How to choose and get the appropriate iPhone Unlocking Solution to your problem.

Are you holding a locked iPhone in your hands and you don’t know how to unlock it? There are actually three different options to choose from. But which one is the right for you? Is there a universally better iPhone Unlocking Solution? All the answers are unfolding in the following article. Find out which is the right iPhone Unlocking Solution for you!

Check if you really need an iPhone Unlocking Solution

Many times, visitors ask for our help in finding the correct iPhone Unlocking Solution.

  • But how can you know for sure if an iPhone is Locked?
  • And even if you do, in which way it is Locked?
  • Is it Sim-Locked?
  • Is it Blacklisted?
  • Does it have a Flex Policy?

You need to know the Lock Status and every other detail of an iPhone before you buy it. But if you already did, you will need info to help you find the right iPhone Unlocking Solution to your situation!

What is SIM-Lock and how can be checked?

SIM-Lock is the most common feature of all GSM mobile phones (like iPhones). Mobile Networks use this feature in order to ensure that as long as you are under contract with them, you can’t use a SIM-Card from a different Carrier. After a couple of years, you can ask from your Carrier to unlock your iPhone but the Carrier may refuse. So you must always check if an iPhone is SIM-Locked before you buy it with a Check Service!

What is Blacklist Status and how can be checked?

An iPhone can be Blacklisted or Clean. Take notice that a Clean iPhone (despite the title) might also need an iPhone Unlocking Solution. An iPhone is Blacklisted when:

  1. It is reported as Lost
  2. It is reported as Stolen
  3. It have Unpaid Contract Bills
  4. It is involved in fraud activities

You can check if your iPhone is blacklisted with a Check Service and if it is proved so, you will need to find an iPhone Unlocking Solution!

Which is the best way to find out about my iPhone’s SIM-Lock & Blacklist status?

Always check before you buy! If you did you wouldn’t be looking for an iPhone Unlocking Solution. There is only one way that can give you this kind of info: An iPhone IMEI Check Service. After tests and research the best iPhone IMEI Check Service provider out there is UnlockSpector.iPhone Unlocking Methods-Official IMEI Check Service

  1. SIM-Lock Status
  2. Financial Status
  3. Blacklist Status
  4. iCloud Status
  5. If Find My iPhone is enabled
  6. Contract Status
  7. Mobile Network Identification (The Carrier that locks the iPhone)
  8. Warranty Status
  9. other technical info

What about my iPhone Unlocking Solution?

There are three methods to choose from:

1. Software Method (outdated iPhone Unlocking Solution)

This method doesn’t work for the last 2 years. It was popular during the 3Gs era but the last iOS version that it works is 6.1.6. So we need to find another unlocking technique.

2. Hardware Method (too risky iPhone Unlocking Solution)

With 30% rate of success and 99% possibilities to severely damage your iPhone is the worst method to choose. Hardware Method works by putting a custom SIM card along with the original inside the SIM tray. This is why your iPhone is in great danger.

3.Official IMEI Method (The only real and safe iPhone Unlocking Solution)

This is the only approved method by all the Mobile Networks and Apple. It locates the IMEI number of your iPhone inside Apple’s and Mobile Network’s GSX servers (databases) and change the Lock status from Locked to Unlocked. On top of that IMEI Unlock Method:

  • Is 100% safe, successful and legal
  • Unlocks PERMANENTLY ALL iPhone models, ALL iOS versions and ALL Basebands

Requirements of Official IMEI iPhone Unlocking Solution

Four things are enough:

  1. iPhone’s IMEI number
  2. Carrier that locked your iPhone
  3. iPhone model
  4. iPhone’s Blacklist status

As you see an IMEI Check Service might be required again if you don’t know all the above info!

Which Official IMEI Unlock Service provider to prefer?

IMEI method is the best iPhone Unlocking Solution as long as you choose a legitimate and trustworthy provider. After extended research and satisfied customers’ reviews, iPhoneUnlock.Zone is our number 1 choice!iPhone Unlocking Solution-sitejabberWe have send them 15 iPhones and this is what we got:

  • 48 hours unlock delivery (we were informed for any further delay)
  • Every iPhone model was unlocked
  • Every iOS version was Unlocked
  • No jailbreaking was required
  • Previous jailbreaking remained intact
  • Didn’t mess with Apple’s Warranty (if existed)
  • Unlock was 100% guaranteed. Only one iPhone couldn’t be unlocked and we got our money back.

IMEI Unlock is the best iPhone Unlocking Solution

To sum up:

Before you buy an iPhone:

  • order an iPhone IMEI Check Service from trusted providers like UnlockSpector

and if when you want to unlock any iPhone without annoying restrictions:

  • order an Official IMEI Unlock Service from legitimate providers like iPhoneUnlock.Zone

Did you find the article useful? Did we forgot about something? Do you want to ask anything else about iPhones? Go ahead and leave a comment bellow!

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