iOS 10 Unlock methods for iPhone 7, 6s+, 6s, 6+, 6, 5C, 5s & 5

With the release of iOS 10 version, the unlocking community started to talk about the unlocking methods that can be used.

You can clearly see that most of them are assumptions so reading them might actually confuse you rather than help you understand what the iOS 10 Unlock situation is.

The reason of this article is to shade some light to the iOS 10 Unlock methods, explain you what the unlocking options were, will be and how to apply them to your iPhone.


iOS 10 Unlock methods you can find online


From a quick Google search with the “iOS 10 Unlock methods” keyword, I could easily find the “trending” methods for unlocking iOS 10 version.

I can tell you from now that those methods cannot be applied to iOS 10 version, regardless your iPhone model, but it is important to analyse them, so YOU also know why those methods do not work and which method will work!


Most Popular iOS 10 Unlock Methods – From online sources

iOS 10 Unlock Methods

My research took around 20 minutes, so you can easily verify it yourself.

I searched on Google for the “iOS 10 Unlock methods” and “iPhone 7 Unlock methods“, which I believe that they serve the same purpose (With the same release date, it is almost certain that people will search for those two terms).

I will not list the actual forums and blogs that I found, but their content.

In total, I found five iOS 10 Unlock methods (Actually there were more, but I will stick to the most popular ones), which unfortunately all they do is to waste time and most likely money to those that read and follow them.


1 – Software Installation for iOS 10 Unlock


iOS 10 Unlock Methods install softwareThis is, unfortunately, the most popular method that I found to Google’s top 10 results. The procedure is supposed to be very simple and it involves some “fancy” words which purpose is to convince you that this is actually a legitimate service.

You need to install a software to your computer and plug your iPhone through USB. You need to wait for a few seconds to recognize your iPhone (Which actually works – but this is a way to show that this software tool will unlock your iPhone) and then click on the “Unlock” button.

After a few minutes, and many lines of code (Fake code), you will get informed that your iPhone is now unlocked. At least, this is what the “demo” shows.

The price of this software is usually $19,95 or $29,95, it will be send instantly to your e-mail address (A download link) and they are also kind enough to allow you to use it without any limits (Which means that if that was the case, we would be able to find it somewhere online, so we can download it for FREE, but you cannot find it!).

Usually they only support Credit/Debit cards, and with their Terms & Conditions, you have no luck of getting your money back. In short, stay away from “weird” software tools, that claim to offer an iOS 10 Unlock service. Also, those software, a full of malware and viruses, so there is a chance of getting your Credit/Debit cards hacked.


2 – iOS 10 Unlock through Jailbreak


iOS 10 Unlock Methods JailbreakThis is the second most popular method, and it is a dangerous one, because it has a bit of truth in it (Those are the most dangerous ones!).

They claim that first you need to Jailbreak your iOS 10 device and then download and install their application, which can exploit specific bugs and unlock your iPhone forever.

The partial truth is that there was a method that could actually do that. What they do not disclosure to you, is that this method, can only work for iPhone 2G, 3G & 3Gs and for up to 6.1.6 iOS version. Well, since they want to scam you, I can see why they ommit this crucial detail!

This method is supposed to work with iOS versions that cannot be jailbroken yet, because they claim that they have the “secret” jailbreaking tool that can do it.

Stay away from those methods, because I can guarantee you that there will never be an application that can unlock the iOS 10 version, not now and not in the future. The team that used to release such applications, are no longer active. You can only expect a valid jailbreaking tool for iOS 10 version, not an unlock app.


3 – Hardware method for an iOS 10 Unlock


iOS 10 Unlock Methods Hardware methodThe third most popular unlocking method that you will find online, is the Hardware unlocking method. It also has some truths in it, but for the next few years you should not expect this method to work.

You need to purchase a specially designed SIM-Card, squize it inside your SIM-Tray with the SIM-Card you want to use and proceed with a few more steps. It “claims” that it can trick the network you want to use and “mask” your iPhone as Unlocked. That way, you can use any mobile network you want.

Unfortunately, this is not doable for the latest iPhone models, which are iPhone 5 and above. Those method was very popular with the old iPhone models, especially for iPhone 4 / 4s, because this is the period that the Software Unlock method (Through the Jailbreak) stopped working.

This method has the worst reviews ever, sudden drops during phonecalls, terrible voice quality and failure to unlock an iPhone (It has over 60% of failure rate).

If you want to proceed with an iOS 10 Unlock for your iPhone, then the hardware method is a good way to lose your money, so stay away from it.


4 – iOS 10 Unlock through Youtube tutorial


iOS 10 Unlock Methods Youtube methodThe forth and last iOS 10 Unlock method involves a “weird” video tutorial, which basically shows you nothing.

They created those videos in a way that a non experience iPhone user will not understand what those steps do, but to an experience eye, it is clear that the user is basically browsing around the iPhone’s settings, making some force reboots and opening iTunes.

Those tutorials are not harmful to you; you will only lose your time. On the other hand, those that create those videos, can get millions of views, which means that they will earn money from Youtube.

If you want to help the ecomony, you can go ahead and try some of those methods, but do not except any results!


So, is there a way for unlocking iOS 10 version?


Yes, there is a way, which does not involve shady software, hardware improvements or jailbreaking procedures.

It will provide you a permanent iOS 10 Unlock for your device, so you can use any mobile network you want (Worldwide).

The method is called Factory Unlock method, and it basically makes your iPhone a factory unlocked device (Like buying it full price from an Apple Store without any contract).


How the Factory Method can provide an iOS 10 Unlock for my iPhone?


The Factory Unlock method is a service that is related with Apple or with the Mobile Networks. It is approved from both, it needs to get verified from both and if your device is accepted, then you will get a permanently unlocked iPhone.

This method needs your iPhone’s IMEI number, to locate it inside Apple’s and Mobile Networks databases and switch its status from LOCKED to UNLOCKED. Once this procedure gets completed, then in order to verify and finalize it, you need to sync it with iTunes. If the procedure is successfully completed, then iTunes will inform you “Congratulations, your iPhone is now unlocked!“.

The Factory method require a few more details about your iPhone in order to be 100% successful.


Requirements of Factory Unlock method:


iPhone IMEI CheckIn order to get a guaranteed unlocking result for your iPhone, you need to know the following details about your iPhone:

  • Your iPhone’s model (iPhone 7, SE, 6s+, 6s, 6+, 6, 5C, 5s, 5, 4s, 4, 3Gs, 3G or 3G)
  • The Network that locks your iPhone (Not the network you want to use after the unlock)
  • The Blacklist status of your iPhone (If your iPhone is reported as Lost/Stolen or if it is involved with fraud activities)
  • The Contract Status of your iPhone (In or Out of Contract)
  • The Financial status of your iPhone (Unpaid bills or other Financial Outstanding balance)

If you happen to be the original owner of that iPhone, then you should know all the above information, which is great.

If you are not the original owner, then the only way to get access to those information is through an iPhone IMEI Check service. You can quickly get one straight to your e-mail address from a company which has access in Apple’s GSX database, and is the one we recommend.


iOS 10 Unlock with Factory Unlock Method


Assuming that you already know the above information about your iPhone, unlocking your iOS 10 iPhone is a piece of cake.

We recommend iPhoneUnlock.Zone as the iPhone Unlock provider for unlocking your iOS 10 device, since they have over 97% satisfied customers (And we already tested their services).

1 – Go to their Factory Unlock Ordering form (See below – iPhoneUnlock.Zone)

iOS 10 Unlock method ordering form

2 – Replace the “I am not sure” answers with the proper ones (Based on the details of your iPhone)

3 – Click on the “See Unlock Solution“, to see which service is recommended for your iPhone, based on the answers you picked.

4 – Proceed with the order – Only PayPal is supported, so both parties can be 100% sure that the whole procedure will leave both of them 100% satisfied.

After the completion of the order, you will have a 24/7 Customer support through their Ticketing Platform or through phone.


Sum Up for iOS 10 Unlock methods:

  1. You can find many iOS 10 Unlock methods online, but none of them works (Except Factory Unlock method)

  2. Factory Unlock Method can unlock ALL iOS 10 iPhones

  3. The Factory Unlock is Permanent and approved by Apple and all Mobile Networks worldwide

  4. Always perform an IMEI Check before ordering a Factory unlock (


Go to iPhoneUnlock.Zone and request an iOS 10 Unlock service for your iPhone

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