Can the IMEI Open iCloud Locked iPhone

Open iCloud locked iPhone using IMEI numberWhat if only you could go to Apple’s website and open iCloud locked iPhone using its IMEI number? We all know that the iCloud lock works as a security feature, and naturally, Apple made it difficult to unlock.

To bypass the iCloud lock screen, you must have the account details used to lock the iPhone. Not a problem if you set up the iCloud account yourself and log in using the information every other day. Now, what if you bought an iPhone that came with an iCloud Activation Lock screen?

A sad fact because there are thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, of people with iPhones they cannot use. Everyone with a locked iPhone is yet to find the elusive solution to unlock their iDevices. Some have been saying that you can use your IMEI number to open iCloud locked iPhone. Could it be true?

Do all iPhones Have the iPhone Activation Lock?

can you open iCloud locked iPhone using IMEIIn summary, the iCloud lock is an iPhone/iPad feature that can be enabled or deactivated. When activated, you must unlock it first before you can use the Apple device. 

Apple came up with the iCloud Activation Lock as a security feature. The idea behind it was to protect iDevices from theft. It functions as implied by placing a lock screen when enabled on an iPhone.

Who does not want an iPhone, well the prices may put you off, but many people want one. The “iPhone envy” problem spiraled out of hand in 2013 when the number of reported iPhone thefts kept on increasing. Apple users became frustrated with the thefts, and Apple intervened by introducing the iCloud lock on iDevices.

iPhone users can “turn on” the iCloud activation screen by enabling the “Find My iPhone” feature. Found from the iPhone’s Settings under General, when enabled it automatically locks the iPhone. After that, only the iCloud account details linked to the activation lock can open iCloud locked iPhone.

The Function of an iPhone’s IMEI Number

using IMEI to open iCloud locked iPhoneThink about every item you have ever bought. Most came with a tag or serial number that uniquely identified the product. The same applies to iPhones, and each comes with a unique set of fifteen digits that function as its tag.

However, the IMEI does much more by connecting an iPhone to the Apple GSX server. The server contains all details about every single iPhone produced to date. Such information includes an iPhone’s model, manufacture date, its SIM-lock status, and even iPhone color.

Every iPhone communicates with the server instantly before it can perform various functions. For instance, to use a SIM card for calls and texts, the iPhone sends the request to the Apple server. If the details logged on the server show that the iPhone has a network lock, then the inserted SIM card may or may not work.

Now, for the activation lock, the server contains the iCloud account details locking each particular iPhone. Providing the details required to unlock an iCloud lock sends the information to the server for verification. If the account details are wrong and entered several times incorrectly, Apple will suspend the iCloud account.

Can You Open iCloud Locked iPhone Using the IMEI Number

Open iCloud locked iPhone with IMEI unlockNaturally, yes an iCloud lock has a connection with your IMEI details when it comes to accessing the Apple GSX server. The link ends there because the server only allows an iPhone user to unlock the device with the correct iCloud account details. The iCloud account associated with an activation lock can also end up suspended with too many incorrect password attempts.

In short, the IMEI number just sends communication between an iPhone and the Apple server.

Now, most people think that if you change the IMEI number of an iCloud locked iPhone, you could remove the activation lock. Firstly, replacing an iPhone’s IMEI number is not a simple process. Also, most of the times, the software you will find on the internet that claims to perform the task do not work.

You may then choose to try one of the iCloud removal tools available online, but most also have a long track record of never working. If they did, everyone with a locked iPhone would quickly and easily solve their problem.

How to Reliably Open iCloud Locked iPhone

how to open iCloud locked iPhoneFor sure you have heard it several times, but the only way to unlock an iCloud lock is with the original owner’s help. It means contacting them and asking that they unlink the iPhone from their iCloud account. Well, most people with iCloud locked iPhones realize that it is never that easy to reach the previous iPhone owner.

Most of the time, the person that sold you a locked iPhone on eBay or Amazon is not the phone’s original owner. Either way, such a seller never responds to communication after receiving the money for the locked iPhone.

Therefore, you have to find a way to contact the original iPhone owner. That will solve half of your problem because you then have to talk the previous owner into helping you unlock the iPhone. It can be done, and all it takes is being honest about your situation.

Sometimes, reaching the previous owner is out of the question because they have since passed on. With such information and purchase details, you can contact Apple support for help. Some people have managed to open iCloud iPhone by deleting the linked account.

What if Every iCloud Unlock Method Fails

Yes, it may sound like a long shot, but you have to try everything because the alternative is resigning to the fact that you have an unusable iPhone. Finally, you have to accept the fact that all attempts to unlock your iCloud locked iPhone could fail. What happens in such a case?

As surprising as it sounds, there is still hope to make some use out of your iCloud locked iPhone. You could sell it as an iCloud locked iPhone and get back some money out of it. Some people will buy such iPhones to experiment with different iCloud unlock methods in the hopes of finding one that works.

Others buy locked iPhones for parts because the iPhone replacement parts market is equally a growing one.

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