Unlock found iPhone: A guide to iCloud & Carrier Unlocking

When you want to unlock a found iPhone, these are the most common issues you might have:

  • iCloud Activation Lock
  • Simlock
  • Blacklist Status

But these are only some of the hidden issues any iPhone might have. Since you don’t know anything about the iPhone you found, iPhone Unlocking starts with iPhone Checking.

Unlocking found iPhone – part 1: IMEI Checking

iCloud Locked or not, you have basically no idea about all aspects of the iPhone you are holding in your hands. Despite the fact that iPhone Unlocking is a piece of cake with IMEI Unlock Method, you will need accurate pieces of info and on top of that, you need to be sure that the iPhone is eligible for unlocking.

But even if the found iPhone can be unlocked, there are other problems which can relock the iPhone after a while. Anyway, these are all the thing you need to check before you unlock a found iPhone.

  • SIM Lock Check: Is the found iPhone network locked?
  • Locking Mobile Network Identification: Which Carrier is blocking the iPhone?
  • Blacklist Status Check: Is the found iPhone blacklisted or CLEAN?
  • Contract Status Check: Is the found iPhone still under contract?
  • Financial Balance Check: Are there any contract bills left unpaid by the previous owner?
  • Apple Warranty Status Check: Is the found iPhone protected by Apple Warranty or AppleCare+? Keep in mind that this is another indicator of iPhone’s original ownership.
  • Insurance Claims Check: Is the iPhone protected by an Insurance Plan? If yes, then the original owner can or already had made an Insurance Claim.
  • Replaced IMEI Number Check: Factory Unlock must be applied to the original IMEI number of the iPhone. Find out!
  • Replaced Serial Number: Wireless Networks refuse to unlock or operate with iPhones that their serial number was replaced by Apple.

All these can be uncovered in 2 days maximum, using only the found iPhone’s IMEI Number with the iPhone IMEI Check Service. With certified access to Apple GSX Databases and Mobile Networks’ servers, you will get an IMEI Check report containing all the above and more. Moreover, you will be 100% sure if you can unlock the found iPhone and how much it will cost you.

Found iPhone Unlock – part 2: iCloud Unlock

We are ready to start unlocking the found iPhone. If the iCloud Activation Lock (aka Find My iPhone Activation Lock) is enabled, then you will be stuck on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen (if not skip to part 3), where you will be asked to enter the original owner’s Apple ID & Password in order to activate the iCloud Locked iPhone.

DO NOT proceed with Carrier Unlocking the found iPhone if you don’t remove the iCloud Lock first

unlock found iPhone and iCloud UnlockSince iCloud Hacks don’t work, you need to reach the original owner and ask for iCloud Activation Lock Removal.

In most cases, the original owner has also left a message on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen (phone number or email address) but unfortunately this message is sometimes absent. Don’t despair.

The iCloud Contact Information Service is the answer to your problem. You will only need:

Then this service will access Apple’s iCloud Databases and gets you original owner’s:

unlock found iPhone and iCloud Contact Information Service

Moreover, with this info, you can also make a Formal iCloud Lock Removal Request to Apple.

Unlocking the iPhone you found – part 3: SIM Unlocking

Finally, this is the last part before you will be able to use the found iPhone with ALL GSM Networks worlwide, unless the iPhone is blacklisted.

In both cases, the IMEI Unlock Service (aka Factory Unlock) will get the job done but if the found iPhone is blacklisted, click here and see what changes.

To use the Factory Unlock Service you will need:

  1. The IMEI Number of the found iPhone
  2. The iPhone model
  3. The Blacklist Status of the found iPhone
  4. Which Carrier is locking the iPhone

Depending on this info, an IMEI Unlock Provider will find the iPhone inside Apple GSX Database and switch the SIM Lock Status from Locked, to fully UNLOCKED PERMANENTLY.

Request your iPhone Unlocking Service

Benefits of IMEI Unlock Service

  • It can be applied to all iPhone models, Mobile Networks, iOS versions, Basebands and in any country.
  • You can use SIM cards from all GSM Networks in any part of the world.
  • The iPhone Unlocking is proccesed by Apple and finishes with you restoring the iPhone in iTunes.
  • It can be used on blacklisted iPhones.
  • All iPhone features work perfectly fine after the unlock (iOS Updates, iTunes, etc.)
  • No need to jailbreak or modify the iDevice.
  • PayPal is supported.

If you follow my advices, then you will have no problems unlocking the iPhone you found and more importantly, based on the IMEI Check results, you won’t spend money on an iPhone that cannot be unlocked!

If you need our help in order to unlock a found iPhone, just leave a comment below. Until next time, take care!

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    Please help me I have an iPad that I found. Tried opening it but the the activation lock denies me, tried different software but it wont open.

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