What to do in case you forgot the email of Apple ID

forgot email of Apple ID

Many people sometimes forget email of Apple ID, Apple ID password, security questions or even all of them at the same time.
Of course, there are others who don’t want to admit that they bought an iCloud Locked iPhone.
Either way, I will show you how to recover your Apple ID or disable iCloud Activation Lock completely! Read more

Unlocking iCloud free is a total SCAM

Unlock iCloud Free

You CANNOT unlock iCloud free and that’s a fact!
Many scammers exploit some iCloud Lock Removal tools that used to work until iOS 8 (and yes, they were illegal) to make you believe that you can still deactivate the iCloud Activation Lock on an iCloud Locked iPhone! And on top of that, these tools are supposed to be free
Let’s unveil together the whole truth behind Free (or not) iCloud Bypass Tools and let me show you the only successful and legal way to get rid of Find My iPhone feature from the iCloud Locked used iPhone you mistakenly bought or found. Read more

iCloud Locked iPhone – Get Apple ID & Find iPhone’s Original Owner

Sell iCloud Locked iPhone

Till this date, the iCloud Locked iPhones are a real pain, not only because they are not accessible and usable, but also because the procedure of unlocking them is extremely complicated.

By saying extremely complicated, I mean that there are thousands of information on the internet with slight differences and most of them will not solve the issue for your iCloud Locked iPhone.

Read everything you need to know about the iCloud Lock, Activation Lock, Find My iPhone, iCloud status, Apple ID, iCloud Contact Information service, Finding the Original owner of your iPhone, and much more. Read more

Remove iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5C, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+ & SE iCloud screen

Take a look at the screen before you sell an iPhone with iCloud Activation Lock

iCloud Activation screen is the nightmare many people live daily, not because they are not able to use those specific iPhones, but also because they were cheated on buying an iPhone which has no use.

What if I told you that iCloud Activation screen can be removed? What if I told you that now the chances of removing the iCloud Lock from your iPhone are close to 80%?

Both of my statements above are true, so let me start explaining you how it that possible, how to increase your chances of removing the iCloud Lock and how to order an iPhone iCloud Screen removal service. Read more

I found an iPhone and I want to find its original owner

find iPhone original owner

We receive hundreds of messages and e-mails for a method that can track down the original owner of an iPhone (and iPad) because they want to return it to him.

Depending on the status of that iPhone, there are sereval ways to do it, some of them are free with no guaranteed results and others are paid services, but with guaranteed results.

First, you will have to try turning ON the iPhone/iPad, to see in what state it is. Read more