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Some of the most common questions that visitors send us every day are the following: Why my second hand iPhone is not accepting my SIM card? & Which is the Best SIM Lock Removal Service provider that will 100% help me to unlock my iPhone?
Both of them have to do with the SIM lock status of your iPhone and many of you need to find out what causes the SIM card lock problem and which is the legitimate, guaranteed and Best SIM Lock Removal Service that will permanently unlock your iPhone, no matter the model or iOS version. This is why we made an extended research and found the answer to your questions. Read more

My iPhone does not accept sim card – Is it locked or Unlocked?

4 Things BEFORE you unlock your iPhone-invalid sim card unlock

I remember the first e-mail I received from one of our visitors, who he informed me that he just learned that his iPhone was locked (Which was many years ago).
He was not only annoyed about this nonsense policy of his mobile network, but it actually ruined his whole day.

He was travelling abroad for a business meeting and he had to make several calls, not only back to his country but also to some local numbers.

After he was informed about the roaming fees of his network, he immediately decided to use a local SIM Card to make those phonecalls, which they also include some great packages for calls to his country.

Once he bought this new SIM-Card, he faced the bad news to his iPhone’s screen, “SIM Card Not Valid”. His first thought was that they sold him a bad SIM-Card, but the guys in the store informed him that his iPhone was locked and it could not use another SIM-Card except the one that is allowed to.

This incident, happened over 8-9 years ago, so I was able to unlock his iPhone very quickly (There was a software hack back then). From then, not only we had provided our first real help to one of our visitors, but we also got an “iFriend”. He always send us images from the places he travels and to the background he always places his old iPhone 3Gs that we manage to unlock for him. Read more