Can I Unlock a used iPhone 5 or any iPhone? YES

  • Is to possible to unlock a used iPhone 5?
  • Is there a way to unlock a used iPhone 5 permanently and 100% guaranteed or all my money back?
  • Can I unlock a refurbished iPhone no matter what?

If you are asking these questions then this post is what you have been looking for because I will show you how to SIM Unlock a used iPhone 5 and any iPhone, second handed or brand new in 24 hours!

Can I Unlock a used iPhone 5?

Last weekend I went out with my classmate Jim, my best friend from school, the person we were sitting next to each other in all our school years! Nowadays, I get to see him once every couple of years (but that’s the way life goes)!

Anyway, Jim recently bought a pre-owned iPhone 5 from eBay and unfortunately for him, the refurbished iPhone 5 was SIM Locked!

Jim knew that I was writing posts to a blog about iPhone Unlocking so after a while he asked me: –Hey Makis, how can someone Unlock a used iPhone 5?

My response was: -You are lucky my friend because we will unlock your iPhone right now!

If you are reading this article you are also lucky!

Let me show you how Jim and I unlock a used iPhone 5 in 24 hours, step-by-step!

Step-by-Step guide on how to Unlock a used iPhone 5 in 24 hours

Jim and I finished our coffee and head back to his place!

Jim didn’t know anything about iPhones and he bought this second hand iPhone 5 because he found it really cheap and believe it or not, he never had a smartphone before (it was so strange when I saw that he was still using the same outdated Nokia mobile I remembered him using the last time I saw him back in 2013)

– Ok Jim, we will unlock your refurbished iPhone 5 with Official IMEI Unlock Method, right here, right now!

We turned on his computer and went straight to iPhoneUnlock.Zone!

-Jim this is the best IMEI Unlock provider I know after testing iPhone Unlock providers for more than 3 years. I will tell you more as we Unlock a used iPhone 5. Your used iPhone 5!

Step 1 of how to unlock a used iPhone 5: The iPhone IMEI number

-Do you know your iPhone IMEI number? I asked Jim

-Nope, what is that? Jim answered

-It is a unique 15-digit code, something like a serial number of your iPhone. We only have to dial *#06# with your iPhone 5 to find it out (here are all the ways to find an iPhone’s IMEI number)

Just like that, we copied the iPhone 5 IMEI number and finished the first step of Official IMEI Unlock process

Unlock a used iPhone 5-IMEI number

Step 2 of how to Unlock a used iPhone 5: iPhone Model & Mobile Network

-Ok Jim. Now we will need the iPhone model (laughs) and which Carrier locked your iPhone.

unlock a used iPhone 5-model-Carrier

Jim didn’t know which Mobile Network was locking his iPhone!

-It’s OK Jim. iPhoneUnlock.Zone will find it for us with an iPhone IMEI Check Service. I will tell you more, later

Step 3 of how to unlock a used iPhone 5: Blacklist Status & iCloud Lock

-We are almost finished, Jim!

The last required info is:

Unlock a used iPhone 5-Blacklist Status

Jim’s iPhone 5 was not iCloud Locked (we would get stuck on iCloud Activation Lock Screen, as soon as we turned on his iPhone) but he also didn’t know if his iPhone was Blacklisted!

-No prob Jim! iPhoneUnlock.Zone’s IMEI Check Service will expose ALL the hidden issues of your iPhone, for FREE!

Step 4 of how to unlock a used iPhone 5: Your email address

In less than a minute we answered all the necessary info for the Official IMEI Unlock Service and finally, we entered Jim’s email address

unlock a used iPhone 5-email

Step 5 of how to unlock a used iPhone 5: The iPhone IMEI Check Service

Jim didn’t know which Carrier was locking the iPhone and his iPhone’s Blacklist Status!

iPhoneUnlock.Zone offers their iPhone IMEI Check Services for free when you choose them to unlock a used iPhone 5, or any iPhone new or pre-owned!

The few US dollars spent on the IMEI Check are working as a deposit for the Official IMEI Unlock Service. (but this offer is not available for iCloud Locked iPhones and iCloud Contact Information Services)

The iPhone IMEI Check Service got us all the info you see below INSTANTLY (+ 10 more hidden iPhone issues that could have ruined the iPhone Unlock procedure)

unlock a used iPhone 5-IMEI check service

On top of that, with an IMEI Check you are 100% sure that you won’t be paying for needless IMEI Unlock Services!

Step 6 of how to unlock a used iPhone 5: Wait for 24 hours!

The above process took us less than 5 minutes but let me tell you why I told Jim to unlock a used iPhone 5 with Official IMEI Unlock Method and iPhoneUnlock.Zone.

Approved by Apple and All Mobile Networks, Official IMEI Unlock Method finds the iPhone inside their servers and databases and change the Locked Status to UNLOCKED!

  • The iPhone Unlocking is permanent
  • You are able to use any GSM Carrier in any pale in the world after you unlock a used iPhone 5 or any iPhone
  • It takes 24 to 48 hours to SIM Unlock an iPhone (but it might take a week for blacklisted iPhones because you will need a Premium Official IMEI Unlock Service)
  • It can be used with any iPhone, iOS, Carrier, Baseband and in any country
  • Apple Warranty, AppleCare+ or Insurance Plan is not spoiled
  • No Jailbreaking, No iDevice Modifying, No sending your iPhone anywhere
  • It won’t mess with iPhone Jailbreak Status (if it was already Jailbroken)
  • iOS Updates, iTunes and all iPhone features work like a clock after the Official IMEI unlock
  • PayPal is supported
  • iPhoneUnlock.Zone will unlock your iPhone or return ALL your money back if they fail (failure is extremely rare)
  • 24/7 customer support
  • You can also check them out in SiteJabber

Anyway, I left from Jim’s home. All he had to do from now on was to wait until he receives an email informing him about iPhone Unlock Success!

Step 7 of how to unlock a used iPhone 5: iTunes

Jim called me the next day. After 20 hours he received the email he was been waiting for! His second hand iPhone 5 was UNLOCKED!

The last step of the process is really easy but I went to his place to help him if needed (to tell you the truth I wanted to see the joy in his eyes)

All that was left, was to unlock the iPhone in iTunes! (It takes a few minutes and if you click on this link, there is a complete step by step guide)

That’s it! Jim unlocked his used iPhone 5 in 24 hours!

Summary of how to unlock a used iPhone 5 in 24 hours

I help people every day in unlocking their iPhones, but helping a friend to unlock his iPhone face to face is always priceless!

If you want to unlock your iPhone like my friend Jim; safe, fast, easy and 100% guaranteed or your money back

Use an Official IMEI Unlock Service from iPhoneUnlock.Zone!

This is how Jim and I unlocked a used iPhone 5 in 24 hours!

If you are like Jim and have questions about iPhone Unlocking, I will help you as much as I can! All you need to do is leave a comment below!

Take care!

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