What to do when your SIM is not supported in a used iPhone

Many people tend to buy second-hand iPhones from online markets, local stores, pawn shops or through a personal transaction in order to save money! I am also one of them because I can’t afford to buy the latest iPhone model every year. Unfortunately, when you are new to the pre-owned iPhone market there is always the danger of buying a problematic iPhone. The most common problem is the SIM Lock feature. So what can you do when SIM is not supported in used iPhone?

What is the SIM Lock?

Carriers lock the iPhones onto them with the SIM Lock feature. As soon as you buy an iPhone from a Wireless Network you will be able to use only this network’s SIM cards. Sometimes things can get more tricky because there are flex policy iPhones which will get simlocked to the first SIM card’s Mobile Network that you will insert in the iPhone’s SIM Tray.

Unfortunately, the iPhone will remain SIM Locked as long as the contract is active but even when it ends, it is almost impossible or too expensive to use the Carrier’s SIM Lock Deactivation Services to unlock it. This is why many iPhone sellers sell their iPhones without unlocking them first but it will be too late when you find it out.

SIM not supported in used iPhone: A guide to iPhone Unlocking

So, you turned on the second-hand iPhone you bought and you got one of the following Invalid SIM card/No SIM Card/SIM card is not supported screens:

SIM not supported in used iPhone screenSIM card not supported in used iPhone
The problem is that you don’t have a clue what is going on with this iPhone.

  • Is it really simlocked?
    Maybe there is a hardware issue or your SIM card is broken
  • Is it Blacklisted?
    This means that the iPhone was stolen, lost, involved in fraud activities or there are contract bills left unpaid
  • By which Wireless Network?
    You will need this info in order to SIM Unlock the second handed iPhone
  • Is the used iPhone still under contract with the previous owner?
  • Is the used iPhone still protected by Apple Warranty or AppleCare+?
  • Is the used iPhone protected by an Insurance Plan?
    Beware because in this case there is the danger of Insurance Claim
  • Are there any pending contract bills by the previous owner?
    In this case, your refurbished iPhone can get blacklisted at any given time
  • Is the IMEI number replaced?
  • Is the iPhone’s Serial number replaced

Learn more about all those iPhone Hidden Issues above and what they can cause!

Step 1: Checking why your SIM card is invalid

The only way to uncover everything about a used iPhone is to use the IMEI Check Service. This service has authorized access to Apple’s GSX Database and requires only the iPhone’s IMEI number in order to reveal the overall status of the iPhone you are holding in your hands.

Get an iPhone IMEI Check Report before you fix SIM not supported in used iPhone
IMEI Check Report Sample

But the IMEI Check Service doesn’t stop there. iPhone experts will ensure you if your used iPhone can be unlocked and on top of that, they will suggest you the best iPhone Unlocking Services.

Next time, think about using the iPhone IMEI Check service before you buy a used iPhone!

Step 2: Fixing SIM not supported in used iPhone

Now we have everything we need to unlock the simlocked iPhone. Our weapon of choice is the IMEI Unlock Service, also known as Factory Unlock, simply because when it comes to iPhone Unlocking Options, Factory Unlock Service is unbeatable.

IMEI Unlock Service requires:

  1. The iPhone’s IMEI Number
  2. The iPhone model
  3. Which Mobile Network SIM locked the iPhone
  4. The iPhone’s Blacklist Status

A certified IMEI Unlock Provider has access to Apple’s GSX Database. In there, it will change the SIM Lock Status of the iPhone from Locked to Unlocked and that’s it. Your refurbished iPhone is free! From now on, you can use all GSM SIM Cards worldwide.

Learn more about IMEI Unlock Service here.

If you have issues with iPhone Unlocking don’t hesitate to ask us a question. If you want to make your iPhone flawless, think about subscribing at Unflaw. Until next time, take care iPhone Unlockers!

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