How to Fix “SIM Not Supported” Issue in your iPhone through IMEI Check

Are you getting errors on your iPhone like SIM not supported or “Invalid SIM”? If you answered yes, this article is surely for you. The article will explain the reasons why you are getting this error and how you can solve the issue with the help of IMEI check.

Why are you getting the error SIM not supported on your iPhone?

The user cannot place calls, send or receive text messages due to SIM failure in iPhone, so this could be really bothersome for the owner and his priority now will be to figure out the reason why the SIM is not working.

There could be various reasons for the error you are getting about SIM in your iPhone. The error message could also vary according to your Ios version like “No SIM Installed” or “Invalid SIM”.

One of the reasons why your SIM failed could be that there is a glitch in the software of the iPhone. Secondly, you can also receive the SIM failure message if the SIM is damaged somehow.

After getting this error message, you must be wondering why you got this message and what options do you have to resolve this issue? Here are some solutions we are providing you to solve your problem.

How to Fix the SIM Not Supported IssueFix-sim-card-not-supported

  • Make sure that that SIM you have is still active by the network you use
  • One simple solution is to turn your iPhone to “Airplane” mode for 15-20 seconds, then turn it off.
  • Restart the iPhone and check if the issue is resolved or not. Press and hold the sleep button to turn off the phone and then drag the slider. Once the iPhone is off, press the same button again to turn it on.
  • Sometimes the “SIM not supported” error comes when the wrong SIM tray is put inside the iPhone. Maybe the SIM tray is originally made for another model. So try to eject the SIM and place it back again. Make sure that the SIM tray closes properly.
  • Try another SIM card on this iPhone. The SIM you are using currently might be damaged due to which you are getting the error. Maybe the issue will not come if you place some other SIM in your phone.
  • Update the Ios version of your iPhone
  • Check if the SIM card is placed properly
  • Update the carrier settings of the iPhone. Open Settings of your phone and see if the update option is available.
  • Reset the network settings of your iPhone
  • Check if the SIM card’s contract is expired
  • Make sure iTunes is updated to the latest version if you are using it to activate your iPhone

 How to check if the SIM is locked

After trying all the solutions mentioned above, if the problem still exists, then there is a possibility that your SIM is locked or blacklisted. In that case, you need to figure out the following:

  • Blacklist status of iPhone
  • SIM status
  • iCloud Lock status
  • If the iPhone is locked or blacklisted, which network did that
  • Apple Warranty and Insurance Status of the phone
  • IMEI Number Status to check if it is replaced or not

IMEI Check your iPhoneIMEI Check

To get all this information, you need to IMEI check your iPhone. IMEI status of the iPhone will identify if there is any issue with your iPhone due to which you are getting the “SIM not supported” error. So it is always recommended to get your iPhone IMEI checked when you face this problem.

UnlockSpector is a fast and efficient IMEI check service that provides you accurate results and also suggests you simple and affordable solutions to your problem.

What to do if the iPhone is Locked or Blacklisted?Official Unlock Method

Now once you have identified the real issue with your iPhone through IMEI check, the next step is to look for unlocking option. Official IMEI Unlock Method is a service that you can acquire to unlock your iPhone and it also allows you to use any network you want. This is the best possible solution and approved by Apple and all mobile networks.

How the Official Unlock Method Works?

Through this method, the IMEI of your iPhone will be located in the Apple GSX server and the status will be changed to unlocked from locked. After that, the notification will be sent to the network that locked the iPhone and then the update is sent to all networks. All the networks now recognize the iPhone as Unlocked.

This method works with all iPhone versions, models, carriers and it unlocks the iPhone to all networks permanently. You do not need to modify your iPhone or jailbreak for the official Unlock Method. All functions and features work properly after the iPhone is unlocked.

I hope the above-mentioned tips will help you in finding the best possible solution to your issue and the error SIM not supported gets removed from your iPhone. If you still have any query in your mind, contact UnlockSpector.

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