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iOS Clean, Protect and Privacy for all iDevices

Since most people use their iDevices for their daily tasks, it is very important to know your security level, how to protect your precious data and of course keep your iDevice clean. Also, you need to constantly monitor which apps are running, which apps are installed and how much space they use.

There are a few apps that may help you with all the above, but most likely not ONE application that covers everything. The best way to have a clean, protected and secure iDevice is to use professional software that run to your PC or Mac.

iOS Clean, Protect and Privacy for all iDevices – What should I do?

Actually I run into a software that claimed that it can actually do all the above. My iPhone 4s (The old one, now I am a proud owner of an iPhone 6!), had awful performance, and after using a lot of applications, the results were not very good. I was able to delete junk data, or clean Application Notification that crippled my RAM usage, but after a few minutes the performance was pretty bad again.

The Application is called PhoneClean, and I purchased the cheapest package, which was pretty affordable (Only 19 Euros). I am using Windows machine, so I purchased the Windows version, but they also provide a Mac version of PhoneClean.

Features of PhoneClean software – For Windows and Mac machines

Let me list you all their features, and explain you afterwards what I am using from all those features:PhoneClean

  • Secure Privacy
  • Free Up Space
  • Speed Up iDevice
  • Optimize iOS
  • Worry-Free Clean
  • Tool Box

The Top features of PhoneClean that most people use are:

  • Clean Redundant Junk Files
  • Remove Webmail Residual Info
  • Shrink App for iDevices
  • Clear Private Data
  • Clean App Notifications
  • 1- Stop Boost up iPhone and iPad
  • Clear Internet History
  • Fix Media Library Errors
  • Easy and Flexible Backup and Restore

What features I use from PhoneClean Software?

First of all I configured very good the Secure Privacy feature, because I am using my iPhone 4s (I was actually, now I am doing it with my iPhone 6) for making orders, check up my bank accounts and online shopping.PhoneClean Security

The next thing was to Free Up Space, because I had so many applications to my iPhone 4s, and they were slowing down my iPhone. I know that I could do it through the Settings, but it is really easy to do it with PhoneClean software. After cleaning up everything, I boosted my iPhone with only one click!

The next thing is to go through my contacts … they were a mess and to be honest, all the iPhones or Smartphones I have seen, their contacts are MESSY! With a tool of PhoneClean, I managed not only to remove the duplicate contacts and merge them to one, but I also deleted long forgotten notes and Calender reminders.

If you look one by one its features, you can surely find them with other apps, but the great thing that it has all of them in only one PC or Mac software. I found its price very good, only 19 euros for 1 year.

Overall this is a great tool, and I believe that it will be great for everyone that have not only old iDevices but new ones!

PhoneClean Software for Mac


PhoneClean Software for Windows