How to Unlock AT&T iPhone (US)

Do you want to break free from a restrictive carrier network lock? Find out how to unlock AT&T iPhone (US).

The reason why most people keep buying the latest iPhone released is simple; they want to keep up with technology. We all know that those cutting-edge new iPhone releases come at high costs. Carrier-based payment plans make it affordable to own any iPhone model. The downside – you get stuck with a network locked iPhone.

It is possible to get out of a carrier restriction by unlocking your iPhone. If you do not know your iPhone’s carrier lock status or want to know if it has other hidden issues, find out your iPhone’s lock status.

Why Do Carriers Lock iPhones (AT&T USA)?

Why carriers lock their iPhones? Unlock AT&T iPhone (US)The US has more than 100 wireless communication providers competing to get your business. The major US cell service providers include Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile US, Sprint Corporation, and U.S. Cellular. Naturally, you want to get an iPhone deal from a network service provider offering the best data and talk time packages. An iPhone carrier lock prevents you from changing networks and taking advantage of the best current network deals. 

When you decide to take up an iPhone package deal from a particular carrier, it makes sense that they would lock your iPhone. They want to keep you locked to their services for one reason – profits. To maintain the profit stream from you flowing; the network provider locks your iPhone for two years.

If you were able to break away from carrier restrictions early enough, but still benefit from the best of both worlds, you would take it in a heartbeat. It means getting your iPhone under a carrier contract but having it unlocked to use it with any SIM from any carrier you want. The great news is that it is possible using our outlined carrier unlock guide.

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How Does the iPhone Carrier Lock Work?

Before you go about the business of unlocking your iPhone, it makes sense to understand how the carrier lock works. The network lock is a custom feature manufacturers integrate into the iPhone hardware. It allows carriers to customize it in their favor by locking the iPhone so that it can only get activated under their service.

The Types of Carrier Locks

There are three typical carrier restrictions your iPhone might have including:

Network Lock

Types of Locks - unlock AT&T iPhone (US)Most carrier-locked iPhones feature the network lock. It prevents the iPhone from working with a SIM card from another cell service provider.

Subscriber Lock

The sucbriber lock is not a common iPhone lock restriction, but cell service providers offering the best of deals may include this lock on the phones they sell. It essentially locks an iPhone to one particular SIM card making it impossible to use the iPhone with any other SIM card.

Region Lock

The region or country lock prevents you from using a particular SIM card across borders. It means that you can only use that particular SIM in your country, and if you travel abroad, it will not work in the destination country. It is not a typical lock found on phones these days, but it pays to learn about your iPhone’s particular lock status.

How to Unlock AT&T iPhone (US)

With a better understanding of how carrier locks work, you need to know how he to remove a network lock from your iPhone. Let’s review the options available to unlock AT&T iPhone (US), but you should keep in mind that only one of them is the surest and safest way to unlock your iPhone.

#3 Software Unlock AT&T iPhone (US)

unlock AT&T iPhone (US) with Software MethodBack in the day when people realized that they could get out of network locks, software unlocking became the popularly chosen method.

However, it is now an outdated process, and Apple placed ironclad upgrades making this method virtually useless on newer iPhone models. Unless you are trying to unlock a 3G, software unlocking does not work on iPhone 4 through to the latest iPhone 8.

Software unlocking has a high potential of damaging your iPhone software and firmware. The incredible rates charged for these services are not worth it because at the end of the day the unlock method does not work.  

#2 Hardware Unlock AT&T iPhone (US)

unlock AT&T iPhone (US) with Hardware MethodThe hardware method uses a physical approach to unlocking. It essentially means having your iPhone opened up and physically altered. It was a popular way back when the iPhone 4 came into the market, but it did leave with it a string of damaged iPhones.

Anyone who opens an iPhone for any reason needs the skills and experience to handle the iPhone hardware. If you find such a person, they will charge extremely high costs while others are just rogue technicians who do not have the necessary skills.

With the $699 to $999 costs of newer iPhone models, who would want to risk their money going down the drain by damaging their iPhone through this process? No one does, and you should not even consider it because hardware unlocking fails 75% of the time. You would also end up voiding your iPhone warranty in the process.

#1 IMEI Unlock AT&T iPhone (US)

unlock AT&T iPhone (US) with IMEI Unlock methodThe IMEI method is the safest and most reliable unlock method with a 100% unlock success rate. Unlike the previous methods which may or may not work; the IMEI unlocking process is a foolproof way to unlock your iPhone permanently.

Carriers restrict iPhones using the device’s IMEI details. The Apple GSX server contains all the information about locked and unlocked devices. IMEI unlocking means transferring an iPhone’s IMEI details from the “locked list” to the “unlocked list.”

Carriers essentially use the same method to unlock your iPhone, but it means having to wait out the contract period. The better go-in-between is to use a reliable third-party IMEI unlock services.

Why Should You Choose the IMEI Unlock AT&T iPhone (US) Option

Legally unlock AT&T iPhone (US)It must have occurred to you by now that your iPhone’s IMEI code is a powerful tool. With it, you can get your iPhone unlocked. IMEI unlock works as the only legitimate iPhone unlock method.

The process happens virtually and works with the Apple’s GSX server to transfer your iPhone’s information from the locked status list to unlocked.

If you go through the carrier, they may not approve the unlock request if your iPhone is still under contract. Some network carriers may charge an early contract termination fee (ETF) to get your iPhone unlocked.  Your best bet is going with a reputable IMEI unlock provider to unlock your iPhone.

Important Things to Know about Unlocking Carrier Locked iPhones

Some people still have a lot of misconceptions about unlocking iPhones that are still under contract. Here are some of the things you should know about unlocking carrier-locked iPhones:

1) Regarding the legal status,  it important to note that making payments as agreed by the contract terms is what matters most. Unlocking a carrier locked iPhone under contract is not illegal.

unlock AT&T iPhone (US) carrier locked

2) There are essentially no laws preventing you from unlocking your network locked iPhone. It is your right to use the iPhone as you please, as long as you honor the contract agreement you made with the carrier that sold you the iPhone.

3) You do not need the carrier to give you the iPhone’s IMEI information. You can get your iPhone’s IMEI in the following ways:

  • Dial *#06#
  • Check the back cover for newer iPhone models (5, 5c, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus)
  • Look at the SIM tray for older iPhone models (4 and 4s)
  • Go to Settings > select General > and  then About

4) The IMEI unlock process is not costly as most iPhone users think. Truthfully, there are no free IMEI unlock services. What you pay adds up in the end, and it is the cheapest option to unlock your iPhone. With the amounts that you save from paying for high cell service costs under your current carrier, it is a great investment on your iPhone.

Choose the Right IMEI Unlock Provider

There are several third-party IMEI unlock providers. They all use the same method to get your iPhone unlocked. The differences come in the quality of service delivery, their customer support services, unlock timelines, and cost. 

Review sites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot come in handy to check a particular IMEI Unlock provider’s reputation. Naturally, you want to work with a trusted, and reliable unlock provider. You can figure out this information from what other previous customers have to say about a particular unlock service.

unlock AT&T iPhone (US) through iPhoneUnlock.ZoneHistoricals also matter, and you should get recommendations from people who have used these services before. Personally, we went through the outlined guide and ended up settling for one of these providers as the best IMEI unlock website.

We highly recommend iPhoneUnlock.Zone. The reasons why we recommend this IMEI unlock service provider include:

  1. They use the IMEI unlock approach which is a safe, secure, and efficient process to unlock your iPhone.
  2. They provide unlock services for all iPhone models locked to US, UK, and Canada carriers and a wide selection of overseas carriers
  3. No software involved in the process, only your IMEI is needed. The process happens virtually, so no opening of your iPhone hardware.
  4. You get unparalleled assistance from their dedicated customer support, detailed information every step of the way, and your iPhone unlocked in no time.
  5. Their services are affordable. The cost you pay for the IMEI unlock service pays itself off through the savings you make by getting out of your current carrier’s costly cell service charges.
  6. The IMEI unlock service has a 100% success rate. You get a permanently unlocked iPhone that you can use with any SIM card.

unlock AT&T iPhone (US)Using the iPhoneUnlock.Zone Services to Unlock AT&T iPhone (US)

To unlock your iPhone, go to the iPhoneUnlock.Zone website. Then follow this guide:

  1. Provide details about your iPhone model. The IMEI unlock provider supports unlock requests for iPhone 2G to iPhone 8 as well as other Apple devices.
  2. Give details about the carrier that has locked your iPhone. If you bought the iPhone online and you are not sure about this information, you can choose the Network Check option.
  3. Next, provide information about the iPhone’s blacklist status. Once again, if you do not know your iPhone’s blacklist state choose the Blacklist Check option.
  4. Give your email address.

They will email a copy of your order, and give you a detailed guide on how to unlock AT&T iPhone (US).

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