Do you Need an iCloud Blacklist Check?

Why get an iCloud blacklist check iPhones still confuse many people, because it can happen at any time. In fact, most iPhone users who buy pre-owned devices online discover that they unknowingly bought blacklisted phones. Most people keep asking the question “do you need an iCloud blacklist check?”

People do not have much trust in each other, and it does not get any better over the internet. Online scammers have made it more difficult, and it includes selling virtually unusable iPhones over the internet. It begs the question, how can you know if an iPhone checks out before buying it online?

An iPhone status check helps you figure out whether to buy an iPhone or not. However, not all of them give accurate information.

Why Do People Buy iPhones Online?

get an iCloud blacklist check before buying an iPhoneThe internet still has a pretty bad rep because of online scammers. In fact, many people question why anyone would buy an iPhone online. It means trusting someone you never met by making a payment for something you have not received yet.

With iPhones, you can perform a status check, but some of the check services available give false information.

Everyone buys things online does it because of the excellent deals you can find. The internet has created a pre-owned iPhones global market with people selling/buying used iPhones across borders.

Usually, you cannot meet the seller to verify an iPhone’s details. iPhone IMEI status checks help you find out everything that you should know about an iPhone online.

How Does an iCloud Blacklist Check Work?

You will come across countless of iPhone checkers online. Each of these services will ask you for several details to determine your iPhone’s status. However, most ask you for your iPhone’s IMEI number.

Each iPhone comes with a unique set of 15 numbers that function as its unique serial number/identifier. Referred to as the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, ihow an iCloud blacklist check service workst works as the gateway to finding out everything about an iPhone.

IMEI checkers extract details about an iPhone through its IMEI details listed on the GSX server. The information includes the iPhone’s origin, year of manufacture, model, color, and serial number replacement details.

Other valuable details an iPhone IMEI search reveals include the device’s blacklist status, iCloud lock state, and network lock status.

Once again, worth noting is that not all iPhone checkers offer reliable services, and some provide inaccurate results. The only trustworthy iPhone IMEI checkers work in hand with the Apple GSX server.

Finding a Reliable iCloud Blacklist Check Service 

You should be able to figure out if an iPhone IMEI checker works or not first by checking them out.

finding a reliable iCloud blacklist check serviceMake sure that the iPhone check provider uses the Apple GSX server to provide an iPhone’s full history. Some site’s only ask for your iPhone model and your phone number. These details cannot reveal everything you need to know about an iPhone. In fact, most of them are phishing sites and only out to get your private information.

Use the services of iPhone check services with a reachable customer support team. It means that you can reach out to them and ask questions. Some check providers without proper contact information go silent after you pay and they will never get back to you.

Speedy services do not necessarily mean that a check service is reputable or not. However, you should not have to wait for several weeks to receive your iPhone’s status check certificate. You should receive timely communication from the website during every step of the process.

Avoid free iPhone IMEI check services because nothing that provides quality and accurate information comes without a price tag.  If you could freely access the Apple GSX server, the Apple website would have an IMEI checker. Trustworthy IMEI check providers can access the Apple GSX server, but it does take them some effort and costs.

Why Should You Get an iCloud Blacklist Check 

With the guidelines above, you will undoubtedly find a reliable IMEI check provider. Worth noting is that an iPhone can end up blacklisted or locked at any point. It means that you should figure out the iPhone’s blacklist potential which is possible with an iCloud blacklist check.

details an iCloud blacklist check revealsSome of the things  an IMEI check reveals about an iPhone’s future blacklist/iCloud Lock potential include:

  • SIM Lock – An iPhone with a SIM/network lock means that the original owner bought it with a carrier contract. It is a red flag because it limits the iPhone’s use with other carriers. Also,  the original owner could ask their carrier to blacklist the iPhone at any time. 
  • Contract Status – an iPhone that is still under a carrier contract means that it could end up on the blacklist if the owner stops making its payments. In such a case, you should ask the seller to complete the iPhone’s contract payments before buying it.
  • Insurance – an iPhone with an insurance policy also suggests that an iPhone might get blacklisted. If the seller makes an insurance claim, the iPhone’s IMEI number gets blacklisted after the original owner receives a settlement.
  • iCloud Lock – most iCloud locked iPhones also end up on the blacklist. An iCloud locked iPhone is often a lost/stolen iPhone, which means that the original owner asked the carrier to blacklist it.

When Should You Get an iPhone Status Check?

iPhone's iCloud blacklist checkWith this information, you can figure out that an iPhone comes with too much risk and avoid buying it. You can get an iPhone status check done at virtually any time. The first time you should get an iPhone status check is before you pay for an iPhone you want to buy online.

However, if you never got a status check done, it can help you find out hidden things about your iPhone. An iPhone that you have been using and works just fine might end up blacklisted for any of the reasons outlined above.

Even if you have an iPhone that you bought from an Apple store, an IMEI check can reveal details that you did not know. For instance, it can tell you the iPhone’s warranty status which and verify if a SIM unlock process was successful. These details help with determining the resale value when you are ready to sell the iPhone.

Therefore, you should have an iPhone status check done at any time just to make sure that you catch on to underlying issues early enough.

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      There is not a generic iCloud password for iPhone 4s devices. The password is being set by the Original Owner of that device. First, you need to make an iCloud Status Check to see what the status of the iCloud/Find MY iPhone of that device.

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