5 Important iPhone Network Unlock Tips

the reliable iPhone network unlock processEveryone can agree that the iPhone SIM lock ends up tying you up to a carrier’s ridiculous call fees. Yes, we are grateful that network providers allow us to own coveted iPhones at considerably affordable costs. However, soon enough we all figure out that we need our freedom back and start the iPhone network unlock process.

It is your right as an iPhone owner to break free from a network lock and use your preffered carrier. Even if your iPhone still has a contract on it, you can legally unlock its SIM lock. Sound straightforward, but once again pre-owned iPhone owners find that they always end up with the shorter end of the stick in the whole situation.

When you buy an iPhone that has a SIM lock you might have a few challenges when trying to unlock it. Several network lock situations can affect the ease of unlocking your iPhone. For instance, a blacklisted iPhone often comes with additional complications.

Regardless, you can use these outlined tips to help you out with the iPhone network unlock process.

Perform an iPhone SIM Lock Check

Why do You Need to Unlock your iPhone’s SIM Lock?

why you need an iPhone network unlock processYou have probably heard people saying that if your iPhone is not broken, you should not fix it. However, when it comes to iPhones, you do need to fix the issue as soon as you can. If you bought a previously used iPhone, you do know the headaches that come with having to deal with a SIM-locked iPhone.

To start off, you get the rude shock that it only works with one particular network provider. Perhaps even that service provider does not offer network coverage to your region/country. You then have the tough task of trying to initiate a carrier iPhone unlock.

Firstly, you have to find out whether or not you can ask the carrier that locked the iPhone to unlock it. With an iPhone status check, you can determine if the network provider that locked your iPhone will agree to unlock your iPhone for free.

Removing a SIM lock from your iPhone means that you gain back the control over how you choose to use it. You also regain your freedom of choice to use your preferred network provider. You can also take up talk/data/text packages that suit your needs.

With an unlocked iPhone, it can work anywhere across the globe and with any carrier’s SIM card.

What You Should Know About the iPhone Network Unlock Process

The iPhone SIM unlock process can be straightforward or a complicated process. It depends on your particular iPhone’s lock status, with some featuring some hidden issues that further complicate situations. Even if you are the original iPhone owner, some of these problems might still affect your ability to get a SIM lock.

1. Who Locked your iPhone?

carrier-initiated iPhone network unlock The first and most important thing to know when attempting to remove your iPhone’s SIM lock is to find out the network provider that locked it. The network provider can unlock the network lock provided that you meet their requirements.

More than often, you have to be the original owner who bought the iPhone from them to request a SIM unlock. Also, worth noting is that your iPhone may obtain a lock at any time.

For instance, you might have bought an iPhone that featured a temporary unlock. When you upgrade the iOS on such an iPhone, it ends up reverting to its network lock status. The seller probably used an iPhone network unlock software so that they can be able to resell the iPhone at a better price.

2. Why did They Lock your iPhone?

Network providers lock iPhones for different reasons. The most common type, the SIM lock, functions as a carrier restriction to ensure that you keep making contract payments. After finishing payments, often in two years time, the network provider will unlock your iPhone for free.

If you default on the contract payments, the carrier will blacklist your iPhone. A blacklisted iPhone cannot make/receive calls or send/receive texts. A network carrier can also blacklist an iPhone reported as lost or stolen. It adds a level of complication because only the original iPhone owner can request the carrier to unblacklist an iPhone.

3. When Can you Request for an iPhone Network Unlock?

iPhone network unlock process to remove SIM lockYou can ask your carrier to unlock your iPhone at any time. Even if your iPhone still has a contract on it, your cell provider can agree to remove its SIM lock. However, in such cases, you will have to pay a fee for the early contract termination.

You should also know that your network provider can refuse to unlock your SIM lock. Usually, they deny these requests if you have pending contract payments or if you are not the original iPhone owner.

Worth noting, even if you buy an iPhone at full price from a network provider, it may still feature a SIM lock. You would still need to ask them to unlock it for you.

4. The Carrier-Initiated iPhone Network Unlock Process

As explained, network carriers may agree to unlock your iPhone or deny your SIM lock request depending on the particular situation. As the iPhone’s original owner, you have to complete contract payments. Yes, you can pay early termination fees, but most people find that these costs are too high.

IMEI iPhone network unlock processIn the case of an iPhone that you paid for upfront, you would need to make still a request asking the carrier to unlock your iPhone. Usually, the network provider will unlock such an iPhone for free. Even if you are not the original iPhone owner, you can successfully request to have such an iPhone carrier unlocked.

1. The iPhone Network Unlock Process from Third Party Providers

Except for the blacklist lock, you can still get an iPhone network unlock process from third-party providers. Naturally, you have to make sure that you use a reliable service which means going for a provider using the IMEI unlock method.

Changing an iPhone’s IMEI status on the Apple GSX server is the only reliable and permanent way to remove a SIM lock. In fact, network providers use the very same method to lock and unlock your iPhone.

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