Unlock Activation Lock with Original Owner’s Help

You would not believe the number of iPhone users across the globe stuck with iCloud locked iPhones. We receive countless of reader requests asking how to unlock Activation Lock on their iPhones. One of our readers asked us the following question:

I just bought an iPhone with an iCloud lock, and I didn’t understand what the iCloud meant. So I’m trying to find out if it’s a stolen or lost iPhone. If it’s either of those cases, then I want to return the iPhone back. I can no longer reach the guy that sold it to me because he has blocked me everywhere. I bought the iPhone because it was an incredible offer, I now know that I should have checked it out first before paying for it. So please help me with this?

How the iCloud Activation Lock Works on Your iPhone

why you need to unlock Activation Lock on iPhonesTo sum it up, the iCloud Activation Lock functions as an iDevice security feature. You enable the iCloud lock when you activate “Find My iPhone” through the phone’s settings. The lock places a security screen on your iPhone which requires that you provide your Apple ID details to unlock it.

If you are not the original iPhone owner like our reader, you will not be able to unlock the iCloud lock screen. Obviously, without the previous owner’s Apple ID details the iClooud lock remains in place preventing you from using the iPhone entirely.

How to Unlock Activation Lock with the Original Owner’s Help

Getting the original owner’s help works as the most legal and proven iCloud unlock method. You can get a detailed guideline about how to contact the original iPhone owner. Also, you will want to know the best way to ask them to help you unlock the iPhone.

However, like our reader, it does help to start with a full iPhone status check to reveal all the underlying issues about the iPhone including its lost/stolen state.

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