How to Unlock Blacklisted iPhone

Blacklisted iPhoneIs your iPhone locked!? Is it not working properly!? Or it has some problems that you might not be able to figure out!! Then you have just come to the right place to sort out all your problems. We will determine the reasons why your phone is locked, whether it is blacklisted or locked by the carrier. The article is going to explain to you how you can unlock blacklisted iPhone through IMEI check.

Reasons Why iPhones Are Locked

The reasons why iPhones are locked are as follows:

  1.    The iPhone is locked by the Carrier. They sell the iPhone at the minimum cost possible but lock the iPhone to that specific network, which makes it affordable for the user.
  2.    It’s iCloud account is locked, and therefore the iCloud server is not letting you sign in or make a new iCloud account.
  3.    Third and an important one might be that your iPhone is blacklisted, i.e the iPhone is reported as lost or stolen by the original owner, thus blocking anyone from using it.

This article is specifically for people who have blacklisted iPhones and now they are looking for ways to Unlock Blacklisted iPhones The best way to unlock the iPhone is through IMEI, which is going to be discussed later in the article.

Why iPhones are Blacklisted

New iPhone users who have recently bought used iPhones often get scared when they hear the word ”Blacklisted”. iPhones are actually blacklisted when the owner reports the iPhones as stolen or lost. The iPhone will then be added to the Blacklist and block anyone from using it. The problem with the blacklisted phone is that only the original user can get it removed it from the blacklist.

To check whether your phone is blacklisted or not you must know the IMEI status of your phone through IMEI number.

IMEI Numberimei

IMEI number is a unique 15 digit code that is used to identify every GSM mobile phone. You can check the IMEI number of your phone through following ways:

  1.    Dial *#06# on your phone. You will get the IMEI code without even tapping the call button.
  1.    The second thing can be you can connect your phone to your PC and get your IMEI number from iTunes.
  1.  You can also find your IMEI number inside your iPhone by going to the:  Settings->General->About.

IMEI Report

After getting your IMEI number, you need to know IMEI status of your iPhone. This can be done pretty quickly. You can just do it by going to UnlockSpecter and enter your IMEI number. They would provide you a complete report that includes all the following details about your iPhone.

  1. Phone identification certificate – serial number, production week, model, phone age, factory, etc.
  2. Network checks – SIM-Lock Status, Country, Carrier, Network Activated, etc.
  3.  Blacklist check – Blacklist Status, BL Reason,  Blacklisted By,  Blacklist Country,  Find My iPhone
  4. Warranty checks – Warranty Status, Phone Support AppleCare Protection,  and Service Coverage Purchase Date Purchased Country, etc.

The IMEI report will help you understand everything related to your iPhone and also lets you know if there are any hidden issues of the device. If the iPhone is identified as Blacklisted through IMEI check, then you will have to look for ways to unlock blacklisted iPhone.

What to do with a Blacklisted iPhone?

In case you have bought an iPhone from a person, and you later came to know that the device you bought is blacklisted. following are the things you can still do with it.

  1.  Try to sell it on eBay or Amazon at a low rate or ask for a refund from the seller.
  1.  Contact the original owner to get it removed from the blacklist. There are many services available who claim to remove the iPhone from the blacklist. But it is illegal to acquire any such service.
  1.  The entertaining use of the blacklisted phone can be that it can be used as an iPod or a gaming console. You can just connect it to the Wi-Fi, and surf Internet. You can also watch videos on this iPhone. But the side effect would be that you won’t be able to make calls and messages through your phone.
  1. For removal of your iPhone from the blacklist, contact Apple authorities. So that they can help you solve your problems.

How  to Unlock Blacklisted iPhoneUnlock Blacklisted iPhone

Now that you know what to do with the blacklisted iPhone. Before buying an iPhone, you must make sure that you are buying it from an authentic seller and a person you can trust.

But if you have bought a used iPhone, getting the IMEI report should be your first priority. Go to UnlockSpecter to get the full IMEI status. If the iPhone is found out to be blacklisted, UnlockSpecter will give you the best suggestions and recommendations to unlock blacklisted iPhone.

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  1. Ramadoss N says:

    Hi I want a iphone 5S to be unlocked. Status of the iPhone is as follows.
    Model : iPhone 5S
    IMEI NO: 013985005671430
    Status: Blacklisted
    Icloud Status: Clean
    Locked Carrier is : ATT USA
    Please let me know whether it is possible to unlock or not. If possible give me Quote.

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