What is iCloud Contact Information Service? How to iCloud Unlock my iPhone?

iCloud Contact Information Service is the answer to the following questions:

  • I bought a refurbished iPhone and it is iCloud Locked. How can I disable iCloud Activation Lock?
  • I found an iPhone and Find My iPhone Activation Lock in ON. How can I remove it?
  • The iPhone I bought is Lost, stolen or erased, as it says on the screen. What shall I do?
  • I can’t activate the used iPhone I bought. It asks for a passcode and Apple ID. What’s going on?

These questions and other similar ones are answered here in Unlock.Ultrasnow.EU in a daily basis and in this post, I will explain in detail why iCloud Contact Information Service is the only way to deactivate the iCloud Activation Lock!

But before I tell you more about the iCloud Contact Information Service, we need to clarify everything for once and for all!

How iCloud Activation Lock works

iCloud Activation Lock (aka Find My iPhone Activation Lock) is the most effective anti-theft security measurement iDevices have and you won’t find something similar in other smartphones!

iCloud contact information service-find-my-iphoneWhen the iPhone’s original owner enables the iCloud Activation Lock:

  • The iPhone needs the original owner’s Apple ID and Password to get activated when it is turned ON
  • The original owner can find the iPhone on an Apple’s Map Service in case it gets lost or stolen
  • The original owner can remotely erase at any time the iPhone’s Data and Settings via iCloud on his/her PC

Practically the iCloud Locked iPhone is useless to whoever steals it or finds it, without the original owner’s Apple ID and Password!

And bypassing iCloud Lock is almost impossible (I will tell you later)

So, when you need to iCloud Unlock an iPhone, in reality, you need to find the iPhone’s original owner and if you can’t see original owner’s contact info on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen, then the only way to find the original owner is the iCloud Contact Information Service!

What thieves do with iCloud Locked iPhones

Despite the fact that the iCloud Activation Lock is almost unhackable (unfortunately, there are rare situations where iCloud Activation Lock is hacked), nothing stops the thief from selling the iCloud Locked iPhone to an unsuspected victim through an online market!

There are many iPhone Scams you need to be aware of when you buy a refurbished iPhone and guess what:

iCloud Locked iPhones is the number 1 fraud and danger when you buy second hand iPhones!

Now if you chose to buy an iPhone from a random guy on the street is like you were asking to buy a stolen and iCloud Locked iPhone

Please DO NOT buy iPhones from strangers, it isn’t only illegal but also extremely hazardous!

What the iCloud Activation Lock Screen tells me

You will easily realize that an iPhone is iCloud Locked when you turn it ON because you will be immediately stucked to the iCloud Activation Lock Screen! Let’s take a look at some examples of iCloud Locked iPhones

iCloud Contact Information Service-iCloud Activation Lock Screen

  1. On the first iCloud Locked iPhone, you see that the original owner still didn’t enable Lost or Stolen mode but you can see his/her email on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen
  2. On the second iPhone, you can see that the iPhone is Lost and original owner erased all Data & Settings remotely! You can also find original owner’s phone number in case you find the iPhone
  3. On the third iPhone, you see that it is lost and erased and nothing else! How am I supposed to find the original owner now?

How iCloud Contact Information Service works

The key factor of iCloud Unlock is the iPhone’s original owner!

If you can see original owner’s contact info on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen don’t hesitate to reach the original owner ASAP!

But when this option is not available the only way to find the original owner is the iCloud Contact Information Service!

This service has authorized access to Apple’s iCloud Databases and uses the iPhone’s IMEI number and UDID number to track down the Apple ID this iPhone is related to and gets you ALL original owner’s contact information!

icloud contact information service-report-sample
Sample of iCloud Contact Information Service Report

How to get IMEI and UDID number to use an iCloud Contact Info Service

iCloud Contact Information Service Requirements
  1. iPhone IMEI Number: Press the i icon on the top right corner of the iCloud Activation Lock Screen
  2. iPhone UDID number: Check out this Find my iPhone UDID number tutorial
  3. Your email address (the iCloud Contact Information Service Report must be sent somewhere)

Now you are almost done in removing the iCloud Activation Lock because you know exactly how to find the iPhone’s original owner!

iCloud contact information service-button
iCloud Contact Information Service’s Outcome

Right now, I know that you are wondering what will happen when you reach the iPhone’s original owner!

There are 5 different situations that might occur! Check them out!

Situation 1Situation 2Situation 3Situation 4Situation 5
The original owner will understand that you were also scammed in buying his stolen iPhone and remove iCloud Activation Lock immediately!
The original owner will ask you for money to disable the iCloud Activation Lock. I know it sucks, but it is his/her iPhone after all. Negotiate!
The original owner will offer you money to return the iPhone! Think about it! If you found the iPhone, ask the money you spent for the iCloud Contact Information Service! If you bought it, you can cover a part of your loss! Negotiate!
The original owner will refuse to deactivate the Find My iPhone Activation Lock. Negotiate!
The original owner is not responding! You can now use the iCloud Contact Information Service Report to send a Formal iCloud Lock Removal Request to Apple! Apple will evaluate the situation and either iCloud Unlock the iPhone or arrange a meeting between you and the iPhone’s original owner!

You have nothing to fear when you didn’t steal the iPhone! And trust me, in most cases the original owner don’t hesitate to iCloud Unlock the iPhone for free! After all, you were both victims of the same criminal!

iCloud Lock Hacking Tools vs iCloud Contact Information Service

Before the end let me tell you the differences between iCloud Contact Information Service & tools that promise to hack the iCloud Lock

There is now way to hack the iCloud Activation Lock with an iCloud Bypass tool or a YouTube tutorial!

iCloud contact information service-dangerWhat would happen if I found a way to bypass iCloud Lock and made an iCloud Hacking tool?

  • Would I advertise it on Google?
  • What would Apple do to me?

Do yourself a favor and don’t fall for iCloud Unlock Hacking tools!

They are all frauds and even if you find one that works it will be illegal!

In fact, after countless tests, the only iCloud Lock Removal Tools that work is iCloud Account Unlock Online but it isn’t 100% successful!

On top of that, all of them support credit/debit card payment and there is a good reason for this!

When they fail (and they will) you won’t get your money back and many of them target your credit/debit card account with malware and spyware!

On the other hand, iCloud Contact Information Service is completely legal, PayPal is supported and you will get a full refund if you won’t get original owner’s contact info!

Do you still have questions about iCloud Unlocking? What is your experience with iPhone Unlocking?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

Take care!

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  1. tirtha says:

    Dear sir we are very trouble in the I phone. My I phone are so many time lock. This is not good for ll users. You are the time earn money. But we are very lost money. This is not good policy. I think you cn have product samsung type. Your hand set very sale all in the world. My phone is again lock. My IMIE no is 359256065095932.

    1. Makis ( User Karma: 11 ) says:

      Hi, Tirtha!
      An Official IMEI Unlock Service from iPhoneUnlock.Zone is a 100% guaranteed solution!
      You iPhone will be unlocked or you will get all your money back!
      But make sure you won’t skip the IMEI Check if you are not sure of all hidden issues of your iPhone. Maybe one of them is the real reason your iPhone remains locked
      Take care Tirtha and come back to tell me how it went!

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