Available iPhone Unlocking Methods. Find out about the best of them all and how to get it!

There are three iPhone Unlocking methods for you to choose from when the damage is done. I will show you in detail, everything you need to know about them, the pros and cons and the safety and percentage of unlock success they offer. When you finish reading this article you will Know which one meets your needs and how to finally unlock a locked iPhone.

Always check if you really need one of the iPhone Unlocking methods

Before proceeding any further, it is really significant to understand the importance of checking a used iPhone before you buy it. There are countless times that visitors asked help in order to unlock their iPhone and theis iDevices were already unlocked. How can you be 100% sure that your iPhone is locked? And if it is

Check SIM-Lock and blacklist status before running for iPhone Unlocking methods

SIM-Lock is a common feature of GSM mobile phones (CDMA ones can also be locked). It exists so that Mobile Networks can ensure that you won’t be able to use another SIM-card while you are under contract with them. When someone spends a couple of years with a specific Carrier’s contract, he/she can ask them to remove the SIM-Lock but they can always refuse. So you must know if an iPhone is locked by a Mobile Network before you buy it!

Check blacklist status before running for iPhone Unlocking methods

An iPhone can be ”Clean” or ”Blacklisted”. Obviously a clean iPhone doesn’t need unlocking (if it is not SIM Locked of course). So when an iPhone is considered clean?

  1. When it is not reported as Lost
  2. When it is not reported as Stolen
  3. When it doesn’t have Unpaid Contract Bills
  4. When it is not involved in fraud activities

Otherwise the iPhone is blacklisted and this is when you need to find iPhone Unlocking methods and solutions!

How can I be 100% sure about my iPhone’s SIM-Lock & Blacklist status?

You must always know all the info about the iPhone that you are going to buy beforehand! And there is only one safe and accurate way to do so, an Official IMEI Check Service. It provides you with the following info:

  1. SIM-Lock Status
  2. Financial Status
  3. iCloud Status
  4. If Find My iPhone is enabled
  5. Mobile Network Identification (The Carrier that locks the iPhone)
  6. Blacklist Status
  7. Contract Status
  8. Warranty Status
  9. other technical infoiPhone Unlocking Methods-Official IMEI Check Service

After extended research and tests, the best IMEI Check Service provider is UnlockSpector. Visit them and find out if you really need one of the following iPhone Unlocking methods!

Available iPhone Unlocking Methods

There are three different methods but you will soon find out that only one gets the job done every time.

1. Software Method (The most outdated iPhone Unlocking method)

If it was 2013 I could tell you a lot about this method that was created by the Unlocking and Jailbreaking community. Unfortunately it stopped working on June 30 2014 with the release of iOS 7.1.2

2. Hardware Method (The most dangerous iPhone Unlocking method)

First of all, it is 30% successful at most and it can damage severely your iPhone. And this is happening because you need to put a custom SIM card with the original one inside the SIM tray and this can cause minor or major problems and damages to your iDevice. In fact, hardware method is the worst of iPhone Unlocking Methods out there.

3.Official IMEI Method is the only unlocking method that works every time

It is the only iPhone unlocking method that locates an iPhone’s IMEI number inside Apple’s and Carrier’s GSX databases and change its status from Locked to Unlocked. The Official IMEI method is the best of all iPhone Unlocking Methods simply because:

  • It is 100% legal, safe and successful
  • It can unlock any iPhone model, any iOS version and any Baseband
  • It is permanent

Requirements of an Official IMEI method

Only four things are needed of you:

  1. IMEI number
  2. The Carrier that locks your iPhone
  3. The iPhone model
  4. The iPhone’s Blacklist status

This is why an Official IMEI Check Service is always useful!iPhone Unlocking Methods-Official IMEI Unlock Method

Which is the best Official IMEI Unlock Service provider?

The IMEI method is the best of all iPhone Unlocking Methods as long as you address to a legitimate and safe provider. Our recommendation is iPhoneUnlock.Zone because after several tests and the 96% satisfied customer reviews, the result was always the same:

  • 48 hours unlock delivary (in any other case they informed us of any further delay)
  • They unlocked every iPhone model
  • They unlocked all the iOS versions
  • No jailbreaking was required
  • They didn’t mess with previous jailbreaking
  • Apple’s Warranty (if existed) remain intact
  • Unlock is 100% guaranteed. If for some reason something goes wrong you will get your money back.

Now you know everything about the best of all iPhone Unlocking Methods

If you need to unlock your iPhone go on,

order an Official IMEI Check Service

before you buy an iPhone or in order to get all the necessary information that you might need to

order an Official IMEI Unlock Service

and unlock your iPhone at last!


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