The truth about every iCloud ID Bypass Tool

Nobody wants to buy an iCloud Locked iPhone but unfortunately, many are scammed in getting ones from online markets, local stores or via personal transaction! Obviously, the next step after this disaster is to search for an iCloud ID Bypass Tool!

After a quick web search, you may think that there are many iCloud Unlocking options in the form of various iCloud Lock Removal Tools but sadly, you are heading for a second disaster in a row!

Read this article, learn everything about iCloud Hacking Software and find out the only way to disable iCloud Activation Lock!

The facts about iCloud Activation Lock

iCloud ID Bypass Tool and Find My iPhoneApple is the first and only smartphone manufacturer that gave their customers the ability to iCloud Lock their iPhones with their personal Apple ID & Password. An iCloud Locked iPhone CANNOT be activated without the Apple ID & password that locked it and on top of that, with the addition of Find My iPhone feature, the original owner can find the lost or stolen iPhone.

Until iOS 8, iOS firmware was still under development in many parts and iCloud Activation Lock was also one of them! This is why hackers found ways to exploit iOS flaws and created iCloud ID Bypass Tools. Even then, a few of them worked.

With the release of iOS 9, Apple made 2 crucial changes:

  • Find My iPhone feature was fused with iCloud Activation Lock (this is why we also call it Find My iPhone Activation Lock) and became an iOS built-in and unremovable app!
  • Make sure that iCloud Activation Lock is UNHACKABLE and put an end to the few previously working iCloud ID Bypass Tools.

The current moment, iOS 10.2 is the latest firmware version and despite the fact, iCloud Activation Lock remains uncompromised, many sites claim that have developed a new iCloud ID Bypass Tool. Is this true? There are a few cases of iCloud ID hacking but all of them had to do with data which is a totally different story!

How can an iCloud ID Bypass Tool remove iCloud Activation Lock?

There are many iCloud ID Bypass Tools out there! The most popular are:

  • iCloud Remover
  • Unlock iCloud Generator
  • iCloud Bypass Tool
  • Open My iCloud Easy Unlock Tool
  • iCloud Unlocking Tool
  • Bypass iCloud Activation Tool
  • Remove iCloud Activation Lock Tool

When you see so many iCloud ID Bypass Tool options, you tend to believe that this is a real thing but you are horribly wrong! The plain cold truth is this:

There is not even a single one working iCloud ID Bypass Tool

1. iCloud ID Bypass Tool Reviews

First of all, I strongly advise you to see customer reports and of course, I don’t mean the reports you see under the company’s order button but the real stuff from reliable sites like SiteJabber, TRUSTPILOT, etc. The positive comments are one in a hundred. Check it out!

2. How iCloud ID Bypass Tools work?

Not a clue! Most of them don’t tell anything about the procedure they follow while others simply array random technical stuff that has nothing to do with bypassing iCloud Activation Lock and exist only to deceive!

3. But some of these iCloud ID Bypass Tools are free?

Yeah, right! FREE is just a click bait! As soon as you start the fake iCloud Unlocking process, they will lead you to various pages and at some point, they will tell you that something went wrong and you need to pay for their services. Surprise!

4. Why didn’t the thief iCloud Unlock the iPhone?

Someone sold you an iCloud Locked iPhone at a ridiculously low price in order to get rid of it! That someone stole the iPhone or found it somewhere but didn’t want to iCloud Unlock the iPhone and make more money.

iCloud ID Bypass Tools are more dangerous than you think

If you still decide to use an iCloud ID Bypass Tool, you may get yourself in bigger trouble! All of then support only credit/debit card payment method to make sure that you won’t get your money back when they fail. But some of these, take the next step further and use Malware or Spyware in order to gain access to your credit/debit card account. Beware!

The only way to deactivate iCloud Activation Lock

If you want to activate the iCloud Locked refurbished iPhone you purchased, then you must find the iPhone’s original owner and ask him/her to turn OFF Find My iPhone Activation Lock!

In some cases, there is a message on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen with original owner’s contact information! If you see such a message, go ahead and reach the original owner. After all, there is no other way around this!

Only the person who iCloud Locked the iPhone can disable iCloud Activation Lock!

iCloud ID Bypass Tool & iCloud Activation Lock Screen

But sometimes this kind of message is absent and this is where your iCloud Unlocking Solution steps in and the name is iCloud Contact Information Service!

This service has authorized access to Apple’s iCloud Databases and get you ALL original owner’s contact information. On top of that, if the iPhone was previously activated with several Apple IDs it will get you contact info for all of them!

You won't get this kind of Apple ID info with any iCloud ID Bypass Tool but only with an iCloud Contact Information Service

To use an iCloud Contact Information Service, you will need the iCloud Locked iPhone’s:

  1. IMEI Number
  2. UDID Number
    (click here if you don’t know how to find them)

Moreover, if the original owner isn’t responding, you can use the info you got and make a Formal iCloud Activation Lock Removal Request to Apple. Apple will evaluate your condition and either arrange a meeting with the original owner or even iCloud Unlock your iPhone!

What is your opinion on iCloud ID Bypass Tools vs iCloud Contact Information Service? Leave a comment below!

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