How to Unlock USA, UK & Canada iCloud

How To Unlock USA, UK & Canada iCloud - locked iPhoneIf you are looking for how to unlock USA, UK & Canada iCloud this post might help you out. You found this post because you most likely have an iCloud locked iPhone. Most likely, you bought the pre-owned iPhone online. Also, probably you have just realized that it has an iCloud lock. So, how can you successfully unlock a locked iCloud from anywhere across the globe?

It all starts with getting a quick iPhone status check done. In just 60 minutes you will know your iPhone’s particular lock situations. iPhones that are iCloud locked tend to feature other types of lock statuses. Read on to find out about all iPhone lock situations and how to unlock your iCloud locked iPhone. Alternatively, get a step by step guide on How To Unlock iCloud Legally.

The iCloud Lock Check

How To Unlock USA, UK & Canada iCloud The Right Way - activation lockIt may seem obvious; if you have an iPhone that is asking you for an Apple ID and corresponding password, then it is activation locked. The iCloud lock affects you if you just got a pre-owned iPhone because it prevents you from using the phone. It is unusual to power on an iPhone you just bought and encounter the Activation Lock screen.

Another situation is that you may have use of the iPhone because it does not have the Activation Lock on. What it means is that the iPhone owner may have disabled Find My iPhone. However, you are still at risk of getting locked out of the iPhone if the original owner has not unlinked it from their iCloud account. They may perform a remote erase wiping the iPhone clean. The activation lock continues to remain in effect and won’t allow you to activate the phone.

The likelihood is that you have found yourself in one of these situations and can no longer get a hold of the seller. Maybe you have even tried getting help from Apple, but you have not been successful. Naturally, that is why you are trying to find out how to unlock USA, UK & Canada iCloud.

If you have come across services claiming to unlock iCloud by jailbreaking your iPhone, it will not work. Other sites claim to reset your iPhone by changing the iPhone’s IMEI. These iCloud unlock methods are not entirely legal. The unlock methods fail to work and end up being money sent down the drain.

Why You Need To iCloud Unlock Your iPhone

How To Unlock USA, UK & Canada iCloud The Right Way - iCloud locked iPhoneAnother obvious one; an iCloud locked iPhone prevents you from gaining access to the phone’s features and functions. You cannot get to the home screen of an iCloud locked iPhone. The bottom line is that you cannot activate an iCloud locked iPhone. Activating an iPhone gives you the ability to make it your own if it is iCloud locked.

It gets worse if the original iPhone owner places the iPhone in Lost Mode and even remotely erases it. What you have is an iPhone that you cannot use at all unless it is reactivated using the original owner’s Apple credentials.

What makes it even more frustrating is that you must have spent anywhere between $300 to $500 to get your pre-owned iPhone. The solution lies in unlocking the iCloud account linked to the iPhone or removing the iPhone from an iCloud account.

How To Unlock USA, UK & Canada iCloud The Right Way

The first step towards unlocking an iCloud locked iPhone is finding out what else about the iPhone can prevent you from fully using it. A quick full iPhone status check can reveal all the issues with your iPhone.

Find Out The Particular iCloud Lock State

How To Unlock USA, UK & Canada iCloud - activation lock statesThe stolen or lost iPhone lock state is one of the common iCloud lock situations. The original owner initiates it through the Find My iPhone service by enabling the Lost Mode. This iCloud lock status will appear on the iPhone with a message saying that the phone is LOST/STOLEN. The owner might add a contact number so that anyone who comes across the phone can reach them.

The second iCloud lock state happens when the iPhone still has an Apple ID linked to it. It happens as a harmless error in most cases, when the iPhone owner forgets to unlink the device from their iCloud. The iPhone owner may also go ahead and remotely erase the iPhone, to rightfully erase their data from the phone. In the end, it leaves the new owner with an iCloud activated locked iPhone that they cannot use.

If you are not too sure about the particular iCloud activation lock, your iPhone has, get it checked first before attempting to unlock it. iCloud locked iPhones are often also blacklisted. The blacklist can happen if the iPhone owner reports that it lost to their network provider or claims insurance compensation for the loss.

Unlocking An iCloud Locked iPhone

How To Unlock USA, UK & Canada iCloud - remove iCloudThere are essentially three methods that you can try to unlock your iCloud locked iPhone. The first method involves attempting to get in touch with the original owner and asking them to help you unlock the iPhone.

The chances are that you may not succeed in contacting the original owner. The second method to try to unlock a locked iPhone is to ask Apple for an iCloud removal. Again, this is a far stretch, and it could go either way based on your particular situation.

The third method is to try out an IMEI iPhone iCloud unlock service. The IMEI method is the right way and successful method on how to unlock USA, UK & Canada iCloud.

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