Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version – Pangu, Ultrasn0w or IMEI Unlock?

UPDATED ON: 5th October 2016

Welcome to the Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version area, where you will be able to unlock your iPhone with permanent results.

The recommended Unlocking Method which can guarantee you an iPhone Unlock is the Official IMEI Method.

For Unlocking 7.1.2 iOS version you will have to follow those basic steps (Proceed only if you know what you are doing. If not, please continue reading the whole article):

  • iPhone Official IMEI 7.1.2 iOS UnlockFind an Trusted, Tested and Legitimate IMEI Unlock Provider (iPhoneUnlock.Zone)
  • Choose your iPhone model
  • Type your IMEI number
  • Choose the Network you want to Unlock

If you want more specific information, please click on the following links:

The Unlock iOS 7.1.2 Topic started to get a big issue, especially after the successful Jailbreak of that iOS version. Since there is still some confusion between Jailbreak and Unlock, many companies are trying to scam people by selling a jailbreak instead of an unlock.

Just do a Google research with the Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version term, and check how many websites are there selling their unlocks. We are probably the only one in the top 10 positions, that we do not wish to sell an iOS 7.1.2 Unlock, but to help people to make the right choice and NOT get scammed.

I constantly find websites that offer to Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version for any iPhone, and when I am browsing their site, I always find an offer with a software. That software is so simple, that you just need to PAY, install it, plug your iPhone to your computer and then it gets unlocked. This is 100% scam, and I am tired of seeing people getting scammed by those fake companies.

If you are looking to Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version for free, then you will get disappointed. I am sorry guys/girls, but the good old times have passed, because Apple updated and patched both Software and Hardware, and Ultrasn0w OR weird SIM-Cards, cannot unlock anything.

To Unlock an iPhone you MUST pay, because there are no free rides anymore! If you want to unlock an iPhone with iOS 7.1.2 version, then you should pay an IMEI Unlock provider. The price may vary, depending on the Network you want to unlock, and the range is from $30 to even $150!

I am not here to “offer” you a free unlock ( Because there is no way to Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version for free, unless someone pays it for you 😀 ), but to help you make the best possible choice. I have spend the last 8 years working with iPhones, and generally Apple products, so I have tested all available unlocking methods, and found almost all IMEI Unlock providers. I know which Networks are hard to get unlocked (More pricey) and which IMEI Unlock providers offer the best prices for specific carriers, and this is the kind of information I will give you here!

The release of iOS 7.1.2 version created many rumors around the unlocking solutions, so let me inform you which iDevices supported, which Mobile Networks and how to achieve a successful iPhone Unlock (I have also created a very cool iPhone Unlock Tutorial that will give you all the information you need – HERE).

You can Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version for the following iPhone models: iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+ & SE. If you already know about the Official IMEI Method and you are having trouble finding a legitimate IMEI Unlock Provider, then you can quickly unlock your iPhone with iOS 7.1.2 version permanently with guaranteed results (You can contact us to review and check the IMEI Unlock provider you want to use).

Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version – All existing available Methods

First, you need to know that Jailbreak has nothing to do with the Unlock, so do not think that since iOS 7.1.2 can be jailbroken, it can also get unlocked!

Now that PanGu team managed to release their jailbreaking tool which supports iOS 7.1, 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 versions, many people would think that they could use a software method. This is not true, so let me explain you all the popular Unlocking Methods, and which of them can actually work for iOS 7.1.2 version for all iPhone models.

There are three methods that can Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version (or iPhones in general), the Software, the Hardware and the Official IMEI method.

The first two methods, can only be applied to specific iOS/Baseband versions and iPhone models. These are old methods, which means that they cannot Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version.

Stay away from Software and Hardware methods that claim to Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version

Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version

Since those methods are old, they only support old iOS/baseband versions and iPhone models.

Software and Hardware Method CANNOT Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version!


The Software method supports only the following iPhone models:

  • iPhone 2G/3G
  • iPhone 3Gs
  • iPhone 4 (Up to 1.59.00 baseband version).

The software method, exploits bugs that exist to the iOS version, and Apple is trying to patch them as soon as they are being found by the Jailbreaking community. Generally, the software method requires a jailbroken iDevice and the Ultrasn0w tool (Which can be found on Cydia). The combination of those two, are able to unlock an iPhone. The iOS 7.1.2 version is patched for the exploits that the Ultrasn0w was using, which means that there is no way to unlock an iOS 7.1.2 version iDevice.


The Hardware method supports: (Not very positive user feedback though!):

  • iPhone 4 and 4s

Beware of the Hardware methods, because the majority of people that used it, had many problems. Signal Drop, Poor Signal Quality and in several cases NO Unlock! It is a specially designed SIM-Card, that must be squeezed with the SIM-Card you want to use. It claims that it can trick your Mobile network, but the feedback is not encouraging. Never used a hardware unlock, but friends of mine did. The results were disappointing, so I advice you to stay away from that!

For the time being, the above methods cannot Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version, and you should be extra careful when someone offers you a “Software” or “Special SIM-Card” to Unlock your iPhone.

Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version with Official IMEI Method – The only method with Guaranteed Results

iPhone Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version
iPhone Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version

The Official IMEI Method is approved by Apple and all mobile carriers and it is the only method that will Unlock iOS 7.1.2 version. You should know that it is not free, and the price depends on the Network that blocks your iPhone!

It is the only method that can guarantee you a permanent unlocking solution, and also give you the “power” to upgrade to ANY future iOS/Baseband version and keep your iPhone unlocked!

  • How the Official IMEI Method works:

This method, eliminates the requirements of a specific iOS/Baseband version or iPhone model, like the previous methods. This method is focusing only on the network that blocks your iPhone to use other mobile networks. It whitelists your iPhone (Its IMEI number) from Apple’s and Mobile’s Networks database, and mark them as unlocked. This allows you to use not only 7.1.2 iOS version, but all the future versions that Apple releases. You will have a permanently Unlocked iPhone, just like a new Factory Unlocked iPhone!

This is the unlocking method I used for my latest iPhone model, iPhone 5s, which was locked on O2 UK Network. Very quick and affordable method, and also it allows me to use the latest iOS version and keep it unlocked. You can see below which IMEI Unlock provider I used, and I stayed 100% satisfied.

How to Order an Official IMEI Unlock for your iPhone?

Unlock 7.1.2 iOS iPhone
Unlock 7.1.2 iOS iPhone

There are a few things that you need to know before proceeding ordering the correct iPhone Unlock Service:

  1. Your iPhone’s IMEI Number (Just dial *#06#)
  2. Your iPhone’s model
  3. The Network in which your iPhone is locked to (Not the network you want to use after the unlock!)
  4. The Blacklist Status (If it is CLEAN, LOST, STOLEN, has UNPAID BILLS or is IN-Contract)

Identifying the Network & Blacklist status of your 7.1.2 iOS iPhone is MANDATORY before unlocking your iPhone.

The only way to learn all the above information about your iPhone is with an iPhone Unlock Check Service:

  1. Order an iPhone Unlock Check Service and learn which iPhone Unlock Service is the correct for your iPhone! – UnlockSpector.com is our recommendation

Now that you know all the above information, you can Proceed with an Official iPhone Unlock:

Official IMEI 7.1.2 iOS UnlockOur Tests and Research, showed us that the Official IMEI Method can unlock any iPhone with any iOS version (Including 7.1.2 iOS version):

  • IMEI Unlock is Processed Officially by Apple and this factory Unlock can be for all iPhones regardless of bootloader, baseband and iOS firmware version up to the latest iOS and beyond (if you don’t know what this means, don’t worry – it simply means they can unlock any handset).
  • 48 hour unlock delivery (unless otherwise stated) over every product.
  • Working with All iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7 , iOS 8, iOS 9 and always upgrade to the latest iOS (And keep your unlocking status).
  • Every single feature works perfectly 100%, Fix Push Notifications, Facetime and iMessage.
  • Once you unlock your iPhone you will get a notification on your device. All you have to do is connect your iPhone to iTunes to complete the unlock.
  • No complicated additional software to install
  • You won’t lose your Jailbreak.
  • Upgrade and Sync iPhones using iTunes without fear of ever being locked again.
  • Your Unlock is Completed in iTunes and processed by Apple.
  • You Will NOT void Apple’s warranty.
  • Unlock is guaranteed , or your money back.

I have also created a complete article that will help you to identify all the details of your iPhone, so you know exactly which IMEI Unlock to order. It will also help you not to get scammed when buying iPhones online! (Check the Lock status of your iPhone – Second-hand iPhone guide!)

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  1. Gustavo Melo says:

    I wonder how would be to unlock my iPhone 4 with IOS 7.1.2 why he bought so already , I live in Brazil and became interested in his services.

    1. Zisis ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hey Gustavo,

      The Official IMEI Unlocking Method supports iPhone 4 on 7.1.2 iOS version. The Software and Hardware Methods do not support the iPhone 4 AND the iOS 7.1.2 version.

      You must first learn what network blocks your iPhone and if your iPhone is Blacklisted (Reported Lost, Stolen, have pending contract bills or is in-contract) (You can do an full iPhone IMEI Check).

      Then, you can go to the following link, which is from a trusted and tested iPhone Unlocking Company, and proceed with an Official IMEI Unlock order for the Network you want to Unlock. Link: iPhoneUnlock.Zone Services

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