How To Prevent iPhone Data Loss

Many people live off of their iPhones; from communicating to storing photos, videos, contacts, and other sensitive information. In fact, iPhones have become professional tools for photography and videography. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, most iPhone owners at some point suffer from iPhone data loss.

Maybe you deleted a bunch of photos and now want them back, or you updated your iOS, and all of a sudden can’t access your iMessages or app data. Sucks, doesn’t it? Prevention works better than cure, and these data loss prevention tools should help you protect your iPhone data.

Did I Just Delete That?

iPhone data lossYou can lose data from your phone in many unimaginable ways. Regardless, it is possible to recover it all back. The first step is to understand just how you ended up deleting the data. If anything, knowing how iPhone data can get erased will help you avoid it in the future.

iOS Updates and Failed Software Update

One of the most common ways most iPhone users lose their data is through iOS updates. Maybe you accidentally restore an older iTunes backup, and it subsequently deletes your current iPhone data. Cable disconnections or power failure happening during the update process can also lead to iPhone data loss.

Have you ever tried updating your iOS and it stalled or stopped midway? You choose to cancel and restart it, but then you notice that some of your data is missing. Some iPhone users have also ended up with damaged iPhone after attempting to jailbreak their phones unsuccessfully.

Lost iPhone Passcode

Entering the wrong iPhone passcode disables your iPhone for some minutes depending on the number of failed passcode entries. Keying in the wrong passcode 10 times in a row also leads to losing iPhone data. The only way to reactivate a disabled iPhone is to erase and reset it.

Other Ways iPhone users Lose Their Data

Some of the other ways iPhone users can lose their data include:

  • Performing an iPhone factory reset deletes an iPhone’s data.
  • Battery replacement functions as a factory reset and may cause iPhone data loss.
  • The iOS can suffer from system crashes, and even the latest versions are not immune to it.
  • iOS virus attacks can affect jailbroken iPhones and erase data.
  • Natural disasters such as floods and fires may damage an iPhone and its data.

Protect Your Phone From Future iPhone Data Loss

It’s now clear how you can lose your iPhone data. One of the other things to understand is that the list of ways you could lose your iPhone data is exhaustive. Other aspects may come up in the future that causes you to lose your iPhone data. The next step is to protect your iPhone from subsequent data deletion.

iPhone data loss

  • Backup your iPhone data on iCloud. If you do not have an account, create one and link your iPhone with it. Make regular iCloud backups of your data and before updating your iOS.
  • Use an iPhone lock screen passcode but make sure it is something you can remember. Alternatively, use safe and secure password management systems to store this information.
  • Use the two step verification on your iPhone to further enhance security.
  • Choose a strong iCloud password and change it on a regular basis. Also, make use of a password management system to store this information.

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