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John said:

Ultrasnow TestimonialsThanx a lot guys! I was stuck with my iPhone 4 BB 4.11.08 for over 6 months! You unlocked it in only 6 hours! Great support, quick purchase and of course very quick unlock! I recommend it to everyone!!!!


George said:

Ultrasnow TestimonialsAt last I can use my iPhone 4S! I made the mistake to upgrade to iOS 6 and I lose my unlock. The Live Chat operators of Ultrasnow.EU helped me to unlock it in a few days! Thanx!


Maria said:

Ultrasnow TestimonialsRogers Canada carrier of my iPhone 4S was unlocked in only 2 days! Thank you Ultrasnow.EU, I can finally fully enjoy my iPhone 4S and not use it as an iPod Touch!!


Marco said:

Ultrasnow TestimonialsThey fully unlocked my two iPhones (3G and 3GS) with only $9,95! In under 1 hour both of my iPhones were unlocked! If you need an unlock, then Ultrasnow.EU is the right company to trust!!


Antonio said:

Ultrasnow TestimonialsGreat unlocking services, but the most important thing is that whenever I had a problem with my iPhone, they were there to assist me. They solve all the error codes I was getting to my iPhone! Thank you!


Sophia said:

Ultrasnow TestimonialsThank you for unlocking my iPhone 5. I thought that iPhone 5 could not be unlocked but Ultrasnow.EU proved me wrong! I will definitely recommend your services to all my friends!!


1 Testimonial
Mr G Thompson said:
Ultrasnow TestimonialsGot my iPhone 4s unlocked was on uk orange excellent service kept up to date during the whole process. Thanks officialphoneunlocked I will definitely be recommending this service to others.


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Karin said:
Ultrasnow TestimonialsThis service is fantastic unlocked in 3 days!! 
Totally trustworthy site. 

Highly Recommended



3 Testimonial
C Lloyd-Davies said:
Ultrasnow TestimonialsI was abit confused whether i made payment to a scam site or not. Unlock was expected on friday. On friday i got suspecious when unlock wasn’t done yet and emailed the support asking about it. I saw two missed calls from the support team which gave me some confidence in them that they genuine. Next day my phone was unlocked. Thanks guys I’ll recommend you anytime.



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Shanton L Cooper said:
Ultrasnow TestimonialsBack at it again this is first Verizon iPhone 4s Unlock I was surprise to see how much people were getting unlocked so the servers were down but I got fast email respond when they back and was able to unlock my phone recommend it to any phone that need a reliable unlock




5 Testimonial
Fabio Pizzuto said:
Ultrasnow TestimonialsGreat. Timely service and simple unlock delivered as promised. my iPhone5 was locked to Softbank, Japan. It is now unlocked. After the notification, the unlocking procedure was fast, simple and without any issues. Excellent service which I will certainly recommend to my friends!




Aimilios Nikolaou said:

Ultrasnow TestimonialsThank you for factory unlocking my iphone, it works perfectly. For anyone wondering or hesitating, you are quite trustworthy and helpful! thanks!




Tomas Pastor said:

Ultrasnow Testimonialsbig thanks to all from ultrasnow, especially to Zisis! the IMEI unlock works perfectly, and its really fast after you make a payment.




Graziano Raffa said:

Ultrasnow TestimonialsWhat a company you are!Very useful and professional all the way…Live chat always works and your operators works with passion and gentleness!What I paid is what I had!Keep up the good work!


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  1. mohammed mosfiqur says:

    It was quick ,friendly and very helpful reply. Thanks to zesis who helped me on unlocking issues of my iPhone 5S. The advice was really of great help. Thanks guys.

  2. Zisis says:

    Thank you Laurence,

    Very glad that you stayed satisfied from our services! If you have other requests or questions, we will be more than happy to help!

  3. Len says:

    Excellent service, excellent information HIGHLY recommended for anyone who wants to know everything about their phone! Zisis full check for my iPhone was perfect in helping me know everything about it, and he also went the extra mile to let me know how it could be unlocked, thank you so much and look forward to using your services in the future!!!

  4. Joe says:

    Very pleased with prompt service from Zesis. Had my answer in a couple of hours. Needed to confirm my iphone 4S was unlocked and it was confirmed.

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