Is my iPhone eligible for unlock? How to check if your iPhone is unlockable

There are many iPhone’s hidden issues that can mess with your iDevice’s Unlock Eligibility!
In this article, I will show you:

  • Which iPhone’s secret problems can lead to IMEI Unlocking failure
  • How to check if an iPhone is eligible for SIM Unlocking
  • How to be 100% sure that your iPhone won’t be relocked after you ”Carrier” free it with a Factory Official Unlock method

The only way to know if your iPhone eligible for unlock?

Is my iPhone eligible for unlock? An iPhone IMEI Check Service will instantly tell youAn iPhone IMEI Check Service ensures that you will be able to Network Unlock your iPhone without problems and at the same time will save you from spending money for needless or even useless iPhone Unlocking services!

There are more than 10 iPhone’s hidden issues that might cause SIM Unlocking failure or ever render your iPhone beyond Carrier unlocking!

The iPhone IMEI Check Service has authorized and direct access to Apple’s GSX Databases and Mobile Networks’ servers and instantly uncovers every little detail about your iPhone!
Make no mistake, this kind of info can’t be found elsewhere!

The only thing you need to know is the iPhone’s IMEI number
(click here if you don’t know how to find an iPhone IMEI number)

Is my iPhone eligible for unlock? The Contract Status

This is one of the most important factors if you are thinking about buying or already bought a used iPhone!

As long as the iPhone remains under contract with the previous owner, you are in grave danger:

  • You might buy the pre-owned iPhone locked and unlock it with an IMEI Unlock Service but until the previous contract expires, the seller can report it as lost or stolen and relock your iPhone
  • You might buy the refurbished iPhone as unlocked but like before, the previous owner can relock it at any time
  • If you bought the iPhone via personal transaction without proof of purchase you might even be accused of stealing the iPhone

Is my iPhone eligible for unlock? Warranty Status

Is my iPhone eligible for unlock? What problems can be caused by Apple Warranty or AppleCare+Apple Warranty lasts for six months since the iPhone’s first purchase and AppleCare+ lasts from 1 to 2 years and can be renewed!
An IMEI Check will tell you if one of them is active and the remaining protection days!

You might think that buying a used iPhone that is still protected by Apple Warranty or AppleCare+ is good but you’re wrong!
First of all, it is another indicator that the iPhone is still under contract and on top of that, you can get in trouble with Apple if the previous owner reports the iPhone as lost or stolen to Apple!

Is my iPhone eligible for unlock? Insurance Claims Status

A major scam is based on Insurance Plans!
As long as the iPhone is protected by an Insurance Plan, the original owner can sell you the iPhone, take your money and then after a few days (or even months), report it as stolen or lost, make an Insurance Claim and get a brand new iPhone as a replacement and leave you with a blacklisted iPhone! You can’t let this happen to you!

Is my iPhone eligible for unlock? iPhone/IMEI Replacement check

If you are planning to unlock or purchase a used iPhone it is very important to check if the iPhone or the IMEI number is replaced or not!

  • An iPhone can be replaced by Apple when it has a hardware issue and Apple warranty or AppleCare+ is still active.
  • The iPhone’s IMEI number can be replaced by someone who has an Apple’s GSX account.

Many times, the reason of iPhone unlocking failure has to do with the iPhone’s replacement status. The Official IMEI Unlock Service must be applied to the first IMEI number the iPhone had. If you provide the IMEI Unlock Provider with the replaced IMEI number the procedure will fail for sure and the fault will be yours!
Also, keep in mind that all carriers refuse to unlock a replaced iPhone.

So, you don’t want to leave the iPhone’s replacement status unchecked!

Is my iPhone eligible for unlock? The iCloud Lock Status

This will be more useful if you do an IMEI Check before you buy a second hand iPhone. A few dollars will save you from spending money for an iCloud Locked iPhone!
Keep in mind that the iCloud Activation Lock is unhackable and you will need to find the iPhone’s original owner in order to iCloud Unlock the used iPhone!

Is my iPhone eligible for unlock? The Blacklist Status

Lost, Stolen, Fraud activities participation and Unpaid Bills Check determine if the iPhone is Blacklisted or Clean!

Of course, a blacklisted iPhone can be SIM Unlocked with a Premium IMEI Unlock Service but the reason it was blacklisted will determine the outcome!

  • iPhones that were reported as stolen/lost or were involved in illegal activities won’t be able to function inside the country they were blacklisted (and maybe 1 or 2 neighboring countries if they share blacklists with each other) after the Factory Premium Unlock but at the same time they will be totally usable in any other place in the world!
  • iPhones with pending contract bills will be fully unlocked inside the country it was blacklisted and to all GSM Carriers worldwide except the Mobile Network that blacklisted the iPhone

Is my iPhone eligible for unlock?
An iPhone IMEI Check Service will instantly tell you

The is no reason to risk the success of the iPhone Unlock procedure you will use (Factory Unlock or Carrier’s Unlock Services) or refurbished iPhone’s purchase as long as an IMEI Check Service exists!

If you still have questions about iPhone Checking or iPhone Unlocking, leave a comment below and everything will be answered ASAP.
Take care!

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