iOS 10 Errors and Bugs

Everybody is waiting  for the release of iPhone 7  and this also means the release of iOS 10 update. iOS 10 Errors and Bugs

At this moment the only thing you can do if you can’t wait is to download and install  iOS 10 beta version. As you can understand this beta update can cause stability and performance issues due to a bunch of bugs and errors that accompany it.

We did our homework and present you a list of iOS 10 Errors and Bugs.

[updated in 24/10/2016]

List of iOS 10 Errors and Bugs

If you plan to use iOS 10 beta version get ready to make your life a little bit rougher. Don’t forget that beta always means errors and bugs!

iOS 10 Beta Lock Screen Issues

Unfortunately, Lock Screen in iOS 10 Beta version is quite problematic.

  1. The reply Window can freeze when you use Force Touch to reply to an SMS from the Lock Screen. This means that the only way to exit the reply window is by restarting the device.
  2.  If you take a screen shot of the Lock Screen, can make your device restart.
  3. The Lock Screen still times out after 30 seconds even if you are interacting with a notification. 
  4.  Replying to an iMessage from the Lock Screen causes the device to send you a notification of the same message again.

iOS 10 Beta App Issues

Get ready, because more iOS 10 Errors and Bugs are coming your way!

  1. Activation of  Reduced motion causes various apps and mostly Safari to become slow and choppy.
  2. Safari has generally rendering issues by itself.
  3. There are widgets in the Today View, with rendering issues.
  4. Do you want to send more than 3 emojis in one iMessage…you better forget it because they will be sent in normal text size!
  5. Facebook app crashes when you upload pictures and videos.
  6. Siri crashes when you ask it your name.
  7. Sometimes the ”Update all” button on you iPhone is not working.
  8. Photos App isn’t showing the location of synced photos
  9. Multi-Task too many apps and they will start crashing one after another
  10. Bluetooth is less clear and stutters

iOS 10 Beta Battery Issues

The battery drains too quick even when the device is on standby.

Don’t get surprised if your iPhone shuts down even though it has enough battery power and just needs to be connected to a power source.

After all, one of the worst features of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is the battery life!

Here are some great tips to expand your battery life in iOS 10!

iOS 10 Beta iPad issues

  1. When you change the orientation of your device there is a good chance the iPad will lock its orientation. Restarting is the only way to fix it.
  2. Sometimes sound shuts off when you plug in the headphones at iPad Pro.
  3. Photos App has shown some UI glitches.

Should I download iOS 10 beta version?iOS 10 beta version

Don’t get frustrated. As I have already told you downloading a beta version means errors, bugs and glitches.

It’s not the end of the world. Solutions will pop up every now and then, by Apple or other developers and we will be here for you to keep you updated.

You can always downgrade your iDevice to iOS 9.3.5 and wait for the iOS 10 official release this fall.

What do you think about iOS 10 one month after its official release? Which of these iOS 10 Beta bugs remain?

Leave a comment below and take care!

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