Unlocking iCloud Locked iPhones – The Best iPhone iCloud Unlock Method

iCloud locked iPhone - iPhone iCloud unlock methodYou finally have that iPhone you have wanted for ages! Best yet, you got it at practically a steal from an online marketplace. It gets to you, and it doesn’t take long for you to realize that you need an iPhone iCloud unlock method

Many iPhone owners now buy pre-owned iPhones because of their lower prices compared to new iPhones. In fact, estimates have it that pre-owned iPhone cost less than half the market price of new iPhones. Sounds like the best way to own an iPhone right? Well, not entirely because most pre-owned iPhone owners find out that they may have lost their money with the purchase.

When you receive your new iPhone, you turn it on naturally. What you encounter is the iPhone Activation Lock screen. That does not make sense because it asks you for an Apple ID and its corresponding password, and you have not set all that up yet. It isn’t long before you know that you have an iCloud locked iPhone in your hands.

This post is all about finding the best iPhone iCloud unlock method. You can get your iPhone unlocked by going about it the right way. 

Locked Out Of Your iPhone

One situation is getting an iPhone and when you power it on it asks you to enter your Apple ID. Maybe it even has a message running on the screen saying that the iPhone is lost or stolen.

locked iPhone - iPhone iCloud unlock methodSometimes, it isn’t clear to a first time iPhone owner that their iPhone is locked. Maybe you received the iPhone and powered it on. It leads you to the home screen, and you proceed to set it up with your email and other accounts. Perhaps you even were able to link it to your iCloud account. Having two functional iCloud accounts on one iPhone is possible. However, the original iPhone owner’s account functions as the primary iCloud account.

Days or even weeks into using the iPhone, suddenly it asks for an Apple ID. Attempts to enter your iCloud credentials fail. A message runs on the iPhone saying that the iPhone has been erased or lost. It makes no sense to you because you have been using the iPhone and now you are locked out of it.

Another situation, you may have a new or pre-owned iPhone linked to your iCloud account. You are ready to sell it for a trade up or need your iCloud credentials, but you cannot remember your password. Alternatively, a friend or family member gave you the iPhone, and they no longer remember their iCloud ID details. Could be they just forgot the unlink the iPhone from their iCloud account.

If any of these situations ring true in your case, you are not alone because many other iPhone owners find themselves in the same situation.

What Is An iCloud Lock?

iPhone lock states - iPhone iCloud unlock methodWhen you get a new iPhone, you typically set it up and personalize it to make it your phone. Part of the setup process involves registering the phone for an Apple ID or linking it to your already existing one.

The Apple ID you set up, or already have, is what you use to log into your iTunes account. An important aspect of Find My iPhone is that you need to enable it when activating a new iPhone. When enabled, the only way anyone can access your iPhone is by entering your Apple ID and its password. These details are securely stored on Apple’s servers and continue to be in effect as long as Find My iPhone stays activated on your iPhone.

If you forget your Apple password or you buy an iPhone that has the Activation Lock on, you get locked out of your iPhone.

What Does Having An iCloud Locked iPhone Mean?

Naturally, the first thing any new iPhone owner wants to do is set up their phone with their details. An iCloud locked iPhone won’t let you get to the home screen or even connect the iPhone to your iTunes account. You essentially cannot do much with it. Yes, you can still use an iCloud locked iPhone if it doesn’t have a passcode on it. However, the ability to use an iCloud locked iPhone entirely depends on its particular lock state.

locked iPhone issues - iPhone iCloud unlock methodOnce again, you can get an iPhone use it for a while before it gets iCloud locked. It can happen in different situations as outlined above. Usually, the original iPhone owner will either place it in Lost Mode, erase it, or report it as stolen which gets it blacklisted.

Before getting into that, everyone knows that an iCloud locked iPhone potentially means that it could get you in trouble. If you did not get the phone in the most legal of ways, someone out there is looking for it. Every time you have the iPhone on it gives the original owner an opportunity to track iPhone using Find My iPhone. If you don’t turn on the iPhone, it essentially is a useless device to you.

Also, it means trying out an iPhone iCloud unlock method from the numerous sites that offer them. Unfortunately, most of these websites do not use upright ways to unlock iPhones. In fact, most end up not working, and you end up spending more money trying these unlock processes.

Using The Lock States To Select An iPhone iCloud Unlock Method 

iPhone iCloud unlock method - activation lock statesTo identify the right iPhone iCloud unlock method to use you should find out your iPhone’s lock state. The common iCloud lock states include:

  • iCloud Activation Lock Linked To an Apple ID

When you turn on an iPhone and find the Activation Lock, without displaying any other message, it means that the iPhone has a connection with an existing Apple ID.

  • Stolen/Lost/Erased iCloud activation lock

Another iCloud lock state is the Stolen/Lost/Erased locked state. It is activated when the original iPhone owner places the iPhone on Lost mode after losing the phone. The iPhone screen often displays a message that the phone is Lost and Erased, and to contact the owner on the included phone number.

The iPhone iCloud Unlock Methods

Knowing the particular Activation Lock state helps in selecting an appropriate iPhone iCloud unlock method. There are essentially three iPhone iCloud unlock methods that you can try:

iPhone iCloud Unlock Method #1

With the original iPhone owner’s help, you can remove an iPhone iCloud Activation Lock. The unlock method works best only if you have the linked Apple ID lock state and you can contact the original iPhone owner. Often, sellers just forget to unlink an iPhone from their iCloud accounts.

There are ways to get an original iPhone owner’s contacts using the iPhone’s IMEI information. Keep on reading to find out.

iPhone iCloud Unlock Method #2

iPhone iCloud Unlock processes - iPhone iCloud unlock methodIf you cannot get a hold of the original iPhone owner completely, try getting in touch with Apple. Explain your iPhone lock situation to them and ask them to remove the iCloud Activation lock. 

If you are the original iPhone owner and cannot remember your Apple credentials this method is your best bet. Often, you may know the Apple ID but do not have access to that email to perform a reset on your own.  It is important to know the Apple ID (email) the iPhone is linked to because it can help with the iCloud Activation Lock removal process. You could ask Apple to mediate and contact the iCloud account owner. It all depends on the situation, and this approach just might work.

iPhone iCloud Unlock Method #3

If all else fails, then try using an iPhone IMEI iCloud unlock service. More than likely, you already know the iPhone’s IMEI number or can get it from the back cover of the phone. Worth noting is that there are no sites that offer free iCloud unlock services. Some websites claim to offer free iCloud unlocker tools, but these methods never work. 

Your sure bet is to use an IMEI check service such as UnlockSpector and use our detailed guide on how to legally unlock iCloud.


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