iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock & how to find the original owner

iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock is more difficult than many sites claim. There are no hacking tools that can bypass the Find My iPhone Activation Lock and the only way to achieve iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock is to find the iPhone’s original owner. In this article, I will show you everything about iCloud Activation Lock, what is the only way to remove it and how to check and unlock an iPhone 6 or any other iPhone completely and permanently. No more losing money on useless iPhone Unlock services or iPhone Unlocking scams.

Useful info before iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock

The iCloud Activation Lock is the same with Find My iPhone Activation Lock. After the release of iOS 9 they both became a built-in app and you can’t have one without the other. When someone enables the iCloud Activation Lock:

  • You can’t get to iPhone’s Home Screen if you don’t activate the iPhone first. To do this you must ”pass” from the iCloud Activation Lock Screen
  • To pass the iCloud Activation Lock Screen and activate the iPhone, you will need the original owner’s Apple ID and password

On top of that, if the iPhone gets Lost or Stolen and the iCloud Activation Lock is ON then:

  • The original owner has the ability to erase all iPhone’s data and settings remotely
  • Whoever finds the iPhone will see on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen that the iPhone is Lost, Stolen or Erased
  • A message can be placed by the original owner on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen with contact info (phone number or email address)
  • The original owner can also track down the iPhone on an Apple’s Map app

I am telling you all these to make one thing crystal clear, right from the start: iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock is ONLY possible by the original owner or Apple! But we will get to this!

iCloud Activation Lock Screen & iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock

Your journey with an iCloud Locked iPhone 6 begins and ends with the iCloud Activation Lock Screen!

As I already explained you will immediately know if the iPhone 6 was Lost, Stolen or erased, you are going to need original owner’s Apple ID and password to activate the iPhone 6 and may there will be a message from the original owner with his/her personal contact info.

iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock-Activation Lock Screen

If you can see a message like this (with contact info), don’t hesitate to reach the original owner! You won’t be able to hack the iCloud Activation Lock so the only way for iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock is finding the original owner and asking to remove the Find My iPhone Activation Lock!

The problem is this: What can you do when the original owner hasn’t left a message for you? How can you find the iPhone 6’s original owner?

Finding the original owner & iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock

iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock requires an iCloud Contact information service!

This service has access to Apple’s iCloud Databases. The only things you will need are:

  1. The iPhone 6 IMEI number (just press the ”i” button on the top right of iCloud Activation Lock Screen)
  2. The iPhone 6 UDID number (Find an iPhone’s UDID number)

Then you will get an iCloud Contact Information report like this one below

iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock-contact-information

iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock-button

Call or email the original owner and ask for iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock. Maybe the original owner accepts or even offer you money in order to return the iPhone 6 as a finder’s Fee. This is the beauty of iCloud Activation Lock after all. If you stole an iPhone, you will NEVER get it activated without the original owner!

If the original owner doesn’t respond to your calls or emails you can also send a formal request to Apple and ask them to remove the iCloud Activation lock from the iPhone 6. If Apple also refuses to do so, the will at least arrange an audience for the original owner and you

Is that all with iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock?

You were fooled once in buying an iCloud Locked iPhone 6! What make you think that the iPhone is not also:

  • Network locked
  • Blacklisted
  • Protected by Apple Warranty
  • ”Greylisted” for outstanding financial balance
  • The original owner can even make an Insurance Claim for the lost or stolen iPhone

I strongly suggest an IMEI Check Service to uncover the true Lock Status and any other hidden issue BEFORE you proceed with further iPhone unlocking actions. Only the iCloud Locked iPhone 6’s IMEI number is enough to get an IMEI Check report with all the info below:

iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock-Check iPhone IMEI

Now you will know EVERYTHING about the iPhone 6 that you are holding in your hands and on top of that you will be able to use an IMEI Unlock Service.

I prefer and recommend to use UnlockSpector for iPhone IMEI Check Services. The guys there can guide you further for the right iPhone unlocking solution for your situation for free. There are iPhone Unlock providers that deceive you in paying for a needless unlocking service (for example they can tell you that an iPhone is blacklisted, when it isn’t). An IMEI Check Service ensures that no one will ever again scam you BEFORE buying an iPhone and BEFORE you unlock it!

Using an IMEI Unlock Service after iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock

An Official IMEI Unlock Service can unlock any iPhone, Carrier, Baseband, iOS in any country because this method is approved by Apple and Carriers to use their databases and change an iPhone’s Lock Status from Locked to fully unlocked. It is permanent, you can update to any iOS version and iTunes can be used properly because the unlocking process is completed via iTunes!

The only info you need (and you can get it at ease from the IMEI Check report) is

  1. iPhone model (in your case iPhone6)
  2. iPhone IMEI number
  3. The Mobile Network that the iPhone is Locked
  4. The iPhone’s Blacklist status

Summary of iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock

iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock and further iPhone unlocking can only be achieved with the right methodology:

#1. Check your iPhone 6 and uncover ALL hidden Lock or any other issues

#2. Find iCloud Contact info and ask the original owner to deactivate the iCloud Activation Lock

#3. Unlock your iPhone 6 permanently using an Official IMEI Unlock Method

Did you find this article useful? Did I miss anything? Did you manage to succeed in iPhone 6 iCloud Unlocking? Do you have any other questions about iPhone Unlocking? Me and the rest of the team are always here for you! Just leave a comment below. Take care!


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