Top 11 Siri Tips: Use Siri’s full potentials!

Siri was a great invention Apple made and it can be used by iPhone 4 and higher models. I am sure that you already know that Siri was created when the iPhone 4s released, but with a few tricks you could make it run on iPhone 4 too (although there were a few performance issues).

Siri Tips to make your life easier!

Siri is a tool that if you manage to use it properly, you will only have to use your voice, instead of typing!

Setting Configuration:Siri Tips 1

Siri can now configure a few settings for you, not a great help but in specific occasions it will literally untie your hands! If you want to connect your iPhone with bluetooth while you are driving (incomming call), you do not have to get distracted and find it from the Control Center, just say “Turn on Bluetooth!“. Not all settings can be configured by Siri, but this is definitely a good start!

Launch Applications:

One of the best Siri tips that I discover was this one, you can now launch applications via our friend Siri! “Open Facebook” or “Play Plants and Zombies” can be understood by Siri, but make sure that you are not in your lockscreen!

More Siri Tips – Web search, entertain yourself and more

Web Search:

We already know that if we feel a bit lazy, Siri can make a few internet searches for us. The new feature is that Siri can now make focused searches in specific search engines. For instance, you can say “Search Bing/Yahoo/Google for pet shops” and Siri depending on the search engine you mentioned, it will follow your request.

Have fun with Siri:Siri Tips 3

This is not supposed to be among the top 11 Siri Tips, but it is something that all people do. Ask random questions to Siri, anything you can think of, and either get amazed from Siri’s answers or have a good laughs with Siri’s programmed responses!

Siri: He or She?

You can actually change that and make Siri whatever gender you want. From Settings, General, Siri, Voice, Gender you can change Siri’s gender.

Issues with Pronunciation?

You can now teach Siri when she mispronounces the names from your contact list. Inform her that “That’s not how you pronounce (name of your contact)” and then Siri will present you three pronunciation options. Choose the one that best suits you!

Best Siri Tips – Twitter, Music, E-Mails and much more

Stay updated by Twitter:

iOS 7 has a great Twitter integration, which made Siri even better when it comes to provide you information about Twitter. Tell to Siri, “Show me what John is tweeting about“, and she will present you the latest tweets of John.

Listen to music:

No need to sort your music library, just ask Siri what you want to listen to. A simple command will do the trick, “Play (artist, song [or whole album])” is something Siri can now understand!

Read your E-mails:

Siri, does not only give you information of the new mails you received, now you can actually see them. “Read my latest email” or “Read my emails” should be the commands to use!

Siri Tips 2

Generate Strong Passwords:

By just saying “Wolfram password“, Siri will provide you an 8-digit alphanumeric password. You have the option to add more characters, just add the “(number) characters“.

Joke Ideas:

The last of the Siri Tips will remain secret! Ask the following questions to Siri and see what she will respond to you!

  • “Tell me Something Funny”
  • “Tell me a joke”
  • “Have you ever been in love?”
  • “Okay, Glass”

I am sure that you will find the answers VERY amusing.

Have any other Siri Tips you want to share with us? Please do it through our Comments Area!

Top 11 Siri Tips: Use Siri's full potentials!
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Top 11 Siri Tips: Use Siri's full potentials!
iOS 7 version came with more Siri Tips you can imagine. Learn how to become a master of Siri!

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