Remove iCloud Lock on Your iPhone

how to remove iCloud Lock from iPhonesHow many years now have people been trying to conquer the activation lock? You must be one of the countless people in this situation. Can you genuinely bypass and remove iCloud lock from your iPhone?

Just going through Quora and other forums, every day someone tries to find a solution to break free from an iCloud lock. Going through the comments and suggestions under such questions conclude that no one has a hassle-free solution to unlock the iCloud lock.

Also, most people believe that a secondhand locked iPhone is a stolen iPhone. However, several people unwittingly buy iPhones that turn out to have an activation lock screen. Before understanding how to release your iPhone from the activation lock, it helps to figure out how the iCloud lock works.

Why the iCloud Activation Lock Screen is Not Your Enemy

remove iCloud Lock - iCloud Activation LockBefore the iCloud Activation Lock became iPhone’s public enemy number one, it was one of the remarkable Apple products upgrades. Apple introduced it to iPads and iPhones released from 2014 as a security feature. The activation screen lock works collaboratively with Find My iPhone as an iCloud function.

As suggested, Find My iPhone gives you a way to track and trace an iPhone if you ever lose it. You “turn on” through the iPhone settings, and it uses your linked iCloud account details to lock the iPhone. Every time you want to unlock and use the iPhone, you will have to provide the related iCloud account details.

Anyone who loses an iPhone can often log onto the iCloud site, and use Find My iPhone to track the device. They can then enable the “Lost Mode,” which is yet another Find My iPhone feature. When activated, it sends a message that keeps displays on the lost iPhone along with a contact number.

When looking at the bigger picture, the iCloud activation screen works make sense because it can help iPhone users recover lost iPhones. However, the bigger picture never factored in secondhand iPhone buyers.

When the Activation Lock Screen Becomes a Problem

ways to bypass and remove iCloud lockPeople have been selling their used items online for a long time now, and iPhones joined the bandwagon. Apple keeps churning out new iPhone models, and Apple product enthusiasts will keep buying these latest releases. An easy way is to sell an old iPhone to buy one of the newer models.

If you would typically not afford the high costs that come with new iPhone releases, you would naturally opt for a secondhand affordable iPhone. Sounds like a win-win arrangement, but we now know that it is not the case for most online iPhone sales.

Firstly, yes, you may end up buying a stolen iPhone posted online without knowing about its lock status. Secondly, some iPhone owners never quite understand how to unlink the iPhone from their iCloud account before selling it. An iPhone might also come with additional hidden problems that you cannot know without an iPhone status check.

How to Remove iCloud Lock from Your iPhone

There is no need to lie that you will have an easy time unlocking the iCloud lock. Some people keep trying for weeks, and some even for months, to bypass the iCloud activation screen.

Now, you will come across several iCloud hack tools that claim to remove activation locks successfully. Before dismissing their credibility, let us take a closer look at how they allegedly perform the task.

Using iCloud Hacking Tools to Remove iCloud Lock

remove iCloud lock and unlock your iPhoneMost sites that provide iCloud unlocking services ask you to provide your iPhone’s IMEI information. They then ask that you pay for the services and wait for one to seven days to have your iPhone unlocked.

Simple and straightforward right? Well, it never works that way because some will never get back to you after you make the payment. Others will use illegal hacking methods to obtain the iCloud account details used to lock your iPhone. They send a phishing email to the iCloud account owner asking them to change their password.

The email would appear like something sent from Apple, and anyone who is none-the-wiser would fall for it. Yes, it will help you unlock your iCloud locked iPhone, but it may also land you into problems.

Others claim that changing your iPhone’s IMEI number would fix the iCloud lock issue. However, it never works, and you risk damaging your iPhone software by trying out these tools.

Remove iCloud Lock with the Original iPhone Owner’s Assistance

help to remove iCloud lockYou must have come across this recommended iPhone iCloud unlock method several times. The reason is that it is the only 100% reliable and genuine way to remove iCloud lock from your iPhone.

Maybe you have already tried contacting the original owner, or you are still figuring out if you should. What would you even tell them if you got a hold of them? It is one of those conversations many people would not know how to start up.

While they advice returning a stolen iPhone to its original owner by taking it to the cops; let’s face it, most of these phones will never get back to the owner this way.

Either way, as long as you bought the iPhone from a seller off of eBay or Amazon, you can send the purchase details and ask the owner to help you out. For an iPhone that displays a contact number to call, you just have to call the owner and explain the situation.

How to Find the Original Owner’s Contact Details 

In other instances, you have to first find the contact details of the iPhone’s previous owner. Once again, I recommend an iPhone status check to find out what you can about the phone. For instance, you can find out if the iPhone has a SIM lock or blacklist status along with the carrier that locked/blacklisted the phone.

With these details, you can contact the carrier and attempt to have them give you the owner’s contact details. As you can imagine, you might not even hear back from the network provider, or they may tell you that they cannot disclose such information.

The best you can do is give every option a try to unlock an iCloud lock. Remember that you can always sell the iPhone for parts if all efforts to remove its activation lock fail.

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