Which iPhone Unlocking methods are legit

Legit iPhone Unlock is one of the most frequent questions asked by our blog’s visitors. There is a large number of iPhone Unlock Companies that promise to remove the SIM Lock from your iPhone but which one can you really trust?

In this article, we will see which iPhone Unlock Methods are solid and how to single out a trusted iPhone Unlock Provider.

Is iPhone Unlock legit?

Personally, I feel that this is the wrong question. In my opinion, the SIM Lock feature is not legit. Smartphone manufacturers developed SIM Lock after Mobile Networks request in order to make sure that we won’t be able to use another Carrier’s SIM Card with our iPhone.

The crime starts, as soon as we buy a simlocked iPhone from a Wireless Network. Most people believe that it is a really good deal because a SIM Unlocked iPhone costs way more. But this is simply not true. If you take a closer look at the monthly contract bills, you will discover that you will pay a lot more in the end but you won’t realize it because the contract lasts for 2 years.

But I really don’t understand why Network Lock exists? After all, an iPhone will get blacklisted if someone doesn’t pay the bills so, everyone should be free to use any SIM Card as long as there are no pending contract bills.

Carriers became even more vicious with the development of Flex Policy iPhones. These iPhones seem unlocked but they will get locked to the Mobile Network of the first SIM Card you will insert in your iPhone’s SIM Tray.

Carriers illegaly locked our iPhones
Mobile Networks imprison our iPhones every day.

So, in my eyes, iPhone Unlock is not only legit but the best thing you can do for you iPhone and your pocket!

Are all iPhone Unlock Method reliable?

Of course not. There are many iPhone Unlocking Options that stopped working a long time ago!

Software iPhone Unlock Method

This method used to work up to iOS 6.1.6. Back then, hackers found ways to exploit iOS flaws in order to SIM Unlock an iPhone. You had to jailbreak the iPhone and download SIM Unlocking Software like Ultrasn0w or Redsn0w from Cydia. You had to repeat the whole process when you wanted to update your iOS or restore your iPhone. Software Unlock Method was not legit but at least it was free and successful. Unfortunately, Apple put an end with the release of iOS 7.

Hardware iPhone Unlock Method

This method was doomed from the beginning and ”worked” up to iPhone 4s. In this case, hackers created custom SIM cards like X-SIM, R-SIM, Turbo-SIM and Gevey. You had to put these SIM Cards with the SIM Card you wanted to use inside your iPhone’s SIM Tray at the same time. This method had only 30% success chances, it spoiled any kind of Warranty and most probably it would damage or even destroy your iPhone. Needless to say that Hardware iPhone Unlock Method was not legit and this is why Apple ended it with the release of iPhone 5.

There are also many YouTube iPhone Unlock Tutorials but all of them are just a waste of time. At least none of them is harmful to your iPhone.

Why trust IMEI Unlock Services?

On the contrary, Factory Unlock Service (aka IMEI Unlock Service) is totally legit. This service has authorized access to Apple’s GSX Database and permanently changes the SIM Lock Status of your iPhone from locked to unlocked. Keep in mind that only Apple’s official partners have access to GSX database.

On top of that, the IMEI Unlock procedure is processed by Apple and this is why the last step of Factory Unlock Method, is you restoring the SIM Unlocked iPhone in iTunes.

Of course, Factory Unlock won’t spoil Apple Warranty or AppleCare+ and your iPhone will work perfectly fine a

If IMEI Unlock Service wasn’t legit, then Apple would stop supporting it (even silently) like the previous ones.

Legit iPhone Unlock Providers

While IMEI Unlock Service is solid, there are many Factory Unlock Providers that don’t have real access to Apple GSX Database. This is why our blog conducted a big research to single out the best and legit iPhone Factory Unlock Providers.

We checked and tested more than 40 IMEI Unlock providers and we discovered that only a few of them were reliable. But we took the things one step further by creating a

Legit iPhone Unlock Comparison Page!

Here we constantly test legit IMEI Unlock Companies in order to give you the top ten iPhone Unlock solutions based on

  • User Reviews
  • Speed of services
  • Anti-Relock Warranty
  • Price

Just choose your iPhone model and the Carrier that simlocked your iPhone and you will get the best legit iPhone Unlock Providers out there!

legit iPhone Unlock Providers
An example of an iPhone Unlock Comparison for an iPhone 6s Plus locked by AT&T USA.

Ask us a question or get your 24/7 personal iPhone assistant and more by subscribing to Unflaw. Until next time, take care iPhone Unlockers!

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