How to get an iPhone IMEI Check Service online

iPhone IMEI Check should always be the first move before buying a used iPhone or unlocking any iPhone. Every day, we get dozens of emails like these:

  • Hey, I bought an unlocked iPhone from an online market as unlocked but it was SIM Locked after all…
  • I used a Factory Unlock Service but my iPhone remains locked…
  • I purchased a SIM Unlocked iPhone from a pawn shop but it got locked after a month without any obvious reason…
  • …The IMEI UnlockProvider told me that my iPhone was Blacklisted and paid more money for the Factory Premium Unlock but the Wireless Network informed me that my iPhone was never Blacklisted

I could write a book with what our visitors send us but all these situations and more could be avoided with a simple IMEI Check Report.

How I learn about iPhone IMEI Check Service

iPhones are the most popular smartphones worldwide and this is why scammers always find new ways to make money out of innocent victims. Most people find out that an iPhone can be checked about everything in a few hours when it is already too late. In fact, I was one of them a few years back when I bought an iCloud Locked, Blacklisted and SIM Locked iPhone 4 from eBay. The description said the iPhone was fully unlocked. But my problems became even bigger when I tried to unlock it because the iPhone was still under contract with the previous owner. But how I found that out?

The IMEI Unlock Company I used, suggested me an IMEI Check Service before unlocking my iPhone. I had already spent hundreds of USD to buy that problematic iPhone, so a few bucks for this service would not make a difference. This is what I got after one day.

Sample of an iPhone IMEI Check Report
A sample of an IMEI Check Report. This is not the report from my iPhone 4 but this iPhone 6s has the same issues.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. If I knew the service from the start, I would never even buy that iPhone 4. Anyway, the guys there explained everything to me and after 20 days my iPhone was fully unlocked.

How iPhone IMEI Check works

Certified iPhone IMEI Check Providers have authorized access to Apple’s GSX Database. All the info about an iPhone is recorded in there. The only thing required to get an IMEI Check Report is the IMEI number of the iPhone (click here if you don’t know how to find it).

Keep in mind that only a few IMEI Check Providers have real access to GSX Database because only Apple’s partners are allowed to use it. When you see that a company offers free iPhone Checks, then you won’t get the real stuff but false information.


What GSX IMEI Check Report reveals

Nothing will remain hidden when you use an original IMEI Check Service. In a few hours or a couple of days maximum you will get a GSX Check Report containing:

  1. iPhone IMEI Check Diagnostic ToolSIM Lock Status: Is the iPhone really locked?
  2. Blacklist Status
  3. Locking Wireless Network Identification: Which Carrier Locked or Blacklisted the iPhone
  4. iCloud Activation Lock Status
  5. Warranty Status: Is the iPhone protected by Apple Warranty or AppleCare+?
  6. Contract Status
  7. Financial Balance Status: If there are pending contract bills from a previous owner, the iPhone can become Blacklisted
  8. Insurance Claims Status
  9. Replaced IMEI/Serial Number Status: The IMEI number of an iPhone can be replaced by Apple for various reasons. iPhone Unlocking Services must be applied to the original IMEI number of an iPhone. On the other hand, most Mobile Networks refuse to operate with replaced serial number iPhones.
  10. iPhone Specs: Find out the true iPhone’s model, capacity, color, IMEI number, Serial number

Why use an iPhone IMEI Diagnostic Tool?

Let me point out the benefits of iPhone IMEI Check Service.

  • Before you buy a pre-owned iPhone
    You will never purchase an iPhone scam, a locked or otherwise problematic iPhone. If you buy the iPhone from an online market make sure that the iPhone seller will send you a small video (or pictures) with the iPhone’s IMEI number from all available sources (check the IMEI number link above for more info)
    Even if the iPhone is locked or has another problem, iPhone Unlock experts will advise you how to proceed and you will know how much it will cost you to fully unlock it. Locked iPhones can be a good deal if you now with what you will have to deal with
  • Before you unlock an iPhone
    You will get the right unlock services and get full support from iPhone Unlock experts
    Your IMEI Unlock Service will be successful and 100% guaranteed
    Your iPhone will never get relocked

Ask a question if you’re experiencing any problems with iPhone Unlocking and one of us will help you ASAP. Until next time, take care iPhone Unlockers.

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