iPhone IMEI Check, iCloud Activation Lock Removal and Network Unlock

To this article we will explain the following terms:

  1. iPhone IMEI Check
  2. iCloud Activation Lock Removal
  3. Network/Carrier Unlock

Those terms are being widely used by many people and companies, but they never really explain what those services are, why they are important and how they are being used.

iPhone IMEI Check:

The iPhone IMEI Check service is essential for the following situations:

  • When you want to buy a second hand iPhone (Check its status before you buy it!)
  • When you want to find if it can be used again (Check if it can be unlocked or if it can be used with the Mobile Network of your choice)
  • When you want to order an iPhone Unlock service but you are not sure which unlocking service is the right one for your device

Check My iPhone IMEI OnlineThe iPhone IMEI Check service, will provide you the current status of your device which includes:

  • SIM-Lock status of your iPhone (Is your iPhone locked or unlocked?)
  • Network-Lock of your iPhone (In which carrier your iPhone is locked to?)
  • Blacklist Status (If your iPhone is reported as Lost or Stolen)
  • iCloud Status (If your iPhone is activated with an iCloud account)
  • Unpaid Bills Status (If your iPhone has unpaid contract bills)
  • Warranty Status (If your iPhone is still Under Warranty)
  • Replacement Status (If your iPhone has a replaced IMEI & Serial number)

All the above information are crucial BEFORE & AFTER buying a second hand iPhone, and they will help you to find out if your iPhone can be usable again and HOW to do it.

From our over 8 years of experience to iPhone Check & Unlock community, we recommend the following iPhone IMEI Check service:

Check your iPhone with UnlockSpector.com

How the iPhone IMEI Check service works?

The only way to determine the current status of an IMEI number (Unique number every iPhone has), is through Apple’s GSX database. This database, contains ALL active IMEI numbers, with all available information. The GSX database is always updated, which means that the report that you will receive will be 100% accurate and up to date.

This database is not for public use, so only a handful of companies have access (Such as UnlockSpector.com).

Network Unlock:

The best and guaranteed unlocking solution for iPhones can only be achieved by the Official IMEI Unlock method, which is approved by Apple and all Mobile Networks.

What is basically does is to locate your iPhone’s IMEI number inside Apple’s GSX databases and change its status from Locked to Unlocked.

found iPhone-how to unlockThe benefits of the Official IMEI Method are:

  • Use your iPhone with ANY GSM carrier worldwide!
  • Avoid using roaming charges while traveling abroad
  • Don’t be stuck to one provider for years
  • Raise the resale value of your second-hand iPhone
  • No Jailbreak is required! No Hacking, No Software. All done remotely.
  • Permanent Unlock without the danger of relocking
  • iTunes can be used normally without any limitations
  • iOS upgrading is supported ( including iOS 10 )

To order the right Official IMEI Unlock service for your iPhone, you need to know the following information:

  1. Your iPhone model (iPhone SE, 6s+, 6s, 6+, 6, 5C, 5s, 5, 4s, 4, 3Gs, 3G and 2G)
  2. Your iPhone’s IMEI Number (Learn how to find your iPhone’s IMEI Number)
  3. The Mobile Network in which your iPhone is Locked to
  4. The Blacklist status of your iPhone

If you are not sure about your iPhone’s model, iPhone’s Network and iPhone’s Blacklist status, an iPhone IMEI Check service will find them for you (Our recommendation is UnlockSpector.com).

Once you are 100% sure about the status of your iPhone, you are ready to permanently unlock your iPhone and start using it with any Mobile Network you want:

Click HERE to Request an iPhone Unlock Service

iCloud Activation Lock Removal:

The iCloud Lock, means that your iPhone is activated with an iCloud account, which is not yours.

An iPhone with an iCloud Lock is not usable at all; you cannot even get to the HomeScreen of your device!

The iCloud lock is activated when the Original owner of that iPhone activates the Find My iPhone feature.

It is not possible to deactivate it through your iPhone’s settings, because your iPhone cannot be accessed due to the iCloud Lock.

The iCloud Unlock service, was able to deactivate the Find My iPhone feature of your device, so afterwards you could reactivate it with your own iCloud account.

You won't unlock iCloud free but you will find the Apple ID's owner with the iCloud Contact Info ServiceThose companies that offer this service, are not very honest with their service, because they use very shady (And most likely) and illegal actions. They basically try to scam the original owner, and make him deactivate the Find My iPhone feature.

The only way to remove legally the iCloud Lock from your device, is with the help from the original owner of that device (The last person that activated your device with his/her iCloud account).
If you do not know how to contact the original owner of your device, do not panic, because there is a service that can provide you all the following information and it is called, iCloud Contact Information Service.

The iCloud Contact Information service will provide you the following information:

  • The Apple ID of the device
  • The full name of the original owner
  • The Address, City and Country of the original owner
  • And the Phonenumber of the original owner

Click HERE to request an iCloud Contact Information service


So, to sum up everything (IMEI Check, iCloud Lock & Network Unlock:

  1. Before buying or unlocking an iPhone, always perform a GSX IMEI Check.

  2. Unlock your iPhone to start using any mobile network you want.

  3. Remove the iCloud Lock of your device, only with the help from the original owner.



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