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One of the most frequent questions of UnlockUltrasnow.EU visitors is about iCloud Activation Lock  Status and if there is really an iCloud Unlocker Service to remove it. Read carefully the following article and learn what iCloud Lock/Find My iPhone is, how to check if an iPhone is iCloud Locked and finally the only iCloud Unlocker tool you can use and unlock your iPhone. Enjoy!

Things to know before you go for an iCloud Unlocker Tool

In 2013, iOS 7 introduced iCloud Activation Lock to Apple community. In fact, it is the iCloud/Find my iPhone that can help you find a lost or stolen iPhone or even better it is a great security measurement that prevents someone from stealing an iPhone or use a lost one. Why?

If the iCloud Lock/Find my iPhone are ON Then the iPhone will ask the Apple ID and the password of the original owner to get activated. If you don’t know them, the iPhone is useless. The only thing that you can do with it, is to turn it ON or OFF.

How can you end up with an iCloud Locked iPhone?

When you buy a second-hand iPhone from online stores like Craigslist, eBay, Amazon or any other similar store, there is always a good chance that you will by a locked iPhone without even knowing it. These stores cannot reassure you about the lock status of a used iPhone and this is the moment when the big problem begins.

I was on of those that bought a seemingly cheap ”Unlocked” iPhone and it turned up to be iCloud Locked!

And this was the first time, I’ve searched for an iCloud Unlocker Service!

What is this iCloud Activation Screen?iCloud Unlocker-original-owner-message

Like I  already told you when you see the above message on your Home Screen it means that the iPhone is iCloud Locked.

Otherwise, it means that the iPhone is LOST, STOLEN or ERASED by the original owner. Sometimes he/she leaves a message in the iCloud Activation Screen, so when someone finds it, to get in touch with him/her.

At the same time if the original owner reported this to his/her Mobile Network or Apple then the iPhone is also BLACKLISTED

When is an iPhone considered Blacklisted?

This is also a huge problem so watch out. An iPhone gets Blacklisted when:

  1. It is reported as lost or stolen,
  2. It is still under contract,
  3. There are Unpaid Contract bills,
  4. It is involved in fraud activities
  5. And some other rare cases

When none of the above applies, then the iPhone is considered CLEAN!

Check out how to iCloud Unlock a blacklisted iPhone by clicking here!

Always check before you buy a used iPhone BEFORE?

So you see how important it is, to check an iPhone before buying it. The best way to do it is via an IMEI Check Service. Take a look what great info you will get if you use this really cheap and important service:iCloud Unlocker-IMEI Check Service

Using an iPhone IMEI Check Service will:

  • Prevent you from buying a Locked iPhone
  • Will show you the Lock status and all the technical details of an iPhone
  • Will help you choose the right Unlocking Service (or in this case the right iCloud Unlocker tool)

->Check the Lock Status of an iPhone by clicking here<-

The best provider that we have found so far is UnlockSpector!

Now you are ready to learn about the best iCloud Unlocker Method

What is this iCloud Unlocker Service?

There is not an actual iCloud Unlocker tool. We never found one and if any of them exists it would be illegal. The only way to remove the iCloud Lock is to contact the original owner and ask him/her to do it.

”Only the original owner can remove the iCloud Lock”

If the original owner hasn’t left a message on the Activation Screen, then it is impossible to find him/her because:

  • Online stores don’t have this kind of information
  • Apple and Mobile Networks doesn’t share this personal data with anyone

So what you really need is an iCloud Unlocker tool that can find the original contact information, also known as Apple ID contact information!

How does the ”iCloud Unlock Service” works?

You need a legitimate service that has access to Apple’s and Carriers’ GSX Databases. From there it can track down the original owner’s personal info and provide them to you.

With this information you can:

  1. Obtain the Apple ID contact information and
  2. Ask him/her for iCloud Lock removal

The procedure of an iCloud Unlocker Service

Easy and the only way to iCloud Unlock your iPhone:

    1. Click the link below
    2. Provide iPhone’s IMEI number
    3. Provide iPhone’s UDID number
    4. Leave your e-mail
    5. They will contact you about the needed time and price
    6. Finally, you will be able to

->Obtain the Apple ID contact information<-

Which is the best provider of this iCloud Unlocker Service?

Afer testing almost all of them based on:iCloud Unlocker-sitejabber

      1. Success Rate
      2. Speed
      3. Customer Support
      4. Reviews of satisfied customers ->
      5. Price
      6. Getting your money back in case of failure

We strongly suggest iPhoneUnlock.Zone. The best, safe and legitimate iPhone Unlocking provider

Summary: iCloud Unlocker Services

The only way to remove iCloud Lock/Find My iPhone is to

iCloud Unlocker-point

Check the Blacklist and Lock status of an iPhone  by using an iPhone IMEI Check Service

iCloud Unlocker-point

Use iPhoneUnlock.Zone and get the original owner’s contact information and ask for the iCloud Lock removal.

Did you like the article? Do you have other questions about unlocking? Did you manage to unlock your iPhone with our suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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