The iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool – Is it Genuine or a Scam?

I can imagine that you found your way to this post because you are looking for a legitimate iCloud unlock tool. You must have come across the iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool and you are wondering if it is a genuine iCloud removal tool or not.

iCloudLockRemoval.US ToolMost people now buy second-hand iPhones online. It is convenient, hassle-free, and the best way to get great deals on iPhones.

You probably got your iPhone this way, and you are now struggling with one of its hidden issues. What is worse is that several iCloud unlock websites have set up shop because of the rising demand to bypass an iCloud activation lock. With most sites out to make a quick buck, it is hard to tell who is legitimate or not.

That is why I wrote this post, to give you all the information I gathered about It essentially is a review of the iCloud unlocking service, but also works as a guideline on how to tell if an unlock iCloud activation lock service is legitimate or not.

What is the iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool?

The site claims that they can unlock your iCloud locked iPhone. They have a downloadable iCloud bypass hack tool on their site. They claim that it can remove an activation lock from your iPhone. I decided to give the website a try, to figure out how it works, and this was my experience.

The Website

What iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool is?The iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool ( site uses a simple layout with only texts and no inclusion of visuals showcasing their services. Their latest claim is that they can unlock iOS 10/10.3 iPhone in 2 minutes. I had a look at their “About Us” page and found out that apparently, a team of web developers owns the site.

They say that they made several products in the past that became successful. No details about these products are mentioned. They also do not include links to the product sites or images to support their claims. One YouTube video is included on their homepage.

The iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool Site’s Terms and Conditions

Next, I had a look at their terms and conditions page. They do not mention the iCloud unlock procedure they use and if it is legal or not. They do not provide a money-back guarantee or other consumer protection method in case the process does not work.

iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool Terms and ConditionsInterestingly, they mention “Fraud and deception” saying that their system logs users IP addresses and other information to detect fraud. They warn users not to submit their IMEI numbers by fraud, or they will report it to Apple and your carrier to get it blacklisted. It makes no sense at all, but that is not even the biggest issues with this iCloud unlock service provider.

The iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool site also claims that they can automatically detect any iDevice’s Serial number & IMEI. Also, they say that the process does not void your Apple warranty. Some of their other incredible claims include disabling “Find My iPhone,” setting a new IMEI for your iPhone, recovering lost iCloud passwords, and allow you to install all applications of your choice (yet they say that no jailbreak is involved).

They offer two options to unlock your iPhone. You can either use their online-based tool or a downloadable iPhone iCloud unlock software for Windows/Mac.

The iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool iPhone iCloud Unlock Process

So, I decided to give their online iCloud unlock tool a try. It led me to another page, asking me to enter my iPhone’s IMEI. ‘

iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool unlock process

I put in a bunch of random numbers as you can see because I just wanted to see how the process works. Most importantly, I wanted to find out how much the iPhone iCloud removal tool costs. I hit send, and it said that the IMEI was invalid, so they at least could detect that.

Using a different approach, I searched online for IMEI examples and entered it on their online IMEI checker. It worked! It led me to a page with four options to either unlock iCloud, view password, get device info, or change IMEI.

I chose the unlock iCloud option, and it ran my IMEI for a few seconds.  A pop-up came up saying that they provide the service for free, but they still need to pay for their server and some script charges. They then ask that you complete an offer or install their app.

The Phishing

iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool phising scamAfter clicking on the “Yes I want to unlock my iPhone” button, a pop-up with offer options appeared. I chose the “Get a voucher” option, and it opened out to another tab. It asked for my number, and I once again entered a fake phone number.

After that, it led me to a ‘WhatsApp Alert” page asking that I update to the latest WhatsApp version. It also said that the service would cost me about $0.30 every day! It means that it subscribes you to these two services that would take about $0.60 daily from you!

At this point, I knew that I was just going round in circles. I checked back on the iCloudLockRemoval.US Too site it was still saying “checking for completion.” I tried the software download option, and it was the same thing all over again.

User Reviews of the iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool

I went back to the YouTube video they have on their homepage. I was not keen on how the process works at this point, but rather I wanted to find out what other users had to say about the iPhone iCloud unlocker service.

iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool is fakeIt took some digging through the iCloud unlock promos to find real comments from actual iPhone users. The resounding agreement from the comments was that the iCloud unlock service does not work. These are users from across the globe, who tried getting the iCloud unlock software from the site several times and could not access it.

Next, I went to their Facebook page, and it was the same situation like their website. They have just about six posts, and I looked at the comments too. Everyone was saying the same thing;  the iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool site claims are not valid, and they cannot unlock your iCloud locked iPhone.

The conclusion is that the site is a scam! It just phishes for your phone number and subscribes you to paid phone advertisements that you do not need. It is a sad fact that iPhone users from all over the globe keep trying to use the site to unlock iCloud locked iPhones.

iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool blocked by Antivirus

The iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool site admits it in their disclaimer that the site is a scam, which I, later on, went back to and saw hidden in the stream of text. I found out conclusively that iCloudLockRemoval.US Tool is a phishing site, and I do not recommend putting your computer or phone at risk trying to access the site.

If you are still trying to unlock your iCloud locked iPhone, use the genuine solutions outlined in the How to Legally Unlock iCloud Ebook.

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