unlocked or you will get all your money back

I made an extended research about iPhone Unlock Companies and this is why I highly suggest iPhoneUnlock.Zone to unlock iPhone 5s or any iPhone model. They are now offering an IMEI Check Service for free because the price of the IMEI Check Service is deducted from the cost of IMEI Unlock Service (except iCloud Activation Lock Removal)

Why unlock iPhone 5s with IMEI Unlock Services?

You can see a number of different methods to unlock iPhone 5s. But let me tell you a few things about them:

  1. Unlock iPhone 5s with Software Unlock Method: This method was nice and free but works up to iOS 6.1.6 and needs to jailbreak your iPhone.
  2. Unlock iPhone 5s with ”FREE” Software Installation tools: They are not free and they are not working! These tools only support unlock iPhone 5s-useless-methodcredit/debit card payment and in fact, many of them use Malware or Spyware to gain access to your credit/debit card account.
  3. Unlock iPhone 5s with Hardware Unlock Method: This method sucked even when it worked. It can be used up to iPhone 4s with iOS and Baseband restrictions! Low chances of success (30%) and BIG problems afterward!
  4. Unlock iPhone 5s with YouTube Unlock Tutorials: Nothing bad will happen to your iPhone if you use one of these tutorials but trust me. None of them works! (and unfortunately I spend so much time trying almost all of them)

So this is why I told you that if you want to unlock iPhone 5s or any iPhone, Official IMEI Unlock method is your only chance!

Blacklist Status: CLEAN and how to Unlock iPhone 5s

We refer to an iPhone as CLEAN when it is not blacklisted. But this doesn’t mean that the iPhone is not SIM Locked! The Official IMEI Unlock method will work like a clock in this case and unlock any iPhone at ease! You can use any SIM card you want worldwide (from GSM Mobile Networks)

Blacklist Status: LOST/STOLEN and how to Unlock iPhone 5s

Things are a bit complicated in this case. When an iPhone is blacklisted as stolen or lost by a Carrier, then the iPhone cannot use any Carrier in the country it was blacklisted. On top of that, some countries share their blacklists. For example, if an iPhone gets blacklisted as LOST/STOLEN in the USA, this iPhone is also blacklisted in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico (and vice versa).

A Premium IMEI Unlock Service will network unlock this iPhone but it will remain blacklisted and it will still can’t be used inside any country that shares this blacklist!

So why to Unlock my iPhone 5s when it is blacklisted for LOST/STOLEN reasons?

  • unlock iPhone 5s-blacklistedYou can always use this iPhone when you travel abroad to any country (except 1 or 2 that may share your country’s blacklist)
  • You can resell this iPhone as unlocked and make even 200 USD more, to a country that the iPhone is not blacklisted
  • You can give this iPhone as a present to a friend of yours, who is not living in country that the iPhone is blacklisted

Blacklist Status: Fraud Activities and unlocking iPhone 5s

It is exactly the same situation with LOST/STOLEN iPhones. A Premium IMEI Unlock Service will SIM unlock iPhone 5s (or any iPhone) but the iPhone will remain blacklisted!

Blacklist Status: Unpaid Contract Bills and iPhone 5s unlocking

This is the best situation of blacklisted iPhones. When the original owner left unpaid contract bills the iPhone gets blacklisted by original owner’s Mobile Network. A Premium IMEI Unlock Service will unlock this iPhone and check this out: You can use your iPhone 5s any Mobile Network in your country and worldwide, except the Carrier that blacklisted the iPhone!

iCloud Activation Lock and iPhone 5s Unlock

Unlock iPhone 5s-Contact Information service data
The report, iCloud Contact Info Service will get you

The is NO WAY to hack iCloud Activation Lock (also known as Find My iPhone Activation Lock). Don’t waste money and time in tools that promise to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock Screen.

ONLY the iPhone’s original owner can remove the iCloud Activation Lock and if you can’t see a message from the original owner with contact info on the iCloud Activation Lockscreen you will need an iCloud Contact Information Service that will provide you ALL the original owner’s contact info!

If iCloud Lock is your problem, check out here all the details about

how to unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone!

Summary of how to Unlock iPhone 5s

I show you everything about unlocking iPhone 5s but before the end remember:

There are more than 10 hidden issues that might destroy the unlock process. Issues like:

  • Active Insurance Plan / Apple Warranty / AppleCare+
  • The iPhone is still under contract
  • Replaced IMEI number

An iPhone IMEI Check Service will make sure that nothing will go wrong with your iPhone 5s unlocking and on top of that, you will get all your money back if the unlock procedure fails.

This is why I and the rest of UnlockUltrasnow Team always recommend:

  1. iPhoneUnlock.Zone
  2. UnlockSpector

to unlock iPhone 5s or any iPhone model!

Both of them are authorized by Apple and more that 100.000 Mobile Networks worldwide, use PayPal for payment and offer their IMEI Check Services for free when you decide to unlock your iPhone with them (but this offer is not applied for iCloud Contact Info Service)!

Did you manage to unlock iPhone 5s? Do you have any questions about iPhone Unlocking? Do you have problems in unlocking your iPhone and need an iPhone expert’s help?

Just leave a comment below and one of us, the UnlockUltrasnow Team will get back to you ASAP. Take care!

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