How to Know SIM Carrier in iPhone 6

When you get an iPhone, sometimes it may not be clear what network the iPhone uses. Usually, it could be that the has a SIM lock. Perhaps you got it as a gift, and it came with a SIM card in it. Maybe, you bought an unlocked iPhone, but after an upgrade, you can no longer activate it with your SIM card. Regardless of the situation, here are some of the ways to know SIM carrier in iPhone 6.

How to Know SIM Carrier in iPhone

There are three ways you can try to figure out the SIM carrier that has locked your iPhone:

Method #3 SIM Check

One way to know if your iPhone is locked or unlocked is by performing a SIM check. You will need at least two or three SIM cards to try with the iPhone. Try out the different SIM cards to see which one will work with your iPhone.

If the iPhone works with at least two or more different SIMs, then it does not have a SIM lock, and you can use it on any network. If it works only with one SIM or none of the SIMs you try do not work then it means that the iPhone has a SIM lock.

Method #2 Settings Check

If you already have a SIM card inside your iPhone, you can go to Settings, then General, and look under About. You should be able to see the Carrier information there. However, worth noting is that the details displayed just tells you what SIM card you have inserted in the iPhone and not the carrier that has locked the phone.

know SIM carrier in iPhoneSometimes, if the original iPhone owner used a temporary SIM unlock method, the iPhone will have activation issues after upgrading the iOS. Therefore, your SIM

Method #1 IMEI Check

The surest way to know SIM carrier in iPhone without even having the iPhone in your hands is to get an iPhone IMEI check. The IMEI number is a unique set of 15 digits that identifies your particular iPhone globally.

You can find it displayed on the back cover of some iPhones or printed underneath the SIM tray. You could also just dial *#06# to get these details or go to Settings, and it should be under About.

Also, please read about the iCloud Activation Lock and the Blacklist status an iPhone can have, cause they are equally important as the Network Lock of an iPhone!

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