Unblocking Blacklisted iPhone 7 Plus

help with unblocking blacklisted iPhone 7 PlusYou would not believe some of the situations iPhone owners divulge on forums. For instance, a lady once bought a brand new iPhone 7 Plus off of eBay. She received it and used it for a few months only for the iPhone to end up blacklisted. The lady was desperately asking for help with unblocking blacklisted iPhone 7 Plus.

It sounds incredible; you wonder how the seller managed to pull off such a scam. Well, the poor lady did not land on any meaningful help, and there are more people in similar situations. Unlocking blacklisted iPhones does pose some complications, but many have done it.

Worth noting is that an iPhone can end up on the blacklist at any stage of ownership. Not only stolen iPhones become blacklisted. It begs the question, what can everyone out there with a blacklisted iPhone do to unlock their phones?

How do iPhones Become Blacklisted?

unblocking blacklisted iPhone 7 Plus different blacklist statesUsing the case of the lady above; most blacklisted iPhones are usually stolen. Also, most people with blacklisted iPhones purchased the phones unknowingly from online sites. The lady above found out that the seller had ordered the iPhone from a network carrier, and sold it to her even before he received it.

Indeed the iPhone was new, but when the seller finally shipped it out to her, more than 50 days had passed. It could have been a stroke of luck because the SIM card she used to activate the iPhone worked. Therefore, she did not even imagine that the iPhone had a SIM lock.

Also, little did she know that during all that time, the seller had since defaulted on making the iPhone payments. The network provider then blacklisted the iPhone.

Payment defaults are the most common reason behind blacklisted iPhones. However, iPhones can also end up blacklisted when an iPhone owner loses their iPhone and reports it stolen. Another blacklist situation happens when the previous iPhone owner receives an insurance claim to replace the stolen device.

What Happens When your iPhone Becomes Blacklisted?

unblocking blacklisted iPhone 7 Plus to call and textThe blacklist blocks an iPhone’s IMEI number from activating on any mobile network. Every iPhone has a serial number consisting of 15 digits unique to the specific device. Mobile service providers use the IMEI information to place SIM locks on the iPhones they sell.

All the information related to an iPhone goes onto the Apple GSX server as referenced through its IMEI number. Therefore, when an iPhone needs to perform any IMEI-related function, it needs to “receive a go-ahead” from the server. The process happens virtually and in a matter of seconds.

For instance, a SIM-locked iPhone can only operate using a SIM card issued by a specific network provider. When an iPhone user places a SIM card inside it, the Apple GSX server cross-references the information based on the iPhone’s lock status. If the SIM card is from the carrier that locked the iPhone, then the iPhone receives cell service from the respective network provider.

The same case applies to a blacklist state; a blacklisted iPhone cannot activate and operate under any mobile network. It means you cannot make calls or receive texts using a blacklisted iPhone. You will see a message saying “SIM not supported” when you insert a SIM card in a blacklisted iPhone.

The Process of Unblocking Blacklisted iPhone 7 Plus

You probably realize that there are many layers to the blacklist situation. While Apple does not control it, they maintain the server that logs these details. On the other hand, blacklisted iPhones can perform regular iPhone functions except for the ability to call and text.

unblocking blacklisted iPhone 7 Plus with iCloud lockHowever, some iPhone users find that they have a dual iPhone lock problem. Pre-owned iCloud locked iPhones often also have a blacklist status. It means that such an iPhone belongs to someone who lost it and reported it stolen.

Like with all other iPhone lock problems, the reason behind an iPhone’s blacklist status determines the ability to unblock blacklisted iPhones.

Unblocking Blacklisted iPhone 7 Plus with the Carrier’s Help

Going back to the lady above, she found out that the brand new iPhone she bought had a blacklist lock. She contacted the cell provider she had been using and explained the situation to them. They told her that the iPhone had a SIM lock to their network. Also, they blacklisted it because of contract defaults.

It did not make sense to her, but when she followed up. She found out about how the seller ordered the iPhone from the carrier and sold it to her. In fact, the person had requested it just about ten days before selling it to her online. As much as the carrier sympathized with her, they could not remove the iPhone’s blacklist status.

The original iPhone owner had to pay up the defaulted payments before the network provider could unlist the iPhone from the blacklist.

Getting the Previous Owner to help with Unblocking Blacklisted iPhone 7 Plus

Naturally, the lady also tried reaching out to the seller, and she was not successful. He did not respond to her emails. She even tried getting a refund from eBay, but it had been over the 45 days refund period.

It became clear that she would not get her money back or even possibly have the iPhone unblacklisted. That is how she ended up asking for help with unblocking blacklisted iPhone 7 plus on an Apple forum.

However, she did have the proof of communication with the seller and even documents proving that she bought the iPhone legally. The unfortunate case is that the network provider could not help her out unless the original owner intervened.

What to do if Unblocking Blacklisted iPhone 7 Plus Efforts Fail

We cannot lie to you that everyone with a blacklisted iPhone can unlock their phones. However, some have managed to do it, and it took a bit of effort as well as persistence.

For instance, some iPhone users were able to convince the network provider to unlock blacklisted iPhones after settling defaulted contract payments. You can imagine it takes an endless stream of emails and phone calls to the network provider to have it done.

In the case of stolen, blacklisted iPhones, some people reached out to the previous owners and negotiated to sell the devices back to them. It sounds incredible, but it has happened in some instances. Finally, some just decided to call it a loss and used the blacklisted iPhone as an iPod.

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