iCloud check: You must know this before buying a used iPhone.

If you are planning to buy a used iPhone, here you have some info you must follow in order to make a safe purchase and avoid being cheated by the seller. Getting an iCloud check is a must. Don’t you know what iCloud is yet? Haven’t you heard about iCloud checks? Well, you are in the right place. I will explain why iCloud is so important and what you should look for before buying a used iPhone including some info of the best seller iCloud checker: UnlockSpector.


What is iCloud and why it’s so important?


icloud check, iphone, unlock iphoneiCloud is a cloud storage from Apple, released in 2011. This service stores data such as documents, photos, and music in Apple’s remote server. Also, it provides backup for all the Apple devices as well as activation and location tools in case of loss or theft. The activation lock is the most important feature in iCloud as it provides security to all customers.


Every iPhone works with an iCloud account that is created by the user. This account is associated with the device for safe use. Without an iCloud account, the iPhone cannot work. Once an iCloud account is set up, the iPhone will work as long as it remains activated in the device. If the iPhone gets lost or stolen, nobody will be able to change the iCloud account to a new one. So, the iPhone will remain useless until the legal user unlocks it with the username and password.


iCloud and used iPhones


icloud check, iphone, unlock iphoneAs you have seen, there is no way that an iCloud account could be changed by other people. The only way a new iCloud account could be set up is to delete the current account which can be performed by the legal user only.


The iCloud account keeps bounded to the device until it is deleted. If so, a new iCloud account must be set up in order to use the iPhone. This is why it is so important to get an iCloud check before making that purchase. In this way, you will be sure to get a fully functioning iPhone without any issue.


Easy ways to get an iCloud check


Nowadays, there are two main ways by which you can verify the iCloud status of an iPhone:


  1. Talk to the original owner of the iPhone: It may happen that the seller is the original owner of the iPhone. In that case, you will need to talk to him and ask to remove the iCloud account from the iPhone so you can set up your own. For this task, go to Settings/iCloud/Delete Account. Once the user has deleted the iCloud account, you will be able to log into another iCloud account or create a new one.


If the original owner is unavailable, then you may have been scammed. You won’t be able to use that iPhone nor getting it iCloud unlocked. You can either ask the seller for a refund or take legal actions against that person.


  1. Contact an iCloud check service: There are some iCloud check services online. Some of them may offer the chance to get it unlocked but remember: nobody can change the iCloud account except for the legal user.


For this task, we recommend UnlockSpector. This is a service that provides detailed iPhone checks by searching in the Apple’s GSX server worldwide to provide accurate and complete information about the phone. Depending on the type of lock, they may offer an unlock solution for an affordable price.


Why Unlock Spector?

icloud check, iphone, unlock iphone

  • You only need the IMEI number and your Email.
  • Quick response.
  • Attended by iPhone experts.
  • Complete reports verified through the Apple servers.
  • Safe service.
  • Offers the most suitable unlock options available for customers.
  • Affordable.
  • 100% guaranteed or get your money back.



Now you know what to do before buying a used iPhone. If you take all this into consideration, you will be making a safe purchase without a doubt. Don’t get scammed nor fooled by sellers. Getting an iCloud check is mandatory when it comes to second-hand iPhone purchases. Do it the right way with UnlockSpector.


icloud check, iphone, unlock iphone



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