Can I Unblacklist iPhone? Is there another way to use a blacklisted iPhone?

If you recently bought a refurbished iPhone but unfortunately, it turned to be blacklisted, you are reading the right post. Probably you are already looking for Unblacklist iPhone Services or other ways to SIM Unlock a Blacklisted iPhone.

The truth is that it is almost impossible to Unblacklist iPhone and I tell you more about it! The good news is that you can easily unlock the blacklisted iPhone but the outcome has to do with the reason of blacklisted status!

The iPhone Blacklist Status

When an iPhone:

  1. Is reported as LOST or STOLEN to a Mobile Network by the original owner
  2. Is involved in Fraud or illegal activities
  3. Has pending contract bills with the current or a previous Wireless Network

it will immediately get inside the Blacklist of the country where the Carrier is based. Sometimes neighboring countries share their Blacklists but one thing is sure: As long as the iPhone remains blacklisted, it won’t be possible to use it in any place in the world! Or is it?

How to Unblacklist an iPhone

The only way for an iPhone to lose its Blacklisted Status is when the reason of being Blacklisted is not valid anymore!

  1. The original owner must report to the Carrier that the stolen or lost iPhone was found
  2. The authorities must decide the iPhone wasn’t involved in illegal activities after all
  3. The pending contract bills are paid in full

So, for the first two situations, there is nothing you can do. But in the case of Pending Contract Bills maybe you can pay instead but keep in mind that things are not so simple! Maybe the iPhone is still under contract with the Carrier or protected by an Insurance Plan.

To tell you the truth, there aren’t many Unblacklist iPhone Services and I know only one Unbar/Unblacklist iPhone Service for T-Mobile USA that works!

Factory Unlocking a Blacklisted iPhone

Instead of looking for ways to Unblacklist iPhone, there is another option: The Factory Premium Unlock Service (aka Premium IMEI Unlock Service)!

Factory Premium Unlock is a more advanced version of Official IMEI Unlock Method that was developed specifically for blacklisted iDevices! A trusted Premium IMEI Unlock Provider will track down the blacklisted iPhone inside Apple’s GSX Database and change the SIM Locked Status to UNLOCKED!

To use a Premium IMEI Unlock Service, you will need:

  1. The Blacklisted iPhone’s IMEI number
  2. The iPhone model
  3. Which Carrier Blacklisted and SIM Locked the iPhone

If you are not sure about the Carrier or the exact Blacklist Status of your iPhone, an IMEI Check Service will expose this info and much more!

Which Premium IMEI Unlock Provider to choose

We have been testing (and continue to do so) more than 40 iPhone Unlock Companies and since Unblacklist iPhone is not an option, you will need to use the best among them! When it comes to blacklisted iPhones, our top 3 choices are:


My personal favorite due to success rate, customer support, quickness and refund policy is iPhoneUnlock.Zone but the other 2 Factory Unlock Providers are also solid!

The outcome of Factory Premium Unlock

The blacklisted iPhone will be Carrier Unlocked 100% after Premium IMEI Unlock but it will remain blacklisted inside the country it was blacklisted and maybe 1 or 2 more if that country was sharing its Blacklist!

  1. For STOLEN/LOST/FRAUD blacklisted iPhones this means that the iPhone can be used anywhere in the world except the country where it remains blacklisted! If you live in the same country and since unblacklisting this iPhone is impossible there are alternatives:
    – You can sell this iPhone as unlocked to a person who lives in another country via an online market. Or maybe sell it to a tourist or a foreign student!
    – You can keep the iPhone and use local SIM cards with it when you travel abroad.
    – You can sell it as spare parts if none of the above interests you.
  2. For PENDING CONTRACT BILLS iPhones things are easy! The iPhone will be FULLY UNLOCKED WORLDWIDE except for the Mobile Network that Blacklisted it. If you are so desperate to use this Carrier, then you will have to pay the unpaid bills

Ask a question or for help by leaving a comment below! Take care!

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