iCloud Contact Info Service: Unlock iCloud using UDID & IMEI number

iCloud Locked refurbished iPhones are a major issue that infests online and local markets! When you searched for iCloud Unlocking Solution, you found numerous iCloud Hacking Tools that promise to remove the iCloud Activation Lock but let me tell you something: None of them works!

The solution to your problem is to Unlock iCloud using UDID number & IMEI number via an iCloud Contact Information Service.

The problems with iCloud Locked iPhones & how to avoid them

You were already scammed once in buying this iCloud Locked iPhone or in the best-case scenario maybe you just found it somewhere! You would never buy this iPhone at first place if you had just used an iPhone IMEI Check Service! But this service remains extremely crucial even now that you need to find a way to activate the iCloud Locked used iPhone you got!

iCloud Activation Lock is the first issue you need to deal with but most possibly it is not the only one! There are so many iPhone issues (click here for more info) you want to know before you try to unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone and some of them can easily ruin any kind of iPhone Unlocking procedure! Just take a look:

  1. The iPhone’s SIM Lock Status
  2. The iPhone’s Blacklist Status
  3. The iPhone’s Contract Status
  4. The iPhone’s Financial Balance
  5. The Apple Warranty or AppleCare+ Status
  6. Insurance Plan Status (Possible Insurance Claims)
  7. Replaced IMEI number
  8. Replaced Serial Number
  9. The iPhone’s true Specs (model, storage, serial, color, etc.)
  10. The iPhone’s true Market value

All these (and of course, the iCloud Lock Status) would be available to you in 2-24 hours, before you even bought the iCloud Locked iPhone, using only the iPhone’s IMEI number (click here if you don’t know how to find it), the only requirement of an iPhone IMEI Check Service!

This is the only way to know exactly what’s going on with the iCloud Locked iPhone, what kind of IMEI iPhone Unlocking Services you will need after Find My iPhone Activation Lock is removed and of course, ensure the success of iPhone Unlocking process!

iCloud Activation Lock & iCloud Bypass Tools

Since iOS 9, iCloud Activation Lock is one and the same with Find My iPhone feature and this is why we also refer to it as Find My iPhone Activation Lock and it is a built-in and non-removable app in all iDevices. On top of that, Apple with iOS 9 solved many security issues iCloud Activation Lock had and nowadays, with iOS 10.2 being the latest firmware release, iCloud Lock is almost unhackable! The only hacking that was reported so far has to do with iCloud data and NOT with iCloud Unlocking and this is why I already informed you that all Unlocking iCloud Software you see is a big waste of money. Moreover, some of these ”tool” are not only useless but also target your credit/debit card account with Malware and Spyware. If you already tried one of these iCloud Removal Tools, you know what I am saying! If you are still thinking about using one of them, you will soon discover the truth!

Unlocking iCloud using the UDID & IMEI numbers

These two special and unique alphanumerical codes for each iDevice are the keys to iCloud Unlocking!

The only one who can disable iCloud Activation Lock is the person who iCloud locked with his/her Apple ID and Password, so you don’t need a service that turns off the iCloud Lock but one that can find the iPhone’s original owner for you! And this is exactly what iCloud Contact Information Service does!

Unlock iCloud using UDID if you can't see a message on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen

As you see above in the first two iPhone, there is an email address or a phone number but in the third case, you have no clue who iCloud Locked the iPhone!

The iCloud Contact Information Service has certified access to Apple’s iCloud Databases and it will get you ALL contact information of the iPhone’s original owner!

To use this service, you will need only:

  1. The iPhone’s IMEI number
  2. The iPhone’s UDID number

In a few hours or days, you will get a report containing all the info below:

Unlock iCloud using UDID. This is how your report will look like


Will I 100% Unlock iCloud using UDID number & IMEI number?

Our experience and visitor reports taught us that as long as you are not the person who stole the iPhone, original owner:

  • Will gladly agree to deactivate iCloud Activation Lock because you were also scammed by the same thief
  • Maybe will ask for a small money amount in order to disable iCloud Activation Lock (negotiate)
  • Maybe will offer you money to return the iPhone, especially awesome if you just found this iPhone
  • It is rare but maybe the original owner will refuse to remove Find My iPhone Activation Lock

So, it all has to do with how you will handle the original owner of the iCloud Locked iPhone but on the other hand iCloud Unlocking is impossible without original owner’s permission and this is a good thing as far as I am concerned. This is also another reason why iPhone thieves CANNOT iCloud Unlock the iPhones they steal and sell them at low prices instead of unlocking them and get the highest possible price (and another proof that Hack iCloud Activation Lock Software don’t work)!

Lastly, iCloud Contact Information Service gives you another option that was previously unavailable! If the original owner is not responding, you can use the info from iCloud Contact Information report and make a Formal iCloud Lock Removal Request to Apple! Apple will make sure that you will speak with the original owner of the iPhone or even iCloud Unlock it if you meet the conditions required!

Leave a comment below and tell me what you thing about iCloud Unlock using UDID & IMEI or ask me to help you! Take care!

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