iPhone Network Unlock Processes

A reader sent us the following question about iPhone network unlock:


I have an iPhone 6 SIM-locked by Ireland Hutchison/O2 (iCloud / Blacklist are all clean, Find my iPhone is off). Do your services cover that carrier as well? If so, I’d like to have some things clarified, if I may.

What is the exact price for that? Is there any guarantee, or money-back guarantee at least if unlocking fails? What is the duration of the process?

Thanks, Best, Geri

Geri, to answer your main question, our partners iPhoneUnlock.Zone and UnlockSpector, unfortunately, do not support that network. However, you can use either of these methods to unlock your iPhone’s network.

The iPhone Network Unlock Processes

the iPhone network unlock process for Ireland HutchisonO2Since your iPhone does not has a clean blacklist status and no iCloud lock problem; your best bet is to contact the Hutchison/O2 carrier. You can get their contact details from their website, or even write to them through their website explaining your situation.

O2 allows you to request for a free network unlock under their Pay Monthly tariff at any time. However, it depends on the particular phone you have, and your contract with them stays in place. You will then use the My O2 online site to unlock your iPhone, and they will send you a text when the unlocking is successful.

However, for iPhones, you will have to perform the process through iTunes, after you request for an iPhone SIM unlock. You will insert a non-O2 SIM in your iPhone and see if iTunes identifies the iPhone as an unlocked device.

Pay as you go clients must register to MY O2 Online and it costs £15. The SIM unlock request takes an average of 72 hours to process.

It works pretty much the same way for the Hutchison (Three) network; you will find the option to place an unlock request on their website. You will need your IMEI number to place an iPhone unlock request on the site.

The most important thing to do before requesting a network unlock is to verify that your iPhone is locked. Particularly for pre-owned iPhones that you bought online because some of them might have temporary SIM unlocks which might be reset by software upgrades.

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