iCloud Unlock Free: Fraud or truth

I was always curious about all iCloud Unlock Free Services, someone can easily find on top pages of Google and other Web Search engines! On the one hand, I know that iCloud Activation Lock is unhackable but on the other, there are ways to remove Find My iPhone Activation Lock from an iCloud Locked iPhone!

I tested countless iCloud Unlock Free Solutions in the form of iCloud Unlock Software or YouTube Tutorials and I am ready to expose the whole truth about free iCloud Unlocking and on top of that, the only way to deactivate iCloud Activation Lock, legally and safe, the iCloud Contact Information Service.

iCloud Lock and refurbished iPhones

One of the worst problems you might have to deal with when you buy a second hand iPhone without IMEI Checking it first is to get an iCloud Locked iPhone! iCloud Activation Lock is the best anti-theft security measurement a smartphone could ever have but this doesn’t stop criminals from stealing an iPhone and selling it through online markets, local stores or personal transaction to unsuspecting victims!

As soon as you search for an iCloud Unlocking Solution, you will come across Free iCloud Unlocking Tools and YouTube Bypass iCloud unlock Tutorials that promise Find My iPhone Unlock Deactivation! So, can you trust either of them in order to iCloud Unlock the pre-owned iPhone you bought? Are they really free?

Free iCloud Unlocker Services

To tell you the truth, until iOS 8 there were flaws in Apple’s firmware that hackers exploited in order to bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen with special iCloud Bypass Tools! Since iOS 9, Apple improved iCloud Activation Lock to the point that hacking into it seems almost impossible. So, what are all these iCloud Unlock Free Tools you can still find? Tools like:

  • Dangers of iCloud Unlock Free Software

    iCloud Remover

  • Free iCloud Unlocker Tool
  • iCloud Removal Software
  • Software iCloud Bypass Tools
  • iCloud DNS Bypass

Some of the iCloud Unlock Companies even claim that they offer their services for free but check this out:

None of these iCloud Unlock Software works and on top of that, not a single one of them is free!

This is what will happen when you try to use any of these iCloud Unlock Free or Not Software:

You will visit several pages in order to download the iCloud Bypass Software. If you were going for a free one, they will tell you that there has been an issue and you will have to pay after all! They accept only credit/debit card payment and there are 2 reasons for this:

  1. You won’t get your money back when your iPhone remain iCloud Locked
  2. Some of the use Spyware or Malware to gain access to your credit/debit card account

I’m sorry boys and girls but you won’t able to disable iCloud Activation Lock in this way but you will only get scammed for the second time in a row!

iCloud Unlock Free YouTube Tutorials

They work just the same as iPhone SIM Unlocking YouTube Tutorials. They are just clickbaits! You will just make pointless setting changes and restarts! Of course, your iPhone will remain iCloud Locked but at least they are all harmless and you won’t spend money (just time).

The only iCloud Unlock Solution

The only one who can disable iCloud Activation Lock is the person who initially iCloud locked the iPhone with his/her Apple ID and Password.

iCloud Unlock Free & iCloud Activation Lock Screen

In most cases, the original owner has also left a message with contact information on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen. If this is the situation you are in, then go ahead and contact the original owner! There is no other way around it. Explain how the iPhone got into your hands and trust me, almost always the original owner understands and deactivates Find My iPhone Activation Lock!

But when there is no such message, you need a way to find the iPhone’s original owner and this is exactly what iCloud Contact Information Service does! With certified access to Apple’s iCloud Databases it will get you original owner’s:

Get all original owner's iCloud ID Information through iCloud Contact Information Service

To use an iCloud Contact Information Service, you will need:

  1. The iCloud Locked iPhone’s IMEI Number
  2. The iCloud Locked iPhone’s UDID Number

On top of that, you now possess another weapon in your arsenal. If the original owner doesn’t respond you can make a Formal iCloud Lock Removal Request to Apple! Apple will make sure that you will be able to talk with the iPhone’s original owner or even turn off iCloud Activation Lock if you fulfill their conditions!

What are your experiences of iCloud Unlocking? Leave a comment below and tell us! Take Care

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