So, let us take a closer look to websites and companies that offer iCloud Removal Software Tools.

Since iOS 7 version & iCloud Lock introduced, the internet is filled with numerous iCloud Removal Tools and Services.

In this post, we will focus on the “ (” website, and explain you what they do, how they do it and if they are actually successful.

Also, we will mention some other iCloud Removal Softwares, such as:



Everything you need to know about iCloud Removal Solutions, can be found to the “How to Legally Unlock iCloud” eBook!

What offers (CLAIMS)?

Their main claim is that they can remove the iCloud Lock from your iPhone if you forgot the password of your iCloud account.

They show that side of the story, because it would not be very “kind” to say that they will remove the iCloud Lock from a LOST/STOLEN/ERASED iPhone. tool Step 1:

Anyway, to their Home Page, you can type in your IMEI number and proceed with the next step: tool Step 1 tool Step 1 – Asking for iPhone’s IMEI number

You can basically type ANY number you want, as long as it is over 10-12 digits. It does not matter because this is not a real service as you will see below 😀 tool Step 2:

On the second step, it gives you some awesome options:

  1. Unlock iCloud (Yes!!!)
  2. View Password (Impossible!!!)
  3. Get device info (Now, that is true – They do not provide it, but at least this service exists to other companies!)
  4. Change IMEI (Yeah, right!) tool Step 2 tool Step 2 – Picking your service! tool Step 3:

The step 3 is the best …

It “hacks” and also shows you the code!

Some weird mambo jambo code appears to the screen, to convince you that they are actually hacking the iCloud servers, to find the Password of the iPhone’s iCloud account, to Removal the iCloud account, to find your iPhone’s info and finally to change the IMEI number of your iPhone.

Everything that you see to that code is FAKE! tool Step 3 tool Step 3 – The Fake “Hack” code! tool Step 4:

This is the part when they will try to get some money from you or gain some money from their ads.

They ask you to prove to them that you are a human, because many people are trying to “abuse” of this beautiful tool …

Once you click on that though, the Step 5 comes! tool Step 4 tool Step 4 – Human Verification! tool Step 5:

Once you click on the checkbox of the “Captcha” image, which is a fake one, a new “popup” will appear which will ask you to complete a survey to finalize the whole process.

This is not a Survey, these are fake questions, which will end asking you your mobile number or some other personal information of you.

If you think that it worths giving away your personal information, for removing the iCloud Lock from your iPhone, thing again.

There is not a tool and there is not a service that can remove the iCloud Lock, Change your IMEI number and reveal to you the iCloud account password. tool Step 5 tool Step 5 – The Fake survey admits that they are SCAM

After spending 30 minutes on their website and tried to figure out how they “support” their claims, I found the most hilarious thing that I ever found to a SCAM company.

To their Terms & Conditions, they actually admit that their tool is a FAKE! Check below: tool fake scam tool – Yes, we are FAKE & Scammers! – Quick review

This is a similar website, but you can actually download their tool.

They claim that the have an iCloud Activation Lock removal tool for FREE!

As you know, iCloud Lock cannot be removed, but not only they can do it, but they also provide it for FREE.

It smells SCAM and FAKENESS from miles away, so stay out of it.

I downloaded and installed their tool to an old laptop and it filled up with viruses and malware. Needless to say, it cannot remove an iCloud Lock! – Quick review

This company, claims to offer an Official Unlock iCloud service.

Just remember what problems FBI had to remove the iCloud Lock from a device … and this company, can actually provide Official iCloud Unlock services??

It is crystal clear that NO! Do not contact them and do not buy whatever they are offering. You will get scammed for sure! – Quick review

This is a quick one, since this service is no longer available.

It was basically a tool full of viruses and malware.

Now, you cannot download anything from it (That’s good!) and their website is not working very good!

But, if it ever gets fully back online, avoid it at all costs! – Quick review

Again, this page/blog (Not actually a company) tries to offer an iCloud Activation Lock Unlock Software (Their grammar is terrible!).

They even suggest the above tool “doulci-activator”, so you can understand that when someone suggest you a FAKE/SCAM, they are also on the same side! – Quick review

Extremely similar to the

It is a blog/page thing, which claims to have the solution for the iCloud Locked iPhones.

It mixes services with tools, which means that they do not have any intention to help you guide you to the right direction of removing the iCloud Lock from an iPhone.

Is iPhone iCloud Lock removable?

Yes, but not by a “shady” service or a FAKE software tool.

There are two ways to remove the iCloud Lock from an iPhone:

  1. Through the Original Owner
  2. Through Apple Support

Everything you need to know about iCloud Removal Solutions, can be found to the “How to Legally Unlock iCloud” eBook!

iCloud Unlock legally iPhone and iPad
iCloud Unlock legally iPhone and iPad

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  1. Landrey says:

    So, since the tool is a fake one, do you have an alternative?

    Is there a different tool/software that we can use for removing the iCloud Lock from an iPhone or a service?


    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      This is the point of this article.

      We want to show that there is not an available software/tool that can remove an iCloud Lock.

      It is impossible!

      Every time we find a new iCloud unlocking tool, we are stunned of how creative scammers can get.

      The only way to remove the iCloud Lock from your iPhone, is not through a software/tool or a service. It is only through Apple and/or the Original Owner of that iPhone.

      You can read everything on how to Legally remove the iCloud Lock from your iPhone on the “How to Legally Unlock iCloud” eBook.

  2. Sir / Madam,

    I was conned for over 30 UK Pounds, by a company in the UK: after two days sent another invoice for payment, Shady online banks like Nochex. When I requested to pay by PayPal it was rejected and was advised by them to use Nochex, could not get my money from them.
    There is a way but by hardware get another logic board or get the 3 chips that nand, baseband and firmware replaced.

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hey Mushtaq,

      Sorry to hear that.

      We are building up a list and a new menu which will have reviews of all popular iPhone Unlock providers and analyse what they can provide and what they cannot. Also, we will include some “shady” procedures that they have, so you can avoid them.

      Unfortunately, this is how is working with networks that they do not support. You need to Pre-Order and then if this service gets online, you will have to pay more.

      Stay tuned with us, and you will learn many many things 😀

  3. Sonu Vishvakarma says:

    I have got an iphone 6s Plus from a scrap selling poor guy who claimed that he found it somewhere. It has been almost one year and the phone is locked and asking for apple id login. I was not sure whether it could be unlocked or not. He gave the phone to me to try in Gaffar market or try some way to return it to the owner. But neither I am able to get it unlocked nor I am able to find the details of the owner. I am able to find the IMEI, MEID, ICCID and Serial number of the phone but not able to find the contact details of the phone. Is there any way to get the contact number of the owner.

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello Sonu,

      In order to get the Contact information of the Original Owner, you need to know from which country this device was purchased and in which mobile network it is activated with.

      That information can only be found through an iPhone IMEI Check service, since your iPhone is iCloud Locked.

      You can order one from the following link: UnlockSpector – iPhone IMEI Check services

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello Seldom sien,

      This is exactly what we had in our minds when we downloaded it.

      The whole ordering procedure and the actual eBook, is not about magical solutions.

      It clearly states that it will provide only the Legal methods for requesting an iCloud Lock removal through Apple and the Original Owner.

      What it actually provides are Templates for increasing the chances for Apple and/or the Original owner to approve your request for help, and how to contact Apple through their Chat so you can directly connect to their iCloud department.

      It is being honest and it is giving you the whole legal procedure for requesting an iCloud Unlock. If your device meets the requirements, then you will successfully unlock your iPhone’s iCloud lock.

      So, this is not scam, in fact this is the exact opposite.

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