How to choose an iPhone Network Unlock Tool

Unfortunately, almost 60% of used iPhones that are sold have problems. In this article, we will talk about the most common of the all: The SIM Lock. It may be the first problem of iPhones (since iPhone 2G era). So let’s see what simlock really is, how to check an iPhone before we buy it and finally how to choose the right iPhone Network Unlock Tool.

Before finding the correct iPhone Network Unlock Tool

SIM lock is a common feature of iPhones and all other GSM phones. Network lock is built into iPhones by Apple and Carriers to prevent their customers from using the iPhone to other countries or mobile networks.

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In simple words, when an iPhone is Network Locked, you can use only one SIM card, in one country! So you really need an iPhone Network Unlock Tool.

What do I get by unlocking my iPhone with a SIM unlock service?

By using the right iPhone Network Unlock Tool, here are some of the benefits you enjoy:

  • You can use any SIM card on your iPhone
  • You can use a cheap local SIM card when you travel abroad
  • You are able to find a best possible contract
  • You can sell your iPhone at a higher price

How could I have avoided the need an iPhone Network Unlock Tool?

The first thing you have to do before buying an iPhone is to check it. This is the only way to be certain about the Lock Status and the technical features of an iPhone before you buy it from a seller (online or not). The best way to get this information is by using an iPhone IMEI Check service. In fact, this what you get:

iPhone Network Unlock Tool-UnlockSpector

  • SIM-Lock Status
  • The Mobile Network that locked the iPhone initially
  • Contract Status
  • Blacklist Status
  • iCloud Status
  • If Find My iPhone is enabled
  • Warranty Status
  • Financial Status
  • Other technical info (iPhone model, color, storage, etc.)

After a lot of searches, we found the best provider of such service and it is no other than UnlockSpector.

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In fact, you will also need it to find the best iPhone Network Unlock Tool.

Which iPhone Network Unlock Tool used to work?

A few years ago, unlocking your iPhone was a little bit tricky and difficult to understand but it was free. The only thing you had to do was to jailbreak your iDevice and download a special Software (like Ultrasn0w) from Cydia and that was all. Your iPhone was unlocked!

Of course, they were some issues with that Software method:

  • You could not update to later iOS versions
  • You had to find a new jailbreak tool to jailbreak the newer iOS version
  • You had to find an updated unlocking Software for that iOS version
  • Jailbreaking is alright but keep in mind that your iPhone is more vulnerable to viruses and other security dangers

But this is not an option anymore. Software Method stopped working on 30 June 2014 (the release of iOS 7.1.2)

Is there a FREE iPhone Network Unlock Tool nowadays?

Mark my words and be extremely careful about this: THERE ARE NO FREE UNLOCK TOOLS ANYMORE!

When you see a site that promises to unlock your iPhone for free, be 100% sure that your iPhone will remain locked or even worse you are about to get scammed!

Which is the best iPhone Network Unlock Tool?

The best way to unlock your iPhone is to use a Factory Unlock Method, also known as Official IMEI Unlock Method. The only things you need to know in order to use this iPhone Network Unlock Tool are:

  1. The iPhone model
  2. The Mobile Network that locks your iPhone
  3. Your iPhones IMEI number (unique 15-digit number)
  4. Your iPhone’s Blacklist Status (CLEAN or BLACKLISTED)

This is why an iPhone IMEI Check service is so important, before and after you buy a second-hand iPhone!

Why Factory Unlock Method is the best iPhone Network Unlock Tool?

With this method, the provider has full access to Apple’s and Mobile networks’ GSX databases. They use your iPhone’s IMEI number to find it inside these databases and they change its status from locked to UNLOCKED for once and for all. The next time that iPhone connects to iTunes and do a sync (or if you go with an iOS restore), the iPhone will be recognized as Unlocked. From now on:

  • Your iPhone is like you bought it as brand new (from Apple or a Carrier)
  • You can use any SIM card to any place in the world
  • You can upgrade to any future iOS version
  • You can use iTunes normally
  • You can even sell it as an unlocked iPhone and make the best deal

Which is the best iPhone Network Unlock Tool provider?iPhone Network Unlock Tool-sitejabber

After checking almost all of them, the best we got is iPhoneUnlock.Zone because of:

  1. Success stats
  2. Service’s Speed
  3. Customer support (overall)
  4. Satisfied Customers’ Feedback

To sum up about iPhone Network Unlock Tool

Only two steps stopping you from unlocking your iPhone:

#1. Get an iPhone IMEI Check service

in order to find the real locking problem and get all the available information

#2. Use a Factory Unlock service

and finally, unlock your iPhone!

Did you find this post useful? DO you have any other questions about unlocking? Leave a comment below!

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