Can I sell an iCloud Locked iPhone?

After so many years spent on helping people with iPhone Unlocking, iCloud Activation Lock remains the hottest topic among Apple Community and iPhone Unlockers! So, what can you do when someone sells you an iCloud Locked iPhone?

What is iCloud Activation Lock?

iPhone users can lock their iPhone with iCloud Activation Lock. When iCloud Lock is ON, the iPhone requires the original owner’s Apple ID and Password in order to get activated. if someone steals an iCloud Locked iPhone it will be impossible to use it unless the iCloud Lock is disabled. On top of that, iCloud Activation Lock includes ”Find My iPhone”, a special feature that permits the original owner to locate the stolen or lost iPhone.

Of course, there are ways to iCloud unlock an iPhone (and I will tell you more about them in a while) but iPhone thieves don’t care about that. Instead, they prefer to sell the iCloud Locked iPhones to innocent victims.

How someone buys an iCloud Locked iPhone

There are three ways to purchase a refurbished iPhone:

  1. via an online market like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc.
  2. from a local store like Walmart or a pawn shop
  3. through a personal transaction with someone you now… or not (really bad choice)

What you need to understand that the iPhone selling source is irrelevant. Online Markets don’t know if an iPhone that is being sold through them is iCloud Locked, local stores and pawn shops don’t care who will buy the problematic iDevice and this is exactly what iPhone thieves and scammers exploit.

But there is a way to avoid buying an iCloud Locked iPhone the next time.

How to check if an iPhone is iCloud Locked

If you can hold the iPhone in your hands before you buy it, you can easily tell if iCloud Activation Lock is enabled because you will get stuck on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen as soon as you turn it on.

Sell iCloud Locked iPhone and iCloud Activation Lock Screen

But what can you do when you buy a second-hand iPhone from an online market?

In this case, the iPhone IMEI Check Service will instantly expose everything about the iPhone you are interested from Apple’s GSX Database and iCloud Lock Status is no exception.

Selling an iCloud Locked iPhone and The results of the IMEI Check report
Sample of an IMEI Check Report

The only thing you need to use the IMEI GSX Check Service is the IMEI number of the iPhone (click here to find out more)

But even now that you already bought the iCloud Locked iPhone, the IMEI Check Results will judge how to proceed.

Can you sell an iCloud Locked iPhone?

You already bought one, so yes you can. But you don’t have to become a scammer like the individual who sold you the iPhone. Most people sell iCloud locked iPhones for spare parts or get rid of them at pawn shops. But you won’t cover your loss this way. There are other ways to deal with iCloud Locked iPhone.

How to deactivate iCloud Activation Lock

Why selling the iCloud locked iPhone when you can remove iCloud Activation Lock?

There are two iCloud Unlocking Options at your disposal.

1. iCloud Bypass Tools

You can find many iCloud Unlock Hacks online but almost none of them work. After searching, testing and checking almost every single one of them, I came across iCloud Account Unlock Online. This iCloud Unlocking software will turn off iCloud Activation Lock and you will be able to activate the iPhone at last. Of course, from now on you will have to deal with SIM Lock, Blacklist Status and many other iPhone Hidden Issues and this is why IMEI Check Service is so important before you try to iCloud unlock your iPhone.

Unfortunately, this iCloud Unlock Method doesn’t always work but there is another way to remove iCloud Activation Lock.

2. Finding the iCloud Locked iPhone’s original owner

When everything else fails, the only thing left to do is the most honorable of all: Contact the original owner and explain the situation!

You are not a thief but most probably you were both deceived by the very same person. Most times, the original owner will gladly accept to deactivate iCloud Activation Lock.

If you take a closer look the iCloud Activation Lock Screen you will see that the original owner has left a phone number or an email address. But even if you can’t see such a message, you can easily track down iPhone’s original owner from Apple’s iCloud Database with iCloud ID Finder.

Sell iCloud Locked iPhone and iCloud ID information

Ask a question if you still wonder if you should sell your iCloud Locked iPhone or simply unlock it. We will email you ASAP and advise you how to proceed. Untin next time, take care iPhone Unlockers!

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